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11173 SACRAMENTAL AND MEDICINAL CACTI (Peyote, San Pedro and other Ethnopharmacological Cactaceae)– Michael S. Smith (2003). From the author of "Narcotic & Hallucinogenic Cacti of the New World" comes the significantly revised and expanded work under a new title. Adding onto the previous publication, Mr. Smith clarifies much of the information surrounding the lesser known "peyote" species of Mexico while also touching upon a number of South American Species that have traditional shamanic use. Many interesting aspects of these plants are covered, including botany, chemistry, tradition, usage and lore. With a generous mix of academic research and speculative thinking, this is a one-of-a-king book that is sure to both educate and stimulate. 30 color photos, 58 pages, 8-1/2" x 11", spiralbound, with glossy color cover protected by clear plastic sheets. Rainbow Gardens Bookshop EXCLUSIVE offering. $14.95
11180SAGUARO - G. Nabhan (1986). A descriptive and pictorial overview of the mighty saguaro and the beautiful surroundings and seasons whence it comes. Not only beautiful in color (34 color photos, 4 b/w photos), the presentation and paper are first class. 74 pages, 8" x 10", softbound$5.95
11185 SAGUARO: THE DESERT GIANT - A.Humphreys/S.Lowell (2001). A new book on this giant desert cactus. A general information booklet filled with facts and ecological folklore. Profusely illustrated with contemporary and historic photographs (50 in all), this booklet celebrates the iconic cactus while arguing that the need to preserve its critical Sonoran Desert habitat is now more pressing than ever. 80 color photos/illustrations, 64 pages. 9" x 12", softbound. $10.95
11200SAGUARO FOREST - P. Wild (1986). Detailed information on the natural history of the saguaro, Indian legends about the giant cactus, and practical uses for the ripening of fruits. Nice book, balanced between text and photos. 44 color photos, 33 b/w photos, 65 pages. 9" x 8", softbound$9.95
14132-LSANSEVIERIA TRIFASCIATA VARIETIES - J. Chahinian - You can find a complete description and pricing of this title in the Greenhouse section "Q-Z". our #14132-L No Longer Available - Out of Print
11202 Schlumbergera  - Frank Supplie & Dick van der Zee. If you are interested in Christmas cactus this is a book you will want to have. This small format hardbound book contains information on History, Hybrids, Where to put Christmas cactus (location), culture requirements, propagation, disease and cultivars with pictures of many new hybrids.  Text in English, German and Dutch. 64 pages, 94 color photographs, 8"x6" hardcover. $18.95
11215 SCHUMANNIA 2 - German C&S Soc. (1998). In German. Volume 2 of the annual specialty publications issued by the Deutsche Kakteen-Gesellschaft. Each of the three major articles are preceded by an English abstract containing the details of each article: "The Genus Haworthia"/I.Breuer--72 pages, 72 color photos; "Germination of Cactus Seeds"/K.Zimmer-6 tables, 12 pages; "The Genus Tephrocactus"/K.Gilmer&H.Thomas-36 color photos, 3 maps, 43 pages, + a full 11-page English summary of the preceding article on tephrocactus. 141 pages total, 7½" x 10", softbound$34.95
11216 SCHUMANNIA 3 (CACTI OF BRAZIL) - P.J.Braun/E.E.Pereira (2001). Bilingual (English/German). This is the 3rd special journal published by the German Cactus Society. It's an excellent, comprehensive reference for students and enthusiasts encompassing information on vegetation types and landscape forms of cacti found in Brazil today. There is a 97-page chapter dealing with the systematic review of the genus, which is an excellent guide for plant identification. In a total of 11 chapters, the authors cover a lot of territory - both literally and figuratively - on the history of Brazilian cacti, morphological characteristics, geographical distribution, new combinations, conservation efforts; and an examination of associated xeromorphic and succulent flora. An abundance of excellent, oversized color photos (168) increases the importance of this publication. If you're looking for a comprehensive reference that surveys the status of Brazilian cacti up to the present, then Schumannia 3 fulfills that need admirably. 168 color photos, 4 b/w photos, 22 maps, 22 pages of synonyms, 21 pages of literature cited. 239 pages, 7” x 10", softbound, color cover$39.95
11220SCLEROCACTUS: THE GENUS - F. Hochstatter (1993). (In English). First book totally devoted to the genus Sclerocactus. Comprehensive descriptions and illustrations of the species based on the results of the author's scientific expeditions (including cultivation information). "Indispensable to the specialist and interested layman alike as a means of understanding this genus of cacti". 66 b/w photos, 92 color photos, 1 map. 128 pages, 7" x 9" hardbound$52.95
11250 SEED DIVERSITY IN THE CACTACEAE- W.Barthlott/D.Hunt (2001). Now, here at last, is an incomparable atlas of SEM cactus and seed photographs for the subfamily Cactoideae, including bibliographic references to others elsewhere. Part 1 deals with seed anatomy, and a suggested terminology for the various structures. But the core of the book is its 688 SEM photographs depicting the seeds of 370 species, each generally at two or more levels of magnification. This book is designed for students of the Cactaceae---rather a specialty market because most collectors never feel the desire to mature to this level of curiosity. That may be true, but for those of you who wish to learn more about this technical subject of seed diversity, check it out. The authors here have produced an innovative work of this nature. 173 pages, 7" x 10", softbound$29.95
11260SEVENTY COMMON CACTI OF THE SOUTHWEST - P. Fischer (1989). A delightful, generous overview of cacti found to occur naturally in the southwest U.S. deserts. Each of the 70 cacti is very well described in plain language, giving the reader both the nickname and the scientific name. Nice glossary and index. 96 large color photos, 80 pages, 6" x 9", softbound$7.95
11270STAPELIEAE - N.E. Brown (1970). This spiralbound photo reprint mainly consists of publications extracted from "The Gardeners' Chronicle" (1875-1935) on the subject of Stapelieae. An introduction by Gordon Rowley outlines N. Brown's life and his relationship with the Gardeners' Chronicle. 30 precise b/w line drawings, and index accompany the articles. 31 pages, 8½" x 11".$6.95
11283STUDIES ON THE MESEMBRYANTHEMA (AIZOACEAE). H. Hartmann, et al (1993). A dual technical paper from the Bolus Herbarium in South Africa. Paper #1 by Heidi Hartmann & D. Stuber writes on the spiny Mesembryanthema and the genus Eberlanzia (76 pages). 14 b/w photos, numerous SEM photos, drawings, maps. Second paper is by W. Wisura and H. Glen entitled "The South African Species of Carpobrotus" (31 pages). Includes 8 full-page color drawings of different species, with descriptions. 107 pages total, 7" x 10", softbound. New, lower price$29.95
11285 SUCCESS WITH CACTI - F. Becherer (1994). A visually stunning overview of selecting, caring for and growing some spectacular cacti available today - easy enough for anyone to understand. Includes 80 color photos, 20 illustrations. 63 pages, 6½" x 8", softbound. Worth its weight in gold, yet only$5.95
11300 SUCCULENT COMPOSITAE (Senecio & Othonna) - G . Rowley (1994) . The first "almost monograph" written in such lengthy detail on these two plants. Up to date proper botanical descriptions, identification keys and illustrations are provided by this well known, respected English author, Gordon Rowley. Synonyms are given, which should be helpful to the non-botanist. Cultivation information details all types. A monumental feast! 332 small color photos/illustrations, numerous b/w line drawings. 238 pages. 7½" x 10", hardbound w/color dustjacket$44.95
11315SUCCULENT EUPHORBIACEAE OF INDIA - M. Singh (1994). 19 succulent euphorbias are described in detail, and illustrated w/black & white drawings. Also includes the Indian Jatrophas (an account of 7 species is given). A well-researched and written bit of material that is sure to be a welcome addition to anyone interested in the Euphorbiaceae family. 55 pages, 9" x 7½", staplebound, heavy coated illustrated cover$16.95
11325 SUCCULENT FLORA OF SOUTHERN AFRICA - D. Court (2000). A very important up- to-date treatment of South African succulent flora. Completely revises the 1981 out of date edition of the same title. This issue contains all new color photos, and the text is completely rewritten. Major genera covered: Crassulaceae; Euphorbiaceae; Apocynaceae; Passifloraceae; Aloaceae; Stapelieae; Portulacaceae; plus many others. 470 color photos, 300 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound No longer Available - Out of Print
11365SUCCULENT LILIACEAE LEAGUE OF AMERICA AND THE HAWORTHIA REVIEW 1946-1948 - (Reprint 1998). This is a re-typeset reprint of the Haworthia Review, the journal of the first specialist society formed for Haworthia and related genera-originally edited by Jay Dodson, but now very rare. This offering is a printed version of the original reviews, with the 22 b/w photographs scanned for this reproduction. Included are papers which apparently were not published. Additionally, an introduction and index have been added by Harry Mays. 98 pages, 8½" x 11", staplebound. Limited printing, limited copies available$19.95
11375 SUCCULENT PLANTS OF INDIA -M.Singh (2002). This is the first account at endeavoring to cover most, if not quite all the succulent plants of India-whether endemic, native or naturalized. The author, although not a professional botanist, has a personal knowledge of all those she includes, writing her observations as an observer of form and development in their natural habitats throughout India. Major sections covered are: Asclepiadoidiae, Crassulaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Euphorbiaceae, and 14 more major subjects. Within each section the author describes some of the major species. As Susan Carter Holmes wrote in the forward of this book: "This comprehensive account is a very welcome addition to the literature on succulent plants, especially as it concerns a region not always considered in their distribution". 120 color photos, 72 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, softbound, heavy color cover. $27.95
11380 SUCCULENT SUCCESS IN THE GARDEN-A.Kapitany/R.Schulz (2002). Following Volumes 1 and 2 ('Succulents for the Garden' Vol. 1, and 'More Succulents for the Garden' Vol. 2 --#11445 and #11446), this Volume #3 is a continuation in which the author shows amateur gardeners what type of succulents can be used in the most amazing different types of garden environments. Areas covered are: seaside gardens, hillside country farmlets, arid inland gardens, hillside country gardens, city courtyards, suburban nature strips, nature's garden and more. Recommended plantings of different species are given, giving flower color, shade tolerance, pot suitability, indoor/outdoor situations, height, spread, more. Echeverias, sedums, crassulas, senecios, yuccas, aloes and many more are detailed. This book comes highly recommended. 303 color photos, 103 pages, 7-1/4” x 10”, softbound, heavy color cover. $15.95
11383 SUCCULENTS---CARE AND HEALTH (Volume #4) –R.Schulz/A.Kapitany (2003). Brand new! If you are a grower of succulent plants, it is of the utmost importance that you acquire this book! With over 255 color photos, you will be provided answers to the following questions---clear, concise yet complete: “Where to grow them; Repotting; Fertilizing; Seasonal Changes; Pests and Diseases; Choosing a Container; Recognizing Healthy Plants; Handling Spiny Plants; Basic Propagation; Natural Remedies”---and much more. Information is sectioned into three chapters: 'Basic Concepts'; 'Care', and 'Health'. Two full pages are devoted to a Succulent Photo and Chart Index for the previous three volumes devoted to succulents (see books #11445, #11446, and #11380 elsewhere in this listing). Don't miss out on this new cultural succulent plant book! 255 large format color photos, 104 pages, 7-1/4” x 10”, softbound. Economically priced at only. $15.95

SUCCULENTS:--PROPAGATION—A. Kapitany/R. Schulz (2004).  Fifth in a series written about succulents for your garden and succulent care, this book provides detailed step-by-step information on how to propagate both easy and more difficult species.  Some of the items covered in this book: Bulbils, offsets, divisions, head cuttings, leaf propagation, seed raising, grafting, and much more.  Includes propagation tips for 41 specific groups of succulents (including cactus) in alphabetical order.  Both beginners and experienced succulent growers will be sure to find information relevant to their needs.  259 color photos, 109 pages, 7-1/4” x 10”, softbound w/heavy color cover.

11385 SUCCULENTS - T.Hewitt (2002). An illustrated guide to the fascinating variety of these unique plants. Each variety gives full botanical info. On growth, spread, size/flowering. Step-by-step photo guidance on potting, propagation, maintenance and common pests and diseases are outlined. 'Everything you need to know at a glance in one handy practical guide'. 137 color photos, 64 pages, 7” x 8-1/4”, hardbound. No Longer Available.  Out of Print
11386 Succulents for Mediterranean Climate Gardens - Diana Morgan (2004). This book provides tips fo rthe successful cultivation of succulents, and information on those suitable for gardens large and small, hot, shady, and frost prone, for courtyards and balconies, on types worth growing for flowers as well as shape and suggestions for their use in a variety of garden situations.  The photographs illustrate many of the plants discussed both as individual specimens and as part of overall plantings.  A very nice succulent gardening book covering over 300 species for use in garden situations.  120 color pictures, 128 pages, 240 x 280 mm, paperback $19.95
11440-A SUCCULENTS: THE ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY - M. Sajeva/M. Costanzo (1994). The first all color succulent reference work covering a wide range of genera (195). Arranged alphabetically by species, each entry includes a full description of the species as well as the origin. 1,212 color photos accompany the descriptions! Common names are listed separately for each cross-reference. A special feature is the inclusion of the C.I.T.E.S. status for all species described. A wealth of information never before accumulated in one book! An astounding 1,212 color photos, 6 b/w drawings, 239 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound w/heavy color cover. Another "best buy" in this catalog!$29.95
11443 SUCCULENTS FOR THE CONTEMPORARY GARDEN - -Y. Cave (2003) . Excellent book for the beginner, enthusiast, and connoisseur alike, this brand new book also has much to offer landscapers and home gardeners. Includes descriptions and cultivation information for hundreds of species and cultivars in more than 60 genera---from Adenia to Yucca. Over 350 color photos capture the beauty of many different species of succulents. Of particular interest is the time and space allocated, and generous amount of color photos on one specie alone: Echeveria. Succulents have striking forms, unusual colors, and easy-care reputation---and are becoming an increasingly important design element in many contemporary gardens. This book will help gardeners choose plants that are best suited to their design requirements and garden conditions. Don't miss out on this wonderful new succulent book. 176 pages, 350 color photos, 8-1/4” x 10-1/4”, hardbound w/color dustjacket$29.95
11445 SUCCULENTS FOR THE GARDEN (Volume #1) - R.Schulz/A.Kapitany longer thought of as potted specimens, succulents are joining favor as ground covers, borders, fire retardants, slope stabilizers, just to name a few. This is an excellent publication giving the reader a revealing and hands-on look at what succulents to use in your garden, when to plant, why, with accompanying charts on common names, plant sizes, flower sizes, shady vs. sunny locations, frost tolerance, best for pots, recommended flower colors and seasons, etc. 193 stunning color photos. 95 pages, 7-1/4" x 10", softbound w/heavy color cover. Highly recommended$15.95
11446 SUCCULENTS FOR THE GARDEN--MORE (Volume #2)- R.Schulz/A.Kapitany (2001). This book is a continuation of Volume 1 (above), showing the reader how to arrange your outdoor succulents according to their growth habits. This will help you to make informed choices on where, how and which succulents to place in your garden. Great sections on miniature rarities, spines, rosettes, background, cascading succulents, more. Over 170 types of succulents are arranged in eight user-friendly groupings. 193 color photos, 95 pages, 7-1/4" x 10", softbound$15.95
11460 SUCCULENTS OF MADAGASCAR (Volume #1) - W. Rauh (1995). (Official title: "Succulent and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar"). The most long-awaited book in decades! This is Volume 1 (see Vol. 2 below) introducing us to the country's geology, climate and vegetation types. The principal genera of succulents are introduced. Two thirds of the book describes the succulents found in some of the principal vegetation zones: tropical rainforests, montane cloud forest succulents; central plateau grasslands--as well as a pictorial reference accompanying 1,100 COLOR PHOTOS, over 75 b/w photos, 30+ b/w drawings, 20+ maps, over 346 pages. Huge book, 12" x 8", hardbound w/color dustjacket. A MUST HAVE for all succulent collectors!$109.95 (+ $6.50 extra
for U.S.A. postage/
handling charges).
11480 SUCCULENTS OF MADAGASCAR (Volume #2) - W. Rauh (1998). This volume covers a single vegetation zone, namely the southwest corner of the island-devoted to specific descriptions of the succulents in this area. Also includes distribution and habitat preferences. Captivating habitat shots of didiereaceae, euphorbiacae, cucurbitaceae, adansonia species and more, are included. In fact, there are over 1,236 MAGNIFICENT COLOR PHOTOS, 97 b/w photos, 17 b/w maps. A wonderful, color-illustrated reference work that will never be duplicated! 385 pages, 12" x 8", hardbound w/color dustjacket$129.95 (+ $6.50 extra
for U.S.A. postage/
handling charges).
11485SUCCULENTS OF BOTSWANA (The) -B.Hargreaves (1990). A very well produced list of 30 succulents from Botswana, along with brief descriptions of each. Special emphasis is placed on those species occurring the most: Portulacaceae, Passifloraceae, Cucurbitaceae, Crassulaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Asclepiadaceae, and Liliaceae. Each plant described within each section gives brief descriptions of the plant, blooming characteristics, and location in the country (where known). 20 pages, 9” x 12”, staplebound pamphlet. (Free postage within U.S.A)..$2.25

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