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Cactaceae (The) - Cactus & Succulents : A Care Manual

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1625CACTACEAE, THE - N.L.Britton, J.N.Rose (1991 reprint of 1913 original). Four volumes bound into two. THE definitive semi-technical study of America's most fascinating plant form is now available at a price the naturalist and collector can afford. This is the unabridged reprint of the massive 1909-1913 work - over 1,000 pages! The LARGEST black & white collection of cactus illustrations and photos ever compiled! You can have the entire, 2-volume hardbound complete set, with color dustjackets, showing over 1,250 b/w illustrations. No longer available.  Out of print.
1628 CACTACEAS DE SONORA, MEXICO - R.Aguilar, et al (2000). In Spanish. This is the first comprehensive book on the cacti of the state of Sonora, Mexico. Includes descriptions, distributions, ecological settings, ethnobotany, paleoecology, and conservations concerned for all 98 species. Many rare species are illustrated in the 64 pages of color photos with Spanish and English captions. First book of its kind! 63 color photos, 1 color map, 98 b/w photos and line drawings. 143 pages, 6" x 9", softbound w/heavy color cover$24.95
1630CACTACEOUS PLANTS-THEIR HISTORY AND CULTURE - L. Castle (1884/1974). Reprint of an old English classic. Basic descriptions and history about some of the cacti available in the late 1800's. 15 exceptionally well done b/w engravings throughout. 93 pages, 6" x 9", hardbound. Out of print and hard to find. We found a small stash, and are offering them at: $12.95
1673 CACTI : Biology and Uses - P.Nobel, Ed. (2002). This comprehensive work, compiled by a well-known cactus biologist, includes authoritative, up-do-date chapters by thirty-five (35) contributors from around the world on topics ranging from evolution to biotechnology. It is the first book of its kind to compile information on cactus biology, ecology, and uses in one convenient place. The first half of the book provides a thorough overview of cactus biology and morphology and discusses the environmental and conservation issues that affect the plants. The second half of the book focuses on the practical concerns of cultivating cacti, such as pest control and diseases, horticultural and forage applications, and techniques for agronomy. Other chapters cover the different markets for cacti and products that are made from them. This unique volume will be a reliable and informative reference for ecologists and environmentalists, agriculturists, plant biologists, and anyone seriously interested in these remarkable plants. 40 b/w photos, 32 b/w drawings, 280 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, hardbound with color dustjacket (Reg. $65.00). ON SALE-Our price only: $59.95
1675CACTI - V. Cerruti (1997). Another "mini-coffee table" book on cacti. Presents striking photographs of these masters of adaptation, including bizarre forms inspiring such names as: "old man's cactus", and "queen of the night", along with a wealth of advice on how to grow them. 138 large, nice color photos. 126 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket. $24.95
1690CACTI - T.Hewitt (1998). Excellent book for beginners who want the basics. History and care of cacti, how to buy and select the best plants, propagate, control pests and diseases. A color photo section of about 50 varieties of cacti is included, giving botanical descriptions, origin, pot culture, etc. 160 color photos, 64 pages, 8¼" x 9½", hardbound w/color dustjacket. Good buy here!$9.95
1700-A&B CACTI - THE ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY - R.&K. Preston-Mafham (1991). A single reference source where one can find the name, description and a color photo of many types of cactus. Today, a whole range of these is available, but it is still the smaller species, the 'globular' cacti which constitute the most commonly sought after and collected types. Presented alphabetically, the enthusiast can find the name, plus a color illustration of virtually EVERY type of 'globular cactus' available today. Over 1,100 COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS are presented in large format photos of the following types of plants and quantity of color photos: 37 Copiapoa, 47 Coryphantha, 74 Echinocereus, 82 Gymnocalycium, 71 Lobivia, 300 Mammillarias, 60 Neoporterias, 33 Notocacti, 58 Parodia, 62 Rebutias, 54 Sulcorebutia, etc. Details of each plant are given, with a full list of alternative names for any particular plant. Truly a unique bit of reference material-a milestone in cactus book publishing with a wealth of color-and the authors' sensible approach to the previous confusion of names and classification which makes this one of the most unique sources of reference and research to come out in a long time. This book is VERY popular. 224 pages, 9” x 11”. Available in both softbound and hardbound editions (see below):
1700-ASoftbound, with heavy color cover$27.95
1700-BHardbound, with color dustjacket (now out of print - very limited quantities)$49.95
1775 CACTI AND SUCCULENTS - H. Hecht (1994). This is the kind of book that blends stunning color photos with sound, practical advice on growing and caring for cacti and succulents. This is a cactus lover's dream book! You'll see colorful variegated blossoms, bizarre thorns and colorful leaves, and some of the most ingenious survival tactics found anywhere in nature-wax, cork, hair coverings, barrel shapes, columns, rosettes, and much more. There are hundreds of illustrations, charts and drawings. On the practical side, the author offers a full range of propagation techniques: information on proper lighting, watering, soil, fertilizing, re-potting, taking cuttings and shoots, even learning about hydroculture. For prevention information, there is a chapter on protection from disease, pests, fungi, bacteria and viruses. There are complete instructions on caring for over 300 of the most beautiful kinds of cacti available today----from Acanthocalycium to Wilcoxii; and succulents too --- from Adenium to Trichodiadema. You'll get advice on selecting specimens to buy, with a special section on recommended sedum, sempervivum, and opuntia types. The emphasis throughout is on cacti that is 'especially willing to flower', with flowering charts and calendars-everything you need to become the proud owner of a magnificent collection! Softbound version no longer available.  Hurry before we are out of the hardback version. 325 color photos, 160 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, hardbound.  Reasonably priced at only$24.95
1780 CACTI AND SUCCULENTS -- An Illustrated Guide to the Plants and their Cultivation -- Graham Charles (2003) Just released November, 2003. In this highly illustrated and accessible book, the author describes more than 250 different species or genera and their natural habitats. Topics covered: history, classification, nomenclature, watering, feeding, propagation, pests and diseases. The bulk of the book are the profiles and illustrations (420 color photos) of many cacti and succulents. Whether you have just acquired your first cacti, or are an experienced grower, this book will prove to be an invaluable source reference to these remarkable plants. 420 color photos, 192 pages, 8-1/2" x 11" hardbound w/color dustjacket $44.95
1785 CACTI AND SUCCULENTS - (Simon & Schuster's Guide to) - S. Schuler, Ed. (1985/1995 Reprint). Back by popular demand! 350 color photos of cacti (no other succulents), complete descriptions, information, cultivation, place of orgin, etc. 384 pages, 5½" x 7½", softbound Great buy for an identification book!$15.95
1800 CACTI AND SUCCULENTS Step by Step to Growing Success - Bill Keen (1990/1995). Nice book dealing with the basic aspects of culture, care, propagation. Other chapters include: How to choose a healthy plant; Tips for display, both in the home and the greenhouse; Building up a collection; Comprehensive A-Z plant selector. Author writes in a good, clear concise manner that can be understood by all. Novices and experienced growers can benefit from this book. 104 large color photos, 12 color drawings, 128 pages. 7-1/2” x 9”, softbound$17.95
1825 CACTI AND SUCCULENTS IN HABITAT- K. Preston-Mafham (1994). The author traveled through Bolivia, southwestern U.S.A., and southern Africa to show the reader the beautiful cacti and succulents of his world-in habitat! From the giant saguaro to the tiny lithop,170 stunning color photographs are displayed corresponding with direct reference to the text. You'll love reading this semi-travelog, with info. on growing habits and habitat locations making it easy to see cacti and succulents in their habitat. 170 color photos, 160 pages, 7" x 10", softbound. A GREAT BUY!!$19.95
1850 CACTI AND SUCCULENTS FROM MOTHER NATURE - J. Gick (1977). Long out of print, but we found sufficient quantity to re-offer. 213 color pictures of popular cacti and succulents available today, plus info. on culture, care, etc. 12" x 8½", 41 pages, staplebound. Great bargain!$3.95
1875 CACTI AND SUCCULENTS FOR MODERN LIVING - L.W. Rice (1976/1991). Out of print for many years, and now reprinted. Marvelous softbound book, with loads of color (147 color photographs), 82 pages, 6" x 9". Good basic cacti care information. Worth every penny!$5.95
1885 CACTI AND SUCCULENTS FOR THE AMATEUR - Glass/Foster(1976). Well written introductory course, written especially for the beginning collector of cacti. Includes plant care and selection. Out of print, but we found a quantity to offer. 207 b/w photos, 1 b/w drawing, 72 pages, 7" x 10", softbound. Excellent value here!$5.95
1900 CACTI AND SUCCULENTS OF EL PASO - C. Champie (1974). Long out of print, we found a large quantity. A very interesting reading book on cacti in the regional area of southwest Texas. Over 130 photographs (2 in color), 12 line drawings. Written for the novice, yet knowledgeable amateur. 104 pages. 7½" x 10½", softbound$5.95
1920CACTI AND SUCCULENTS OF METZTITLAN CANYON (A FIELD GUIDE TO) - H. Sanchez Mejorada (1978). Excellent treatment of one of the most interesting succulent habitats in the world! Softbound, 8" x 10", 131 pages, 51 photographs, 5 in color. Half in English, half in Spanish. Out of print, only a few copies remain.$12.95
1935CACTI IN BRAZIL (Kakteen in Brasilien) - K.Herm (et al) (2001). Bilingual (both German and English). A very accurate pictorial celebration of Brazil and its unique succulent flora. The text describes the main cactus genera of the country, including the history of the exploration for cacti in Brazil giving biographies of the most important players. The remainder of the book takes the reader into the main groups of plants with accompanying photos---and there are a LOT of them! - 366 color photographs!! Brazilian cacti have not been addressed in this detail in years. A welcome addition. 176 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound with color dustjacket$54.95
1950 Cacti of Eastern Brazil -Nigel Taylor and Daniela Zappi.  This is the first comprehensive account of the family in the region since 1890 and is set to become the standard work on Brazilian cacti for many years to come. The book covers the histories of both discovery and classification, phytogeography and palaeocliamtes, conservation and documentation.  Included are 51 full color distribution maps which account for the known ranges of the 130 species described.  Introduced and naturalized cacti are also treated and illustrated. 498 pages, 77 plates of color photos, 51 color distribution maps, Hardback with dustcover.$94.95
1960 CACTI OF THE DESERT SOUTHWEST - M.Quinn (2001). No plant says "desert" like cacti. In this book, botanist Meg Quinn describes eighty six of the most significant cacti found in the Sonoran, Chihuahuan, and Mojave deserts. An informative and handy take-along bit of reference material for anyone traveling to these regions of deserts. 86 color photographs, 96 pages, 6" x 9", softbound12.95
1975-A CACTI OF THE SOUTHWEST (REVISED) - W. Earle (1980). This book is TWICE the size of Mr. Earle's earlier work, back in 1963. Over 226 pages,131 NEW color plates, and 156 b/w photos. 152 species are covered, with concise descriptions and history. Sections on cactus structure, culture, etc. 6" x 9", softbound$14.95
2000 CACTI OF THE TRANS-PECOS AND ADJACENT AREAS—M.A. Powell & J.F. Weedin (2004).  Of the 132 species and varieties of cacti in Texas, about 104 of them occur in the nine counties of the Trans-Pecos region and in nearby areas.  This volume includes full descriptions of those many genera, species, and varieties of cacti, with sixty-four maps showing the distribution of each species in the region.   The descriptions follow the latest findings of cactus researchers worldwide and include scientific names; common names; identifying characters based on vegetative habit, flowers, fruit, and seeds; identification of flowerless specimens; and phenology and biosystematics. The introduction—full of details about the biology and morphology of the family Cactaceace, the uses of cacti, and the horticulture and conservation of cacti—is an important reference for general readers.  More than 300 beautiful full-color photographs of the cacti in flowers and in fruit, all cross-referenced to their description, highlight the book.  “A landmark guide, complete and definitive”.  314 color photos, 2 b/w photos, 64 maps,  7” x 10”, hardbound w/color dustjacket.  Suggested retail price is $60.00.  OUR SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE is only: $49.95$49.95
2050CACTI, SHRUBS AND TREES OF ANZA-BORREGO - P. Johnson (1982). Basically an i.d. key to perennial plants of Anza Borrego Desert State Park in California - especially when not in flower. Includes key to cacti (spiny & non-spiny), trees, shrubs. Over 100 small line drawings accompany each description. Very well done. 30 pages, 5½" x 8½", staplebound$4.95
CACTUS AND COMPANY MAGAZINES- Bilingual (1/2-Italian, 1/2-English) 1997-2003. A wonderful new magazine that will most certainly replace the now-cancelled Cactus File Magazine. Each major article is in Italian, followed by the same article, but in English (different color photos). Each issue has 47-51 pages, over 80-100 color photos per issue, 8½" x 11½". Heavy duty semi-gloss paper. If you were to subscribe to this magazine direct to the publisher, the current cost would be $44.00/year (37 Euro dollars). As you can see by the prices shown below, we are offering them at considerable savings. We will be carrying all IN PRINT issues as they are published:
2101Vol.1, #1 (03/'97): This issue sold out. O copies remain
2102Vol.1, #2 (06/'97): This issue sold out. O copies remain
2103Vol.1, #3 (09/'97): This issue sold out. O copies remain
2104Vol.1, #4 (12/'97): This issue sold out. O copies remain
2121Vol.2, #1 (03/'98): Peru-rebutia-euphorbia-haworthia-S.Africa(Pt. 2)$7.95
2122Vol.2, #2 (06/'98): eriosyce & rodentiophila-avonia-pachyphytum$7.95
2123Vol.2, #3 (09/'98): Rio Grande cacti-didiereaceae-mammillaria-agave$7.95
2124Vol.2, #4 (12/'98): Namaqualand-ariocarpus-welwitchia-haworthia$7.95
2125Vol.3, #1 (03/'99): Peru-rebutia-ariocarpus-thelocactus-sansevieria$7.95
2126Vol.3, #2 (06/'99): Morrocan euphorbias-pilosocereus-trichocaulon$7.95
2127Vol.3, #3 (09/'99): New sulcorebutias-ceropegia-mammillaria-alluaudia$7.95
2128Vol.3, #4 (12/'99): uebelmannia-gymnocalycium horstii-digitorebutia$7.95
2129Vol.4, #1 (03/'00): orostachys-metrostachys-rebutia (pt.1)-Tehuacan$7.95
2130Vol.4, #2 (06/'00): Sperrgebiet-rebutia (pt.2)-Mexican botanists$7.95
2131Vol.4, #3 (09/'00): turbinicarpus-lithops-aztekium-lewisia-astrophytum$7.95
2132Vol.4, #4 (12/'00): ariocarpus, lithops, sulcorebutias$7.95
2133Vol.5, #1 (03/'01): ariocarpus-pachypodium-echinocactus-melocactus$7.95
2134Vol.5, #2 (06/'01): ancistrocactus, houseleeks$7.95
2135Vol.5, #3 (09/'01): frailea, agaves in Sonora, crests, mamms$7.95
2136Vol.5, #4 (12/'01): astrophytum, copiapoa, peyote, lithops$7.95
2137Vol.6, #1 (03/'02): Ferocactus of Baja - Sedum - Copiapoa - Senecio.$7.95
2138Vol.6, #2 (06/'02): Mammillaria - Notocactus - Hardy succulent notes.$7.95
2139Vol.6, #3 (09/'02): Macrophotography - Thelocactus - Melocactus, ISI introductions 2002.$7.95
2140Vol.6, #4 (12/'02): coryphantha - lithops - echinocereus - euphorbia$7.95
2141-AVol.7, #1 (03/'03): rapicactus (44pp.); visit to Sierra Paila$7.95
2141-BVol.7, #2 (06/'03): sedum, euphorbia; echinocereus, weingartia…… $7.95
2141-CVol.7, #3(09/'03): copiapoa, San Luis Potosi; opuntia; euphorbia……….$7.95
2141-DVol.7, #4(12/'03): Searching for copiapoas (23 pages); adromischus (37 pages).$7.95
2142-AVol.8, #1(03/'04): Dracena draco of the Canary Islands, Melocactus curvispinus ssp. Dawsonii; Arequipa- an ecological natural park (12 pages) ; Adventures and discoveries in northern Chihuahua (20 pages)$8.95
2142-BVol.8, #2 (06/'04):Trip through San Luis Potosi, discoveries in Chihuahua, Turbinicarpus, Avonia, Backebergia militaris. 96 full color pages, threadbound $8.95
2142-C Vol. 8, #3 (09/'04): Main articles:  Sulcorebutia (24pp.), Euphorbia clavarioides (12pp.), Lithops (12pp.), Ariocarpus (14pp.) $8.95
2142-D Vol. 8, #4(12/'04): contains an introduction of the Fouquieriaceae by Duke Benadom, Melocactus in habitat, Mammillaria Saboae, The Stonecrops of Calamosca and Aeonium 'Ray Stephenson'.$8.95
2143-A Vol. 9, #1(01/'05): Baja & Northern Mexico Highlights, Turbinicarpus, spines and seedling development, A trio of globose Euphorbias, Echinocereus scheeri ssp. Scheeri & the Barranca de Urique, Rebutia, three new species$8.95
2145CACTUS AND SUCCULENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA 50-YEAR JOURNAL INDEX- (1979). A great bit of reference material for anyone collecting C.S.S.A. journals-whether or not you have a complete collection of journals. You can look up ANYTHING relating to journal articles or names or photos in this index-even authors! Limited supplies only. Order now to avoid disappointment. 83 pages, 7" x 10", softbound. Reduced to sell at only$7.95
2148 CACTUS AND SUCCULENT YEARBOOK 1987 - Southampton Branch BCSS. - A fine compendium of interesting articles. Topics include ferocactus, gymnocalycium, mammillaria, pelargonium, rebutia, euphorbia, wilcoxia. 35 b/w line drawings, 56 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, spiralbound photo reprint.$5.95
2149CACTUS AND SUCCULENTS - M. Luebbermann (1997). New beginner's book concept: Includes simple directions and creative suggestions for growing an incredible variety of cacti and succulents in windowsills, gardens, hanging containers, and traditional flower beds. Worthwhile. 88 color photos, 108 pages, 9" x 8", softbound$14.95
2150CACTUS AND SUCCULENTS (The World Of) - Ortho Books (1977). Page after page of full-color illustrations/photos exploring the world of cactus and succulents! Marvelous pictures and descriptions of euphorbias, epiphyllums, rhipsalis, dozens more! 277 color photos, 98 pages, 8-½" x 11", softbound $9.95
2160 CACTUS AND SUCCULENTS - A Care Manual - T. & S. Mace (1998). From a professional's point of view and experience, this book points out the most effective ways to cultivate cacti-from containers and proper soil to greenhouse and outdoor growing. The use of clear text and step-by-step photographs and illustrations will ensure that even the most nervous newcomer can approach growing cacti and succulents with confidence. The last section of the book is an extensive directory of major cacti and succulents. Novice and intermediate cacti growers will definitely learn important growing tips from this book. Enhanced by 150 wonderful full-color photos, it's worth adding to any library! 128 pages, 9" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$19.95

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