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Cactus Coloring Book - Cyclopedia of ISI Plants

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2175 CACTUS COLORING BOOK - G. Bernath (1981). At long last! An 8½" x 11" coloring book that's REALLY worth having. 47 pages, 6 color plates (totaling 45 color illustrations); one is able to color over 25 full-sized (8½" x 11") pictures. Each picture tells the story of that particular cactus and how to care for it. Beautiful reproductions of rebutias, mammillarias, notocactus, rhipsalis, epiphyllums and more. Great for kids getting interested in cacti. Great for gifts! Staplebound.$3.95
2178CACTUS COMICS - R. Lewis (1979/1994). Another in a series of cartoon comics of cacti (saguaros). Each full-page b/w photo has a humorous caption at the bottom. 60 pages, 5½" x 9", softbound, illustrated cover$3.95
2180 CACTUS COOKBOOK - J. Tate, Ed. (1971/1990). Back by popular demand! This perennial favorite affords the reader an opportunity to utilize many cacti as food in many, many recipes - cactus cake, cactus bread, soups, salads, much more! A timeless cookbook. 127 pages, 5½" x 8½", Plastic comb bound$4.95
3000CACTUS COUNTRY - J.& S. Willoughby (1993). A delightful alternative to the regular cactus book. An interesting blend of locating/identifying cacti, with detailed drawings, cactus recipes, humorous cartoons. A friendly introduction to the cacti of the southwestern deserts. 108 pages, 5½" x 8½", softbound$6.95
3010CACTUS DE LA PATAGONIA - R.Kiesling (1990). In Spanish, with English translation. This is part 5 of the Flora of Patagonia, extracted and put into an 8” x 10” staplebound 30 page pamphlet, describing the different echinopsis, gymnos, neoporterias, opuntias, etc. found in the Patagonia of Argentina. Includes 7 full-page drawings. Autographed. (Free freight within U.S.A).$4.95
CACTUS FILE MAGAZINES - (1991-1997). Regrettably, the division of the Cactus File Magazine Company cancelled all future issues after they issued Volume 2, #12. But we still have 22 of the 24 issues available as shown below. It is a wonderful magazine devoted to the beginner and intermediate grower, specifically interested in cacti and succulents. Each issue is 27-34 pages long, with about 16 color, 25 b/w photos per issue. 8¼" x 11½". Magazines still available and the major articles contained therein are:
Vol. 1, #1 - OUT OF PRINT--- 0 copies remain.
3055Vol. 1, #2: adromischus-parodias-monadeniums-gymnocalyciums-pest control$7.50
3060Vol. 1, #3: echeveria-mammillaria-conophytum-sonoran islands$7.50
3065Vol. 1, #4: Morocco-acanthocalycium-thelocactus-edithcolea-Baja, Calif.$7.50
3070Vol. 1, #5: escobaria-sarcocaulon-mammillaria-small cerei-Red Rock Canyon$7.50
3075Vol. 1, #6: geohintonia-dorstenia-astrophytum-agave-weingartia-haworthia $7.50
Vol. 1, #7 - OUT OF PRINT----0 copies remain
3085Vol. 1, #8: pelecyphora-lithops-notocactus-adromischus-echinocereus-rebutia$7.50
3090Vol. 1, #9: tanzania-rebutia-opuntia-pachypodium-gymnocalycium-Argentina $7.50
3095Vol. 1, #10: euphorbia-duvalia-strombocactus-lithops-mammillaria$7.50
4000Vol. 1, #11: epithelantha-aloe-matucana-othonna-Madagascar-pediocactus $7.50
4010Vol. 1, #12: parodia-tridentea-coryphantha-adansonia-echinocereus-lithops$7.50
4020Vol. 2, #1: anacampseros-mammillaria-thelocactus-toumeya-frerea$7.50
4025Vol. 2, #2: lophophora-echeveria-echinocereus-rebutia-Mexico$7.50
4027Vol. 2, #3: orbea-mammillaria-kedrostis-gymnocalycium-crassula$7.50
4029Vol. 2, #4: mammillaria-aeonium-opuntia-brachystelma-rebutia$7.50
4031Vol. 2, #5: echinopsis-ceropegia-aporocactus-euphorbia-echinocereus$7.50
4033Vol. 2, #6: adromischus-cristates-rebutias-SouthernAfrica-mammillaria$7.50
4035Vol. 2, #7: mammillaria-aloe-parodia-huernia-ariocarpus$7.50
4037Vol. 2, #8: graptopetalum-frailea-pediocactus-melocactus-geohintonia$7.50
4039Vol. 2, #9: sulcorebutia-haworthia-turbinicarpus-mammillaria-obregonia$7.50
4041Vol. 2, #10: epiphytes-mammillaria-euphorbia-aztekium-pachypodium$7.50
4043Vol. 2, #11: aloe, opuntia, asclepiads, haworthia$7.50
4045Vol. 2, #12: euphorbia, dudleya, mammillaria, pediocactus$7.50
5016CACTUS HANDBOOK - T. Sato (1996). In Japanese, but with full botanical names under each color photo, and occasional additional info. in English. An astounding 3,006 color photos in alphabetical order of only cacti. For example: 453 mammillaria, 140 notocactus, 626 gymnocalycium, 63 ferocactus, and more. Includes a general index and introduction in English. A monumental undertaking - never to be duplicated! 345 pages, 8½" x 11½", softbound $ Temporarily unavailable. Check back with us in early 2005.
5018 CACTUS IN THE SNOW - B. Brethauer (2000). For those of you cacti enthusiasts who love cacti, but reside in the colder areas of the world, Cactus in the Snow is a book you must have. Beginning with a learning chapter on the basics of cactus anatomy, where to start, and cultivation and protection for beginners, the book then proceeds to describe the many different species available for those who live in the 'wet and frozen' parts of the world---echinocereus, escobarias, opuntias, pediocactus, yuccas and more. There are 61 black and white photos---all large format and very crisp and clear-among the finest we have seen. 111 pages, 7” x 8-1/2”, staplebound, semi-glossy illustrated cover. All this for a reasonable price of only:$15.95
5020 CACTUS ODYSSEY (A) - Journeys in the Wilds of Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina - J.Mauseth/ R.Kiesling/ C.Ostolaza (2002). This book presents the stories of three avid field biologists who have frequently traveled together in search of cacti in Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina over the course of 15 years. The conversational style of this travelogue allows us to share in the authors' excitement as they encounter plants that have rarely, if ever, been written about. Nearly 195 remarkable color photographs accompany the vivid descriptions of unusual cacti growing alongside non-succulent plants, at altitudes of 8,000 feet or more, and even in rain-forests! A Cactus Odyssey will interest gardeners, travelers, and conservationists from around the world who wish to learn more about these irresistible plants, and it is the hope of the authors that this book will inspire others to undertake their own cactus odyssey. 195 color photos, 4 maps, 320 pages. 6" x 9", hardbound with color dustjacket.$39.95
5025CACTUS POSTCARDS (Set of 10) - Ten different full-color postcards (3½" x 5½") of cacti (and others) in their respective habitats. A nice buy, Only:$2.95/(set of 10)
5040CACTUS PRIMER, THE - A. Gibson/P. Nobel (1986). Provides the amateur cactophile with an excellent introduction to cactus biology, evolution, ecology of cacti. Not for the beginner but for the informed amateur. However, ALL can learn from this primer. 344 b/w photos, 12 tables, 12 line illustrations, 12-page glossary. 286 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound, $35.95
5050CACTUS & SUCCULENT T-SHIRTS - We've got some GREAT cactus and succulent t-shirts in various colors and styles. Tell us your size and we will handpick one that is sure to delight any man or woman. All cotton, pre-shrunk sizes in M,L,XL,XXL (Please specify size and for which sex) -- (These items will be our choice to pick for you, and will not be either the Copiapoa t-shirt or the All-Succulents t-shirt as offered separately below)$14.95 (M.L,XL)
$15.95 (XXL)
5055 CACTUS T-SHIRT "COPIAPOA" — A really nice t-shirt for either sex. Specify whether you want Small, Large or Extra Large$14.95
5055-XXLCACTUS T-SHIRT "COPIAPOA" - Same as above but X-X large$15.95
5060 CACTUS T-SHIRT "MOSTLY SUCCULENTS" - A nice t-shirt for either sex—a perfect blend of succulents and cacti. Specify Medium, Large or Extra-Large$14.95
5071CACTUSES OF BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK - D.Evans (1998). Author describes twelve individual species of cacti known to occur in the park. He also defines the parts of a cactus, how scientific names work, quick intro. to the geography/ecology of Big Bend National Park and the Chihuahuan Desert. Basically, this book is a good traveler's guide to see these wonderful plants while in the park-or to have if you can't make it to the park. 52 color photos, 1 line dwg. 96 pages, 6" x 8", hardbound, w/color dustjacket$24.95
5080CAN YOU HEAR THE SAGUAROS TALKING? - L. Mucciolo (1984). An entire book of saguaro photos, with humorous cartoon-like captions under each picture. Very funny! 48 pages, totally illustrated. 6" x 9", softbound$3.95
5089CARALLUMAS OF THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT - R.Gandhi (1999). A first time look at the different types of carallumas in India. Outlines the history of the plant in India. 22 different carallumas are described and illustrated in detail, including a short key. 24 color photos, 20 b/w line drawings, one map. 42 pages, 7¼" x 9¼", softbound, heavy color cover$19.95
5095 CAUDICIFORM & PACHYCAUL SUCCULENTS (THE) - G. Rowley (1987/1993). Reprinted by popular demand! The ONLY book solely on caudiciform succulents to ever be published! Author uses copious amounts of illustrations to counter a lack of popular names and easy terminology. The cultivation chapter explains aspects of growing and propagation. The plantsman in search of novelty and adventure will find rewarding subjects here. 400 magnificent color photos! 282 pages, 10" x 10", hardbound with color dustjacket$94.95
6021-A&B CHRISTMAS CACTI: THE GENUS SCHLUMBERGERA AND ITS HYBRIDS - A. J. McMillan/J. Horobin (1995). Outstanding color monograph of the popular 'zygocactus' by two leading specialists. Chapters on history, the species in the wild, hybridization and breeding, cultivation and propagation, pests/diseases. Comprehensive list of historic and current world cultivars. 120 gorgeous color photos, distribution map/line drawings. 160 pages, 6¾" x 9¾". (Available in both softbound and hardbound editions---see below):
6021-ASoftbound edition$24.95
6021-BHardbound edition$39.95
6022 CITES Bulb Checklist - Aaron P. Davis (1999) For the genera Cyclamen, Galanthus and Stembergia. It is a quick and easy reference to the accepted names of the 3 genera with identification keys, synonyms and information on distribution - a standard reference.  131 pages, 6" x 9.75" Soft Cover $19.95
6023 CITES and Succulents - H Noel Mcgough, Madeleine Groves, Matthew Mustard, Maurizio Sajeva, Chris Brodie (2004) - An introduction to succulent plants covered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.  Accepted as a training tool with speakers notes, and slides on accompanying CD-ROM.  Trilingual English-French-Spanish with 62 pages per language section. 188 pages, Half-tone illus. CD-ROM in pocket on rear inside cover.,  6" x 9.75" Softbound$19.95
6024 CITES Aloe & Pachypodium Checklist - U. Eggli, L.E. Newton & G.D. Rowley (2001) This is an alphabetical listing of all names in current usage, a listing by accepted name and a further listing by country of distribution.  160 pages, 6" x 9.75" Soft cover$17.95
6026CITES CACTACEAE CHECKLIST - D. Hunt (1999). The new 2nd edition, with the latest names, principal synonyms, list of accepted taxa of Cactaceae (and by countries), much more. An invaluable book for hobbyists looking for a checklist of cactus names. 315 pages. 6" x 9½", softbound$26.95
6028 CITES CHECKLIST OF SUCCULENT EUPHORBIA TAXA (EUPHORBIACEAE) - S.Carter/U.Eggli (1997). This handy checklist contains references to 850 names of the species of the genus Euphorbia that are succulents. It offers necessary information to be used as a standard reference for checking accepted names, synonymy and distribution. 70 pages, 6" x 9½", softbound, color cover$15.95
6035 COLUMNAR CACTI AND THEIR MUTUALISTS (Evolution, Ecology and Conservation) - T.Fleming & A.Valiente, Eds. (2002). Some 170 species of columnar cacti are found in many parts of the Americas. These giant plants are so dominant in some ecosystems that many species of animals rely on them for food and shelter. They are pollinated by bats in central Mexico and Venezuela, by birds and bees in northern Mexico and Peru. This book summarizes our current knowledge about the ecology, evolution, and conservation of columnar cacti and their vertebrate mutualists to show that the very survival of these cacti depends on animals who pollinate them and disperse their seeds. Ranging from the Sonoran Desert to the northern Andes, these studies outlined in this book reflect recent progress in understanding how abiotic and biotic factors interact to influence the evolution, distribution, and abundance of cacti and mutualists alike. The contributors also review phylogenetic relationships between cacti and nectar-feed ing bats in an effort to understand how bat-plant interactions have influenced the evolution of diversity and ecological specialization of both. No other book treats the pollination ecology of cacti in such depths or offers such wealth of up-to-date material on the nectar-feeding bats of the new world as Columnar Cacti and their Mutualists does. 'One of the most significant works ever published on the two topics of columnar cacti and nectar-feeding bats'. 19 b/w photos, 52 line illustrations, 20 maps. 371 pages, 6-1/4” x 9-1/4”, hardbound w/color dustjacket. (Normal retail price is: $65.00). Our price only:$59.95
6040-B COMPLETE BOOK OF CACTI & SUCCULENTS - T. Hewitt (1993). Comprehensive, yet practical guide to choosing, growing and displaying cacti and succulents indoors and out. Photo album profiles 300 plants (600 color photos!), giving details of their form, size, flowering, growth, etc. Expert, step-by-step growing instructions are included, with information on cuttings, growing from seed, etc. 172 pages, 9" x 11", hardbound.
 6042 COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CACTI (THE) - R. Subik & L. Kunte (2003). Just released Nov. 1, 2003. There are many general interest books out there on the subject on cacti. Which one to choose? This recently released publication could be your choice---for the color pictures (600), and price alone! But aside from that, this is a different kind of cactus book in that it gives a different perspective on classifying cacti---according to their geogaphical origin: Mexico (home of the largest number of species), is then followed by the USA, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and a chapter on minor regions of the world. Also included: a chapter on cultivated hybrids. Cultivation and temperature requirements are included in the descriptions adjacent to each of the 600 photos. You'll enjoy this book because of your being able to go from country to country, seeing the different types of cacti native to that country. A whopping 600 COLOR PHOTOS accompany the 288 pages of text. 7" x 9-1/2", hardbound w/c olor dustjacket. What you won't believe is: how could they sell it so cheap? Maybe they printed a million copies. Who knows. But get it now before the prices goes up! $12.95
6044 THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO GROWING CACTI AND SUCCULENTS - Miles Anderson (1998/2004). This book was out of print for several years, but was brought back (under this new title) because of popular demand. It is THE definitive practical reference guide to the many interesting cacti and other succulents available today. The publishers call it “A comprehensive guide to identification, care and cultivation”, but it's more than that. It's also everything you need to know about identifying, buying and growing cacti and succulents. Over 1,000 color photographs are presented, in a full photographic directory of over 400 different varieties. This book will appeal to beginners, intermediate and advanced collectors. Over 1,000 color photos. (SPECIAL NOTE: This is the fifth incarnation of this book so far. If you already have The Ultimate Book of Cacti and Succulents, Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti and Succulents, World Encyclopedia of Cacti and Succulents, or A Gardener's Directory of Cacti & Succulents, the n you already have this book.---Special note: Miles Anderson is the owner of Miles2Go Nursery in Tucson, and you can see all he has to offer on his web site at: www.miles2go.com). 256 pages, 9” x 12”, hardbound w/color cover. DEFINITELY WORTH HAVING at this very reasonable price! Temporarily Unavailable - Should be available November 2006
6045 CONOPHYTUM--N.E.Br.- New Views of the Genus - S.Hammer (2001). (Also titled: "Dumpling and his Wife"). All of you conophytum lovers have been waiting for this brand new, lengthy book from the world's recognized expert in the field! This new book has descriptive, horticultural and historical notes for each taxon, including six new taxa. In addition to generous cultivation information, there are extensive essays by noted mesemb experts: A.Juergens, M.Opel, C.Rodgerson, T.Smale, T.Witt on conophytums in habitat, technical analysis, ecology and commerce. Details of old collection data is in abundance, along with 50 SEM's of epidermal detail. Most probably, the emphasis, along with correct descriptions, is the unquestionably precise and wonderful 800 color photos from Chris Barnhill. If you've seen his photographic expertise in the book "Lithops" by Steve Hammer, then you can appreciate how beautiful this book is!!! A huge 400 pages in length, 8½"" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket $99.50
6053CONOPHYTUM HANDBOOK - H.Hirao/Y.Eto (1995). Another fabulous color photo book out of Japan. Sadly, only in Japanese, but with Latin names where applicable. All 575 color photos are of the highest color quality and are magnificent! All conophytum lovers SHOULD have this book 128 pages, 7" x 8", softbound. A good buy$49.95
6068 COPIAPOA - G. Charles (1998). A GREAT "handbook-type" publication on a previously under-written subject. This book discusses in detail, the habitats and observations of wild populations of copiapoa-including full descriptions, cultivation of all 18 recognized species, along with 16 varieties and numerous forms and geographical variations. There are 100 color photos of the plants growing both in habitat and in cultivation. 34 distribution maps for each species and variety are also included. Written in a friendly, non-technical style. A MUST for any copiapoa enthusiast! 80 pages, 6½" x 9½", softbound$39.95
6073 COPIAPOA IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT - R. Schulz & A. Kapitany (1996). Magnificent book on copiapoas. Detailed information on the country of origin and the plants in detail---history, cultivation and care. 230 full color photographs are some of the best that this writer has seen. Also includes 7 micrographs, 19 figures, 6 graphs, 5 detailed maps. Print run limited to 2,000 copies. 176 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket $84.95
6074 Cotyledon and Tylecodon (2005) by Ernst van Jaarsveld and Daryl Koutnik  This book is the first account to cover the closely related genera Cotyledon and Tylecodon. It represents information gathered over the past 25 years. Each species is described and illustrated by means of watercolor paintings and habitat photographs of the plants. Most illustrations were prepared by the late Elise Bodley and a few by Lisa Strachan. Distribution maps are included. The book covers the plants' adaptation to arid environments, their distribution in Africa, cultivation and interesting ethnic uses, a historical review of botanical exploration and keys to simplify identification. Hardbound, 11.75" x 9.5", 164 pages, over 130 color photographs, 79 watercolor paintings and 61 distribution maps.  Printed on Matt art paper.$96.95
6075 CRASSULA: A Grower's Guide -Gordon Rowley (2003). Long anticipated, this is the first major attempt at bringing the subject of crassulas to the world of succulent hobbyists. Main contents include history and classification of the many types of crassulas, distribution, habitat forms and features, propagation, seed raising, names and naming identification, and complete key to the species, with descriptions of almost 90 cultivated species, including illustrations. One chapter alone has more than 250 gorgeous color photos, with each species having its own distribution map (80 distribution maps total)! The book even has a 'cultivars, and oddities' chapter. Finishing up is the appendix, glossary, and abbreviations synonymy and bibliography. Over 246 pages, 8-1/2” x 12” in size, with almost all pages in full color. 35 color drawings,442 big size top quality color photos (246 full pages of color) on heavy mat, acid-free paper, hardbound in cloth, and a full color mat-laminated dustjacket. T his is the full ENGLISH edition. Publication is limited to only 1500 copies, so if you're interested in a GREAT new publication on crassulas, you should get this now before we're completely sold out. No Longer Available
6090CULTIVATION AND PROPAGATION OF CACTI - Trout & Friends (2001). This is a basic, no-nonsense approach to the subject of cultivation and propagation of cacti. Especially geared toward a beginner, you will find info. on growing cacti from seed, grafting instructions, and more. Lots of information on the San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi)! 50 b/w photos, 56 pages, 5½" x 8½", staplebound$9.95
6095CYCLOPAEDIA OF I.S.I. PLANTS (1958-1996). H. Mays (Compiler). A numerical listing by year of International Succulent Institute plants including many details of habitat data, parentage of cultivars, methods of propagation, etc. Nicely printed & bound. 88 pages, 9" x 12", staplebound$19.95

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