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NOTE: All books have color plates for you to use as a guideline in coloring the black & white drawings. All books are 8½" x 11", w/heavy color covers.
15450 AFRICAN PLAINS COLORING BOOK ---48 pages of full-sized b/w line drawings. 15 color plates$3.95
15475 AMAZING PLANTS COLORING BOOK---34 pages. Brand new as of 7/1/04. 29 pages to draw. Unique plants like: Dischidia rafflesiana; Adansonia digitata (the upside-down Baobob tree); Stapelia gigantea; Dracena draco ("Dragon's Blood Tree"); Bursera microphylla; Lithops sp. ("Living Stones"); Rafflesia arnoldii; + bromeliads, fly-trap, Haleakala silversword, others. 6 color photos$3.95
15500AMERICAN WILDFLOWERS COLORING BOOK ---46 full-sized drawings, 46 color plates for you to use as a guideline in coloring your favorite wildflowers. 47 pages$3.95
15505 AUDUBON'S BIRDS OF AMERICA COLORING BOOK ---36 color drawings, and 46 pages of birds (in black and white) to draw$3.95
15510BIRDS OF PREY COLORING BOOK --42 color plates, 44 drawings, 44 pages$3.95
15512BOTANICAL GARDENS COLORING BOOK -41 full-sized b/w drawings + 1 map color$3.95
15515 BUTTERFLIES COLORING BOOK ---Gorgeous butterflies! 43 color drawings, +48 pages of drawings in black and white$3.95
2175 CACTUS COLORING BOOK ---(also see this item 2175 in our Cactus & Succulent Section earlier in the catalog for more extensive description). Very nice coloring book w/gorgeous drawings of cacti in their habitat. 45 color drawings, 47 pages$3.95
15518 CORAL REEF COLORING BOOK ---15 color plates, 48 pages$3.95
15519 FAVORITE DOGS COLORING BOOK ---40 color plates + 41 pages of b/w line drawings of such famous dogs as:   Chihuahua; Miniature Schnauzer; Old English Sheepdog; St. Bernard; Mastiff; German Shephard, Scottish Terrier, Papillon; Cocker Spaniel; Basset hound; Boxer, Collie, much more$3.95
15520FAVORITE ROSES COLORING BOOK --- 46 color plates, 44 b/w drawings, 46 pages$3.95
15553HOUSE PLANTS COLORING BOOK ---40 color plates, 40 b/w drawings, 40 pages $3.95
15554 INSECTS COLORING BOOK ---44 color plates to guide the artist into recreating a beautiful color drawings;  Marvelous insects such as:  elephant beatles, yellow jackets; the Luna moth; ladybugs; praying mantis; black widow spider, leafhoppers; termites; the human flea, much much more. 41 b/w drawings, 45 pages total. This one will be very popular!$3.95
15555MEDICINAL PLANTS COLORING BOOK ---44 color plates, 44 b/w drawings, 48 pages $3.95
15556 MONKEYS AND APES COLORING BOOK---14 truly beautiful color plates of such unique animals as:  lemur monkeys, golden marmoset, moustached monkey, owl monkey, variegated lemur; hamadryas baboon; gold lion tamarin; chimpanzees; black-handed spider monkey; olive baboon; common squirrel monkey; macaques. Each of the 47 pages is a full-page drawing for coloring in. These drawings are phenomenal!$3.95
15557 NORTH AMERICAN DESERT LIFE COLORING BOOK ---43 color drawings, 43 b/w drawings, 48 pages$3.95

NORTH AMERICAN DUCKS, GEESE AND SWANS—15 color drawings are included to assist you in coloring the 44 b/w line drawings of these beautiful birds.

15560 ORCHIDS OF THE WORLD COLORING BOOK ---25 color plates, 45 full-sized b/w drawings, 47 pages$3.95
15560-A REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS COLORING BOOK ---45 color plates of drawings, and 46 pages to draw$3.95
15561 SHELLS OF THE WORLD COLORING BOOK ---45 color drawings, 44 full-sized b/w drawings, 45 pages$3.95
15561-A SNAKES OF THE WORLD COLORING BOOK---41 color plates of some of the most beautiful, colorful snakes in the world such as:  King Cobra, Fer-de-Lance; Copperhead; Cottonmouth; Desert Sidewinding Viper; Western Rattlesnake; Spitting Cobra; Red-Sided Garter Snake; Emerald Tree Boa; Egg-Eating Snake; Anaconda; Eyelash Palm Pit Viper; Puff Adder, 28 more.  Excelltn drawings! Each page shows one complete snake. 46 pages$3.95
15561-B SONORAN DESERT BY DAY AND NIGHT---Just released July 2004. 32 pages, 6 color photos. Gorgeous drawings of desert animals and plants, e.g.: The giant Saguaro; Gambel's quail; Antelope jackrabbit; Nightblooming cereus (Peniocereus greggii); fishhook cactus (Mammillaria); Gila monster, coyote, prickly pear cactus, ocotillo, agave, turkey vulture, much more.  Beautiful drawings!$3.95
15562STATE BIRDS AND FLOWERS COLORING BOOK ---51 color plates of drawings for the 40 full sized b/w drawings. 55 pages$3.95
15563 TROPICAL BIRDS COLORING BOOK ---44 great color pictures to use when coloring the 44 full-sized drawings. 44 pages$3.95
15565 TROPICAL FISH COLORING BOOK ---26 color plates when coloring 30 full sized b/w drawings. 32 pages$3.95
15568 TROPICAL FLOWERS COLORING BOOK ---45 color plates of drawing to go by when coloring 45 full sized b/w drawings.45 pages$3.95
15570WETLAND PLANTS/ANIMALS COLORING BOOK ---12 color plates, 40 full-sized b/w drawings. 44 pages $3.95
15580 WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ COLORING BOOK ---100 characters to color in. 4 color plates. 61 pages$3.95
15590 ZOO ANIMALS COLORING BOOK --6 color plates, 31 pages of b/w drawings$3.95

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