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Rainbow Gardens Bookshop

Cactus and Succulent Pruning Tools


Never get poked by your cactus again!

Rainbow Gardens Bookshop is proud to be a distributor for this fine set of cactus and succulent pruning tools.  These tools are uniquely designed pruning knives with serrated blades and pincers with a variety of grips and tips.  For a single PDF file overview of these tools click here.

Cactus Whacker

Cactus Saw

The knives come with a straight serrated blade - the Cactus Whacker - or a heavy-duty angled serrated  blade - The Cactus Saw.  Standard length is 18" but custom design can accommodate up to four feet.  These pruning tools can help you maintain your plants in your collection as well as in your landscape, safely and easily.

The “Cactus Saw” is designed for medium to large cactus and succulents including Agave. The angled serrated blade is intended for heavy-duty use and the blade should last for many years with proper maintenance. The “Cactus Saw” can be used by professional landscapers, cactus and succulent growers and hobbyists with large cactus and succulent plants and gardens. Price includes 1 blade and choice of color handle.  $24.99 Specify Red, Black, Orange or Blue for the Handle.

The “Cactus Whacker” is designed for small to medium size cactus and succulents. This tool is useful for more delicate work where final pruning or cleanup is required for display, grafting or show preparation. The serrated blade is replaceable with PKSB1 type blades.  $16.99 (Replacement blades are $5.00 for 5 serrated blades)

Can't make up your mind? Get both for $29.95 with our Combo pack.  This includes one handle with choice of color grip and one Cactus saw blade and 5 Cactus Whacker blades.  The blades are interchangeable and allow you to use the same handle with either blade type.  all blades can be sharpened by a professional knife sharpener for long life.  However we do sell replacement blades.



The 44" long Cactus Grabber can help you reach into your largest plants and remove fallen leaves and other debris.

This extended length grabber makes it easy to remove dead leaves from large plants or arrange and stabilize leaves while trimming. Ends are soft to minimize damage to tender plants.  $16.00

The Cactus Gripper is useful for moving small cactus or succulent pots around, or gripping and removing needles, dead plant parts or stabilizing parts of the cactus and succulents during trimming.  $6.00
We also offer a variety of Tweezers for your every gardening need.  These are great for grooming your plants and picking up small pots by the edge without getting stuck. Click here to see our tweezer page.

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