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11015NARCOTIC AND HALLUCINOGENIC CACTI OF THE NEW WORLD - M.Smith (2000). Brand new publication dealing with the newest material regarding the peyote ethnology centering around 68 cacti species and over 20 non-cacti species. A large number also relate to Trichocereus species of the Andes, and even Amazonian uses of cacti for the altering of consciousness. Areas discussed are: the uses of true cacti, botany, ethnobotany, mythology, chemistry, etc. No photos. 90 pages, 5½" x 8", softbound$12.95
11019 Haworthia species/combinations published subsequent to Haworthia Revisited. Part 1.  Alsterworthia International (Special Issue No. 7) December 2004.  Since the publication of Special Issue No 1, An Haworthia species concept update by Ingo Breuer there have been a number of new species and combinations that have been published in a variety of publications.  The purpose of this title is to review and update these changes and discoveries in a single place to make it easier and more convenient for the Haworthia fancier. This part 1 brings together all these species except those published by Dr. Hayashi.  Dry Hayashi is currently providing photographs and information for a part 2 of this work which will be published in the not to distant future. 36 Pages, Staple bound 8.5" x 11.75"$16.95
11023NISHIKI CACTUS, CRISTATA CACTUS AND NISHIKI SUCCULENT HANDBOOKS (3 Volumes). T.Sato (2000). In Japanese, but plant names are in English. Each booklet has 64 pages, 600 good quality color photographs per volume. That's a total of 1,800 color photos of these bizarre, contorted and seemingly impossible complex, highly desirable plants! If you are a fan of natural (or unnatural) creations, this set of books is for you! 64 pages per volume, 7¼" x 10", 1,800 color photos, softbound...$129.95 (3 volume set)
11025NOTES ON HAWORTHIAS - J.R.Brown (1934-1974/1999), Ingo Breuer, Editor, Stephen Holloway, compiler. A massive compilation of over 200 important notes and articles by the famous haworthia expert, J.R.Brown from 1934 through 1974. Includes current nomenclature through 1998. Completely re-typeset with excellent b/w photo reproductions. 330 b/w photos, 220 pages, 6¾" x 9½", softbound, heavy colored cover. A MUST-HAVE FOR EVERY HAWORTHIA COLLECTOR $24.95
11030ORBEA AND BALLYANTHUS - – Peter V. Bruyns (2002). Special issue of Systematic Botany Monographs, Volume 63 of the American Soc. Plant Taxonomists. Covers full descriptions and location maps of every orbea and ballyanthus. Text includes introduction to the species, morphology, distribution and taxonomy of each of the orbea and ballyanthus known today. 96 excellent sets of drawings accompany the taxonomic information. 196 pages, 7” x 10”, softbound. Our Bookshop exclusive.$39.95
 11045 PACHYFORMS - - 'A Guide to Growing Caudiciform and Pachycaul Plants'. - P. de Vosjoli (2004). For the first time in 16 years there is finally another book on caudiciform and pachycaul plants! This extensively illustrated book (389+ color photos) focuses on how to grow members of this increasingly popular group of plants, which the author describes as "self-transforming objects". The author also describes the book as "A Photographic Catalog of Pachyforms" (by the same author: another book on 'Bonsai Succulents'. Over 135 species of caudex-type and pachycaul plants are presented in "Pachyforms", with photos of these unique plants in all ages, sizes, shapes and forms. Almost 400 color photos, 319 pages. 7" x 10", softbound. Recently out of print due to demand it has now been reprinted and is available now! Get your copy before there gone again.$39.95
11051 PACHYPODIUM (Apocynaceae)-Taxonomy, ecology and cultivation - S.Rapanarivo, et al. (1999). A taxonomic monograph of the genus Pachypodium based on herbarium material and living plants of all species. A detailed study of the habitats and ecological preferences of most species, and a chapter on cultivation. The latter describes the successes of artificial propagation, as the ecological conditions have been simulated carefully for this purpose. 80 color photos, 150 pages, 8" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacketNot currently available. Check back with us later.
11053 PACHYPODIUM AND ADENIUM - G.Rowley (1999). This is an updated version of the author's earlier softbound booklet (1983), along with a partial listing of Adenium cultivars. Four main sections comprise the bulk of the text: Apocynaceae introduction (emphasis on the succulent forms); the genus Adenium; the genus Pachypodium. Cultivation information is well represented, as well as grafting and seed raising. The color photos (109 in all) are technically and visually superior, as well as the wonderful color distribution maps---39 in all. Overall, this book is an excellent and thorough treatment of the subjects, slanted toward the hobby grower, both beginner and advanced alike. 80 pages. 7½" x 10½", hardbound, w/color dustjacket. New lower price Out of Print - No Longer Available
11055PASSION FOR CACTUS (A) - J. Kramer (1995). A small, yet powerful book, filled with colorful photos and descriptions/gardening advice and care of the different kinds of cactus available today. 47 color photos, + numerous color/b&w dwgs. 63 pages, 6" x 6" hardbound w/color dustjacket. $5.95
11060 PEDIOCACTUS AND SCLEROCACTUS - F. Hochstatter (1990). (English edition). A well written, first hand accounting by the author of his search for information on these elusive cacti. Includes distribution information, as well as full descriptions, valid names of the species and their synonyms. Author has received very good reviews! Borders on the technical side but still understandable. 123 color photos, 116 b/w photos, 5 drawings, 27 maps. 170 pages. 6¾" x 9¾", hardbound. (Regular $42.95). OUR SPECIAL PRICE IS ONLY: ....................$29.95
11085 PEYOTE AND OTHER PSYCHOACTIVE CACTI - A. Gottlieb (1997). A concise, readable guide to the art of cultivating peyote. Includes various methods of using these cacti-whether cultivating from seed or cuttings. A timely resource for those who feel a responsibility to preserve this sacred medicine. 27 b/w photos (mostly of cacti), 85 pages, 5½" x 9", softbound, heavy color cover$10.95
11095PEYOTE, THE DIVINE CACTUS - E. F. Anderson (1996). This is the revised, and greatly expanded version of the earlier 1980 edition. Describes peyote ceremonies and the users' experiences, and also covers the many scientific and legal aspects of using the plant. 28 b/w illustrations, 295 pages, 6" x 9", softbound, heavy color cover$19.95
11104PIANTE GRASSE SPECIALE '95---(CONOPHYTUMS AND OTHER MESEMBS) - S. Hammer (1995). English/Italian. A beautifully illustrated yearbook of the Italian Cactus Society. 8 articles on conophytums (several new species described). Includes other mesembs - new observations on cheiridopsis, ruschia, and other genera - but also some short notes on bulbine, haworthias, and adromischus. 103 remarkable color photos, 96 pages, 6½" x 9½", softbound, w/heavy laminated color cover$19.95
11105-A&B PILOSOCEREUS: THE GENUS IN BRAZIL - D. Zappi (1994). A very important publication with information on two new subgenera. Included is a taxonomic revision based on extensive field/herbarium studies; keys to i.d./descriptions, synonymy, etc. Includes a list of newly published names and an index. 16+ color photos, 18 full pages of b/w photos, 29 full pages of line drawings, 11 maps, 5 pages of SEMs. 160 pages, 7" x 10" (Available in both hardbound and softbound editions-----------------------see below):
11105-A:Softbound edition, with heavy laminated cover$10.95
11105-B:Hardbound edition, with color dustjacket$21.95
11107 PINGUONE, KENYA (Succulents and their Environment) - R.Schulz/A.Powys (1997). A new book about succulents native to Pinguone Ranch, Kenya. 91 succulents illustrated/described. Also includes a seed list & where you can buy. 302 nice color photos, 8 b/w photos. Written in a style that is understandable to both general readers and serious succulent enthusiasts. 160 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$84.95
11115 PLANTFINDER'S GUIDE TO CACTI AND OTHER SUCCULENTS - Keith Grantham & P.Klaassen (1999). Cacti and succulents are very popular, grown for their striking looks, flamboyant flowers, and easy care. Like previous titles in this series, this handsome full-color book is accessible but provides sufficient depth and detail to satisfy more experienced enthusiasts. 100 color photos, 10 color drawings, 192 pages. 7¼" x 10¼", hardbound. New lower price:$29.95
XXXXXPLANTS OF THE GODS- Their Sacred, Healing, Hallucinogenic Powers - R.Schultes - A significant portion of this 208-page book is on the different types of plants that have hallucinogenic powers, including cacti. You can find the complete description and pricing of this title in the Greenhouse section under "P" (our book #14046).
11120 PRICKLY PEAR CACTUS MEDICINE – R.Knishinsky (2004). The first complete guide to the natural healing properties and uses of the “Prickly Pear Cactus”. Explores the healing uses of prickly pears from the perspective of doctor, chemist, ethnobotanist, cook, and layman. Examines the scientific research promoting the cactus as a natural diabetes and cholesterol medication, as well as its use in the treatment of obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, skin ailments, and viral infections. Also includes 24 cactus recipes---from Prickly Pear Bread to Cactus Candy. 160 pages, 5” x 7-3/4”, softbound. Just released July 2004.$9.95
11150-A REBUTIA - J. Pilbeam (1997). A very definitive and authoritative "handbook" on this most popular genus (first major work). Includes chapters on geography, taxonomy, cultivation and classification. The book is written in a clear, concise and straightforward manner which makes it highly visible, filled with color, including a list of all field collection numbers and more! This major piece of reference work and 'photo i.d.' book will be important for years to come. Over 100 maps, 139 color photos, 160 pages, 6½" x 10", softbound$59.95
11153 Regions of Floristic Endemism in Southern Africa (2001) by Abraham E van Wyk and Gideon F. Smith
The extraordinary floristic diversity in southern Africa is not only one of the region's greatest natural assets, but also one of the botanical wonders of the world. Here, south of the Cunene-Zambezi Rivers, more than 10% of all vascular plants (over 30 000 species), including more than 46% of all succulents, are found on about 2.5% of the world's land surface area. Moreover, at least 60% of these species are strictly confined (endemic) to the region.

It is remarkable that most of southern Africa's endemic plants are concentrated in only a few relatively small and well demarcated areas, known as Regions or Centers of Endemism. Although the existence of these Centers has been known to field botanists for a long time, most of them remain comparatively little known outside scientific circles. Over many years, the authors have carefully documented the diversity of endemic plants and now for the first time, present the results of their efforts to recognize and define areas that warrant status as Centers of Endemism. Подробности wedding rings здесь.

Contrary to what would be expected from a botanically rich region, large parts of southern Africa are subjected to regular and almost predictable droughts, prolonged periods of below-average rainfall and a marked seasonality in precipitation. One consequence of the general aridity of the region has been the development of succulence as a survival strategy in many plants, including a significant proportion of endemics. In addition, many of these fat-bodied plants have acquired distinct defense mechanisms that enable them to survive in this rather harsh and often inhospitable climate. The resultant peculiar forms and behavior patterns of these plants have fascinated botanists, plant explorers and the public for many years.

  • an informative introduction explaining some of the principles and practices of plant geography;
  • comprehensive overviews of each Center of Endemism, including name, history, boundaries, topography climate, geology soils, flora, evolutionary history, floristic links and conservation status;
  • detailed full-color maps of all the Centers of Endemism;
  • up-to-date lists of succulents endemic/ near-endemic to these Centers;
  • numerous examples of non-succulent species endemic/near-endemic to each Center;
  • a discussion of the richness of the endemic flora;
  • descriptions of past floristic research on the Centers and opportunities for further investigations;
  • an extensive list of literature references;
  • a complete taxonomic index to all scientific plant names mentioned in the text;
  • a comprehensive index to all place names, vegetation types and geological formations referred to in the text;
  • superb full-color photographs illustrating various landscapes as well as a wide selection of succulents and other endemic plants, including numerous rare species and species not previously illustrated, especially stapeliads, mesembs, euphorbias, aloes and caudiciforms

Hardbound with color dust jacket, 12" x 9", 160 pages, more than 250 color photographs

11155 REMARKABLE AGAVES AND CACTI - P.Nobel (1994). Author explores how agaves and cacti have been used as food, ornamental horticulture, hallucinogens - past, present and future. The author also considers the biology of agaves and cacti by explaining how they are able to withstand the harsh desert conditions in which they flourish. Interesting reading. 75 illustrations. 4 color plates, 176 pages, 5½" x 8½", softbound. New reduced price$17.95
11160 Riversdale Mecca for Magnificent Haworthias - Alsterowrthia International Special Issue No. 6 (January 2005) - Compilation of a two part article in the Alsterworhia International comprising a detailed look at the Haorthia's of the Riversdale, South Africa area.  This staplebound magazine format title contains detailed description of the locality and contains information on the geology of the area along with quite a number of beautiful photographs of Haworthia in habitat.  46 pages, staple bound, 8.5" x 11.75" $19.95
11170ROSULARIA (CRASSULACEAE), A MONOGRAPHIC STUDY OF THE GENUS - U. Eggli. Supplement to Bradleya #6 (1988). The best taxonomic treatment of the subject to date. Includes morphology classification, generic descriptions, distribution and ecology. Excellent line drawings (61), with 37 color photos. 119 pages, 7½" x 10", softbound$19.95

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