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1270 101 ESSENTIAL TIPS - CACTI AND SUCCULENTS - T. Hewitt (1996). The perfect know-how book for beginners who have selected cacti and succulents as a new hobby. Breaks down key information into 101 easy-to-grasp tips. You will learn from this book! 163 incredible color photos. 72 pages, 5½" x 7", softbound, heavy color cover. A steal at only$5.95
1285 ADROMISCHUS - J.Pilbeam, et al (1998). A first-ever book written on these southern African plants. Detailed information on variations within the species, discussing in detail the plants in cultivation and the wild-including chapters on classification, geography, propagation. Field collection and accession numbers are also included along with a key and glossary. Over 100 full color photographs showing the 28 recognized species/subspecies/varieties are included. Written in a friendly, non-technical style. An unrivalled source of information! 109 color photos, 56 distribution maps, 104 pages, 6½" x 9½", softbound$36.95
1300AGAVE, SYMPOSIUM ON THE GENUS (Desert Plants Special issue magazine, Vol. 7, #2, 1985) - Thirteen different articles relating to the Agave, its history, ongoing research, the Symposium etc. Semi-technical treatment. 18 color photos, 34 b/w photos, 8½" x 11", 115 pages$5.95
1310 AGAVES OF CONTINENTAL NORTH AMERICA - H. Gentry (1982/1998/2004). Finally reprinted by popular demand! A classic monograph! Gives thorough descriptions of over 136 different species. 278 b/w photos, 111 b/w line drawings, 35 maps. Undoubtedly the best work ever published on the subject. 670 pages. 7" x 10½", NEW softbound edition.$49.95
1312 AGAVES, YUCCAS (and related plants)---A GARDENER'S GUIDE - M.&G. Irish (2000). Considering that these exotic natives to the Americas are so drought-tolerant, it is a mystery that a book of this type has not been written earlier. This book offers the first horticultural treatment of this group of plants and will be an invaluable tool for gardeners, horticulturists and growers. Detailed information on 90 species of agaves and yuccas provide assistance in selecting plants. Keys for both plants are included based on vegetative growth characteristics. Authors provide inspiration to anyone interested in the fantastic forms of these plants. 100 color photos, 18 line drawings, 1 map. 384 pages, 6" x 9", hardbound w/color dustjacket. $34.95
1315 ALL ABOUT SAGUAROS - C. Hodge (1992). Published by the famous "Arizona Highways". The facts and myths about the country's largest cactus are explored in this nicely published guide. Origins, pollination, growth patterns, and cultural significance are examined in entertaining text and over 102 full-color photos. 64 pages. 8½" x 11", softbound No longer available. Out of Print
 1330ALOACEAE (THE) - Susan Carter (1994). Another technical publication from East Africa in the series. Keys and descriptions are included with 24 color photos. 14 full-page b/w drawings, 60 pages, 5¼" x 9¾", softbound No longer available
1335 The Aloes of Malawi (2004) by Stewart S. Lane This is the first ever publication exclusively on the Aloes of Malawi,  There are at least 24 species, forms or varieties currently known in this country some of which are also found in neighboring countries as well as South Africa. All are covered here. This is intended as a comprehensive field guide to all these species with distribution maps, complete descriptions and conservation status. It contains many beautiful color photographs of the plants in habitat as well.  The book also contains a section on cultivation. Softbound, 11"' x 7.5", 56 pages, 80 color photographs. $29.95
1345ALOE VERA, JOJOBA AND YUCCA - R. Passwater, Ed. (1982). These plants are known worldwide as "The Divine Healer". This 25-page pamphlet gives historical background and detailed uses of all 3 plants. A must for all! 5½" x 8½", staplebound, heavy color cover No Longer Available
1418AMERICAN GARDENER MAGAZINE (1999) - Major article: "Conophytums: Growing these tiny stonelike succulents can be habit forming!" by Steven Hammer. Marvelous 6-page article, with 11 excellent color photos. The article details propagation and breeding, tips on care, sources and resources. An excellent article!$3.95 for the entire magazine
1423 ARIOCARPUS (Special 'Kaktusy' issue in English) (2002). - The Czech journal 'Kaktusy' has just published a monographic issue completely in English on the genus Ariocarpus, and it is worth having---especially because new descriptions and combinations have been published in recent times. This 31-page booklet is beautifully illustrated in full color (71 color photos), with all pictures being taken in habitat. The first part of this study discusses the natural habitat of Ariocarpus species, their occurrence and distribution, and the natural habitat of threats. Then the individual taxa are analyzed and commented. The complexes discussed are those of A. retusus, A. scapharostrus, A. agavoides, A. kotschoubeyanus, and A. fissuratus. In these complexes the reader will find all the known species, subspecies and varieties published to date. The final part of this issue deals with hybridization, and further developments of the genus-inluding the systematics of the genus with a list of taxa and synonyms, and a short bibliography.This important work (and in limited supply) should not be overlooked. Get your copy today. 31 pages, 71 color photos, 1 color drawing, 6” x 9”, staplebound No Longer Available
1505 ASTROPHYTUM HANDBOOK (4 Volumes) - T. Sato (1995). In Japanese (with separate English translation for all 4 volumes), but the color photos are truly outstanding! Vol. #1 (Asterias family): 249 color photos, 64pp. Vol. #2 (Myriostigma family): 300 color photos, 64pp. Vol. #3 (Capricorne family): 173 color photos, 40 pp., Volume #4 (Ornatum & Coahuilense family): 200 color photos, 40pp. Sold only as a 4-volume softbound set... Reduced to a new low price of...Not currently available
1507 Asphodelaceae of southern Africa - An annotated checklist. (2004) Special Issue no 5 of the Alsterworthia International published int September 2004.  36 pages, staplebound  8.5" x 11.75" $11.95
1510 BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CACTI & OTHER SUCCULENTS - - J.Ellis (2004). If you're a beginner, or just starting out with cacti and succulents, you'll need a book that will be your basic guide---with easy-to-follow advice, minimal use of botanical terminology and plenty of color photographs to help with your selection of plants. This balance of information that is right for the beginner is contained in this wonderful new book. Part one starts out with “all about cacti and succulents” -what they are, the basic taxonomy (naming) of plants, where cacti fall in the plant kingdom, the cacti in their habitat, cultivation and care of cacti and succulents, repotting, cuttings, grafting, diseases etc. Total pages in part one: 33. Part two is the cactus and succulent directory (the remainder of the book). 94 pages of photos and description of the most beautiful, yet still available cacti and succulents around today. Each item shown has excellent information about light, winter temperature, soil requirements, and watering needs. It is an amazing variety of eye-catching plants and flowers showing many sizes, patterns, colors and blooms-ranging from tiny to enormous, dainty to bold. 215 large format color photos, 3” x 3-1/2” in size (color on virtually every page of the book!),128 pages total, 8-1/2” x 11”, softbound, w/heavy color cover. All for the amazingly low introductory price of only.$14.95
1520BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SUCCULENT PLANT PERIODICALS - (Friciana #60- 1995) - U.Eggli. This is a Czech Journal (in English, w/detailed German & Czech summary) SPECIAL issue-a very special checklist of 960 cactus and succulent journals all over the world relating to succulent plants. Each listing details historical information, dates, what the journals are about, etc. 130 pages, 6" x 8", softbound$10.95
1545BOTHALIA, Vol.12, No. 3 (1978) - Major articles: A REVISION OF THE GENUS ORNITHAGALUM (54 pages), New taxa on cotyledon (18 pages), asclepiadaceae (4 pages), + 18 other articles. Hundreds of b/w photos, fold-out maps. 268 pages total, 8¼" x 11½", softbound$12.95
1565BRADLEYA #7 (1989) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Major articles on "Conophytum Checklist D-K", sarcostemmas, echinocereus etc. 35 color, 56 b/w photos, 96 pages, 7¼" x 9¾", softbound$24.95
1570BRADLEYA #8 (1990) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. A review of caralluma and other asclepiadaceae (38 pages), Schlumbergera russelliana, "The Conophytum checklist L-R", etc. 20 color, 32 b/w photos, 108 pages, 7¼" x 9¾", softbound$24.95
1575BRADLEYA #9 (1991) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Major articles: "Genus Melocactus" (80 pages)-Conophytum Checklist S-Z, etc. 49 color, 65 b/w photos, 128 pages, 7¼" x 9¾", softbound$24.95
1580BRADLEYA #10 (1992) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Articles on: ariocarpus, monanthes, vanheerdea, crassulaceae, etc. 61 color, 16 b/w photos. 96 pages, 7¼" x 9¾", softbound$24.95
1590BRADLEYA #11 (1993) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Articles on caralluma, cheiridopsis/odontophorus, sedums, Monograph on genus Glottiphyllum. 54 color photos, 39 b`/w photos, 5 maps. 112 pages. 7¼" x 9¾", softbound$24.95
1595BRADLEYA #12 (1994) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Articles on anacampseros, haworthia, piaranthus, plus Sesse & Mocino color plates, more. 23 color pages, 5 b/w plates. 36 color photos, 11 b/w photos. 112 pages. 7¼" x 9¾", softbound$24.95
1600 BRADLEYA #13 (1995) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Major articles: 3 articles on new species of melocactus, haworthia, ceropegia. Major 36-page article towards a revision of the genus Rhipsalideae (rhipsalis). Opuntia index, part 1, and more. 66 color, 18 b/w illustrations, 120 pages, 7¼" x 9¾", softbound................$29.95
1605BRADLEYA #14 (1996) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Major articles: Opuntia index, part 2; Key to Lithops; Taxonomic notes on Aizoaceae, etc. 78 color, 31 b/w illustrations. 144 pages, 7¼" x 9¾",softbound. $29.95
1610BRADLEYA #15 (1997) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Major articles: Ongoing Opuntia index, part 3 by Roy Mottram & Richard Crook; Steven Hammer on old and new mesembs; crassulaceae/Werner Rauh, new mammillaria by Charlie Glass, + more. 65+ color photos, 112 pages, 7¼" x 9¾", softbound$29.95
1615 BRADLEYA #16 (1998) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Another great yearbook from the BCSS. Major article on Ruschioideae by Heidi Hartmann; article on Aloe pillansii by Graham Williamson; articles on gasteraloe, pachypodium, cynanchum, + the ongoing Opuntia index by Roy Mottram-and more! 55 color photos, dozens of b/w photos. 120 pages, 7¼" x 9¾", softbound$29.95
1620BRADLEYA #17 (1999)- Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Major articles: Species list of Ruschia (Aizoaceae) family by H. Hartmann (37pp.); Salm-Dyck's Cactus Paintings by G.Rowley (26pp.); Opuntia Index Pt. 5 (I-L) by R.Mottram (23pp.) + 6 other articles. 72 color photos, 4 b/w photos, 34 color drawings, 15 b/w illustrations, 3 maps, 6 charts, 5 tables. 136 pages, 7¼" x 9¾", softbound$29.95
1621BRADLEYA #18 (2000) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Major articles: Diversity of Bolivian epiphytic cacti (28pp.); New bulbine species of S.Africa (10pp.); Phenetic analysis of the genus Thelocactus (25pp.); Opuntia index, Part 6 - (M-O), (27pp.), and more. 141 color photos, 75 b/w illustrations, 140 pages. 7¼" x 9¾", softbound$29.95
1622 BRADLEYA #19 (2001)- Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Includes 12 major articles/papers on: Aloaceae (2), Botanical Illustrations (2), Cacti (4), Mesembs (3), and garden history (1). 136 color photos, 55 b/w photos, 20 line drawings, 7 maps. 124 pages, 7¼" x 9¾", softbound$29.95
1623 BRADLEYA #20 (2002) - Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Major articles: DNA sequences and cactus classification -- a short review; The rediscovery of Ruschia actangula; Melocactus in Aruba; The flowers of drosanthemum; Agave wercklei; Opuntia Index - Part 8: 'R' --- plus 5 other articles. Approximately 125 color photos, 41 b/w illustrations, 148 pages, 7-1/4" x 9-3/4" softbound. $29.95
  1624 BRADLEYA #21 (2003)- Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Major articles (17 in all): Aloe Bruynsii; The status of Aloe pillansii; Opuntia index Part 9; Notes on Trichodiadema; The Liverpool Botanic Garden; Aloe craibii: a new species; Aloe camperi; 5 new species in the Aizoaceae; more. 87 color photos, 46 line drawings, 8 maps, 6 b/w photos. 128 pages, 7-1/4” x 9-3/4”, softbound$32.95
1624-A BRADLEYA #22 - (2004) – Yearbook, British Cactus Soc. Includes majorarticles on: A New subspecies of Echinocereus palmeri; Agave hurteri in the landscape; another look at the pachypodiums of Madagascar (45 pages long); Opuntia ficifolia; Emilio Chiovenda and his contributions; Opuntia Index Part 10: T-V (24 pages long). 10 articles in all. 57 color photos, 56 b/w photos, 23 line drawings, 10 color maps. 240 pages, 7-1/4” x 9-3/4”, softbound$32.95
1624-E BRAZIL AND ITS COLUMNAR CACTI ---“70 Years After Werdermann” – P.Braun/E.Esteves Pereira (2003). This all-English edition of the Czech Society magazine KAKTUSY brings knowledge of Werdermann (1933) compared to latest discoveries and opinions of the authors, including 100 latest color photos and a beautiful color map of Brazilian states, plus several comparative tables from both authors' autumn 2002 trip. Each Brazilian state is reviewed and all columnar cacti grown there are mentioned. Comments and notes regarding their taxonomical position and distribution are given. “It's a great little magazine. This is the ONLY current in-print publication on the subject”. 64 pages, 6” x 9”, staplebound. Limited supplies, so you'd best hurry if you want this one$12.95

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