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11516 10,000 MILES HUNTING CACTUS IN TEXAS - E. Maddox (1984). Well told, author-related adventures and experiences as a cactus hunter stretching from the Rio Grande river at El Paso, Texas to the Gulf of Mexico - through the Big Bend Country, Del Rio and Laredo, Texas. 51 b/w photos, 9 maps. 106 pages, 5" x 8", hardbound--in beautiful red leatherette binding. Only$12.95
11517TAXONOMY AND PHYTOCHEMISTRY OF THE ASCLEPIADACEAE IN TROPICAL ASIA - R. Kiew (Ed.) 1994. This is a compilation of eight separate papers delivered at the BOTANY 2000 ASIA seminar and workshop held in Malaysia. Eight chapters/papers on: tropical Asian asclepiadaceae, Indian and Thai asclepiadaceae. Papers in detail on: The genus Hoya in Thailand, Asclepiadaceae of Central Myanmar, Cynanchum, Dischidia, etc. 102 pages, b/w illustrations, 7" x 9½", staplebound, photo reprint, heavy color cover$9.95
11517-A TEPHROCACTUS (And Other Prickly Pears) - M.Kiessling (2000). Bilingual (German and English). A very colorful, alphabetically arranged photographic record of a selection of 125 opuntias and one maihuenia, including brief descriptions. In addition, there are 15 pages of general notes on care and cultivation. The main value of this book is its photos---crisp, clear and of consistently high quality. A first of its kind, you won't be disappointed with this purchase. 279 color photos, 319 pages, 7½" x 10", hardbound$64.95
11518 THELOCACTUS - J. Pilbeam (1996). The first in a new series of "mini handbooks" out of England. A full description of each species and variety is given along with accurate locality data. All the plants covered are illustrated in full color (42 total), with good color locality maps. Includes a good section on cultivation and advice, as well as a collection list from major field collectors. 42 color photos, and 32 maps. 56 pages, 6" x 9", staplebound no longer available - Out of print
11520-C Threatened Cacti of Mexico -Edward F. Anderson, Salvador Arias Montes, Nigel P. Taylor  Extensively Illustrated in color, this is an account of 52 taxa of Mexican cacti under threat.  Habitats are described and threats are analyzed together with possible action.  It also include a very practical chapter on propagation as a way to help safeguard wild populations. For the keen amateur grower of Mexican cacti this book includes much useful information about the unusual, highly specialized and most sought-after species and gives valuable tips on how they may be protected in wild by propagation in the greenhouse. 135 pages, 7" x 10", 29 color plates, 3 color figures, sketchmap, paperback $34.95
11524 UEBELMANNIA AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT - R.Schulz/M.Machado (2000). The genus Uebelmannia is one of the most unusual cacti in the cactaceae family. The authors lead the reader to an understanding of the many types of growth and habitat features of this genus. All eight described species of this highly unusual and desirable plant are fully described here, including habitat shots throughout. You will find everything you need to know-and more-in this book about the genus Uebelmannia. 160 pages, 270 color photos, 3 color maps, 9 tables, 2 graphs. 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$84.95
11525A "Knowing, understanding, and growing Turbinicarpus-Rapicactus"  David Donati and Carlo Zanovello (2005) This title was published in Italian last year and is now available in English.  The full title is:  Knowing, understanding, and growing Turbinicarpus-Rapicactus A trip across the Mexican States of Coahuila, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Tamulipas, Zacatecas, among old taxa and new discoveries"  Chapters of the book include: Introduction and taxonomical history, ecology and hypothesis and their origins and future, systematic and taxonomy, identification keys of the two genera, files on every taxon known until now, with specific practices of cultivations and general distribution maps, general cultivation (soil, watering, exposition, grafts, etc.), presentation of new taxa.  For those interesting in more information we have a portion of the book in PDF format available here.$89.95
11525C TURBINICARPUS (THE GENUS) IN SAN LUIS, POTOSI– J.Manuel Sotomayor, et al (2004). One of the largest populations of the genus Turbinicarpus is found in the San Luis Potosi area of Mexico. In this semi-technical book the authors present the results of over six years of study and research carried out on this genus. Included are a description of the taxa and information on flowering period, first generation age, geographical distribution and habitats. Conservation is critical to the safety of this genus, and the authors convey the importance of implementing efficient and immediate measures including preventive suggestions for natural disasters, erosion, overgrazing, private and commercial illegal collecting, land exploitation, etc. 20 species are described in detail, including basionym, synonyms, Latin descriptions, distribution body, phenology, type locality, and geographical distribution area. Approximately 7 beautiful oversized color photos are shown for each species described---with many in full flower. Habitat photos are shown with just about every distribution. There are 145 color photos, 7 color maps and numerous color tables throughout the book with just about every page offered with overly large and beautiful color photos. This is an important research publication that will never be duplicated. Catering to botanists, experts, and the average cacti enthusiast, this is one book you should not be without. Limited to only 1,000 copies published. 147 pages, 8-1/2" x 12", heavy color foldover cover, softbound. Released early June, 2004$39.95

ULTIMATE BOOK OF CACTI AND SUCCULENTS – Miles Anderson (1998).  Has become THE definitive practical reference guide to the many interesting cacti and other succulents available today.  Everything you need to know about identifying, buying and growing cacti and succulents.  Over 1,000 color photographs are presented, in a full photographic directory of over 400 different varieties.  This book will appeal to beginners, intermediate and advanced collectors.  DEFINITELY WORTH HAVING at this very reasonable price!  1,000 color photos, 254 pages, 9-1/2” x  12”, softbound w/heavy color cover.  New lower price…………..

11527WHAT GOOD IS A CACTUS? -P. Marchand (1994). A great storybook for children (ages 7-12) on how cactus inter-relate with other plants and animals in the desert. 14 superb full-page color drawings throughout. 24 pages, 8" x 10", softbound$7.95
11528 WHAT KINDA CACTUS IZZAT - R. Manning (1941/1989). A classical and amusing look at cactus, through cartoons. Surprisingly interesting reading! 108 pages, 6" x 9", softbound, heavy color cover$4.95
11529 WILD CACTUS -R. Houk (1996). The author explores the natural history, folklore, culinary and medicinal uses of cacti. Even a section on propagation and cultivation! An evocative, passionate account of these fascinating plants. The 103 color photos are some of the best we've seen! Highly recommended. 126 pages, 8" x 10", hardbound w/color dustjacket $24.95
11531 WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CACTI & SUCCULENTS (The) -M.Anderson 1998 (Reprint 2002). Originally entitled “Ultimate Book of Cacti and Succulents” which is now out of print, this new book here is identical to its larger predecessor except that it is scaled down physically to become a 7” x 9” book ---and cutting the price in half. It still has over 1,000 color photographs presented in a full photographic directory. The book is 256 pages long, and is hardbound w/color dustjacket. This definitive practical reference bible helps you to understand and learn all about identifying, buying and growing cacti and succulents. This book will appeal to beginners, intermediate and advance collectors. Over 400 different varieties are discussed in detail. Don't miss out on this 'last chance' at getting one of Mr. Anderson's famous books. And: DEFINITELY WORTH HAVING at this very reasonable price of only.$17.95
 11534-A WORLD OF HAWORTHIAS (The) -Volume #1---Bibliography & annotated index. Ingo Breuer (1998). In English. A semi-technical guide to haworthia species. With bibliographical references and lists of names, this will be of great importance to those seriously interested in the genus. This first volume (three more volumes to follow) contains the following sections: (A) Detailed bibliography by author and year; (B) A list of authors of plant names with the taxa they published; (C) Classification-presently followed by the author; (D) Annotated index of all names, w/synonyms and references; (E) A checklist of all taxa accepted by the author with a listing of their synonyms. The 48 large color photos and the 174 large b/w drawings are EXCELLENT! So good, in fact, that you could even use them for identification purposes! 340 pages, 6¾" x 9½", softbound$44.95
11534-B WORLD OF HAWORTHIAS (The) -Volume #2---Descriptions. Ingo Breuer (2000). In English. This second volume (one more to follow) is the all-important sequel to the earlier Volume 1 (see above). This volume attempts to bring together in one publication, all the original 495 descriptions for all published haworthia names with 900 black and white photographs of the types where possible. Plants from the type localities and habitat locations within the known distribution areas are also included so that plants can be linked to the original type. The original descriptions (German, Dutch, Portuguese-even Latin) are quoted in full with translations into English where necessary. "This book will be useful to both researchers and collectors who wish to know more about their plants and understand how to identify them". 48 color photos (4" x 5" habitat shots), 900 b/w photos. 518 pages, 6¾" x 9½", softbound$44.95
11534 World Succulent Plants - Colour Illustrated Dictionary by Tony Sato  This is a wonderful reference book for everyone interested in succulents.  It is almost entirely pictures, grouped by family and genus with botanic or cultivar name with very brief descriptions.  Softbound, 304 pages, 10" x 7", Over 2200 photographs! No Longer Available
11535YEARBOOK 1975--SUPPLEMENTAL VOLUME OF CACTUS & SUCCULENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA JOURNAL -Important articles assembled into a 104-page book. Major articles on schlumbergera, ferocactus, saguaro, fouquieria, etc. 7" x 10", 136 b/w photos, softbound. Out of print - a few copies remain$2.95
11537 YUCCA (Part 1) - F.Hochstatter (2000). Full title: "Yucca in the Southeast and Midwest of the U.S.A. and Canada". First major monographic treatment on the subject in 47 years! Covers only the dehiscent-fruited species (the non-dehiscent species will be covered in Part 2. The bulk of the book (180 pages) has excellent full descriptions of those particular species and subspecies of yucca, including keys to the species and sections. 140 beautiful full-color photos accompany this part of the book. The last few chapters contain the original first descriptions (40 pages), which will be invaluable to botanists and other serious experts in the field. The book concludes with 2 pages of cultivation, and a 22-page synopsis in German. This is a very important work on a relatively obscure subject. Very limited printing. Should be in every cactus and succulent library. 256 pages total, 140 color photos, 3 color dwgs, 10 color maps, 23 b/w dwgs. 7" x 9-¼", hardbound$79.95
11538 YUCCA (Part 2) - F.Hochstatter (2002). In English, with German summary. Continuing with what will become a most complete study of the yucca family, this new volume covers 13 indehiscent-fruited species in the southwest, midwest, and east of the U.S.A. After a short introduction on the North American desert ecosystems, all taxons are described in detail including synonymy, indications on voucher specimens with full bibliographic data, description and distribution. Numerous maps allow for a quick and clear overview of the distribution range. 303 high quality color pictures (mostly in habitat) are beautiful and placed throughout the text. A glossary and extensive bibliography are included. Semi-technical in nature, this book is a must not only for yucca and succulent enthusiasts, but also to all gardeners who are looking for unusual plants. 303 color photos, 59 drawings, 42 SEM's, 2 tables. 340 pages, 7-3/4” x 9-1/2”, hardbound, gorgeous glossy self-cover$104.95
11539 YUCCA (Part 3)– F.Hochstatter (2004). Similar to the previous volumes written and published by the author (Yucca, Parts I and II), this final volume looks at 33 of the known 49 species and subspecies of the genus Yucca--mostly growing in the arid or semi-arid zones in Mexico and the western USA. This plant is found predominately in the border region of Mexico and the neighboring U.S. states. Comparing the amount of species discussed and described in this book to the earlier 2 parts: Part 1 (year 2000)—38 species and ssp. Part 2 (year 2002)—21 species and ssp. Part 3 (year 2004)—33 species and ssp. Included in this volume (Yucca, Part 3), are keys and descriptions to the genus, morphology and anatomy, and list of winterhardy Mexican species. Also included: distribution maps, close-ups of yucca leaves and fruits, original first descriptions, and German summary. There are a total of 284 photos--the bulk of which are in color (plants and flowers—with the exception of a few b/w figures and photos). This volume completes the series, making it THE definitive work on the genus Yucca. Interested botanists, professional cactologists, even the average collector will find value in this important piece of work. If you have Mr. Hochstatter's previously two parts on this subject, the acquisition of Yucca, Part III will then be complete. 302 pages, 7” x 9-1/4”, hardbound$119.95
11539-A Yuccas: Giants Among the Lilies (2004) by Colin Smith  This is a terrific little field guide with keys to the over 50 known species and most of the subspecies.  It also contains a plant key for identification in the field as well as information about care and cultivation. Softbound, 72 pages, 75 Color photographs 8" x 5.75" $19.95
11540 ZYGOCACTUS (Schlumbergera) - M. Cobia (1992). At long last! A reasonably priced color booklet on Christmas Cactus! This simple, informative publication is really a comprehensive and practical guide for the weekend gardener. Geared toward the Australian and U.S. market, 52 large color photos highlight new types on the market (including photos of new ones with FRINGED petals!). Information on culture, physiological problems, varietal descriptions, etc. 58 pages, 6-½" x 9", staplebound$6.95

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