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12503-L AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES OF BAJA - R.McPeak (2000). At long last, a reasonably priced softbound book you can take to Baja, California to help you identify those wild creatures of the desert. You will learn to enjoy them for their beauty, diverse habits, life histories, and unique forms. This book covers not only all of Baja peninsula, but also the islands along the Pacific Coast and the Sea of Cortez. 170 species of amphibians and reptiles live in Baja. The book covers AND ILLUSTRATES 80% of them. Don't be without this book on your next trip! 213 large format color photos, 8 line drawings, 2 maps. 100 pages, 7" x 9", softbound, heavy plastic color cover. Very reasonably priced at only$20.95
12504 ANZA-BORREGO DESERT REGION ---L.&D.Lindsay (1998). A marvelous guide to the state park and adjacent areas of the Western Colorado Desert. Will appeal to hikers, off-road travelers, photographers and campers who wish to experience the fascinating landscape with such a rich variety of desert plants and animals in California's largest state park. Illustrated with numerous black and white photos and maps throughout, with one large fold-out map at the back of the book. 258 pages, 6" x 9", softbound with heavy color cover$15.95
12505 ATLAS OF NAMIBIA (A Portrait of the Land and its People) - J.Mendelsohn, et al -(2003). This is a work that will last for many years, containing a wealth of recent information rendered in graphic and cartographic form. Items dealt with: climate, geology, fauna and flora, land ownership and uses, human demography, the economy and social services. The text is accessibly written and the maps and photos (many taken from satellites) are fascinating to look at. This book was primarily written for students, academics, tourists, travelers and the general public. It is an authoritative an up-to-date atlas of Namibia, illustrated throughout with 84 color photographs, 252 color maps/drawings/graphs. All in all, it is a book that will give endless pleasure and much useful knowledge. If you love Namibia, and want to know as much as you can about this wonderful country, you should get this book! 200 pages, 9-3/4” x 13-1/4”, hardbound.$49.95
12506 BAJA CALIFORNIA ALMANAC 2nd Rev.Ed. 2003). An invaluable topographical map book. Highways, dirt roads and even trails are illustrated on 110 pages. Even cities, towns and ranches are pin-pointed. Mileage charts and locator maps can orient the most outward-bound explorer. Details coastline, islands—all land forms are covered at 100-meter intervals, while contour lines make mountains rise from the pages. It it's in Baja, it's in the Almanac! 128 pages, 8-1/4” x 10-3/4”, stapleboundBeing reprinted. Check back with us in May, 2005
12507 BAJA CALIFORNIA PENINSULA MAP – (2003). A large scale, easy-to-read detailed topographic map. The perfect companion for traveling the Peninsula. $5.95
12509BAJA CALIFORNIA - W. Johnson (Time-Life Books 1972). A great visual look at the mountains/desert/plants/seas of Baja. Text for each chapter is thorough and complete. Color photos (95 in all, + 20 b/w photos) are breathtaking! A MUST have for all Baja lovers! A few copies left and then it's out of print forever. 184 pages, 9" x 10", hardbound$19.95
12510 BAJA CALIFORNIA PLANT FIELD GUIDE - N. Roberts (1989). Over 300 plants described along with 295 large, high quality color photographs. The most comprehensive Baja plant field guide ever produced-includes a large section on cactus! Also generous portions on geology, geography, climates and uses of plants by aborigines and "Baja Californios" today. The book concludes with a useful glossary which contains both the botanical and common plant names, as well as the native names and other Spanish words used in the text. An excellent book and an excellent buy! 309 pages, 6" x 9", softbound with heavy plastic color cover$22.95
12528BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SOUTH WEST AFRICAN BOTANY - W. Giess (1989) (English/German). 40 years in the works! Summarizes the publications on South West African plant life. A botanical bibliography of use to scientists and persons interested in botany of the area. Arranged alphabetically by the author, there is also a plant index at the end, in cross-reference format to the bibliography. A useful tool for an extremely valuable book. 236 pages, 7" x 9½", softbound$19.95
12550BURSERA, THE GENUS (BURSERACEAE) IN SONORA, MEXICO AND ARIZONA, U.S.A.- M. Johnson (1992). This is the major article in Desert Plants Magazine, Vol. 10, #3. (Other article is: Flora of the South Mountains of South-Central Arizona). Delineates the 12 species of Bursera providing i.d., descriptions, distribution and habitat, morphology, cultivation, etc. An excellent 17-page article, with 11 b/w leaf drawings, 10 color photos. (Magazine has 46 total pages). 8½" x 11", staplebound$5.95
12555BURSERACEAE - J.B. Gillett (1991). Part of a vast series of publications on Flora of Trop. E. Africa. Authoritative, technical descriptions, literature references, and habitat data of 66 species plus their many different variations. Fifteen full page line drawings are included, along with distribution table and geographical data map. First publication of its kind. 94 pages, 6" x 9½", softbound$25.95
12558 CALIFORNIA DESERT FLOWERS – S.&J.Morhart (2004). This easy-to-use guide to the most visible families of California desert flowers includes family and genus keys, color photographs of nearly 300 species, and a wealth of diagrams. Created as a primer on i.d. to family and genus, this book takes readers to a new level of understanding and appreciation of wildflowers relationships and their habitats and adaptations. “The format is great, the color photos are excellent, and the simplified and workable keys to family and genus were remarkably easy to learn”. 300 color photos, 45 line illustrations, 1 map. 400 pages, 6” x 9”, softbound$29.95
12560 CAPE BULBS - R. Doutt (1994). A handy reference guide describing several hundred bulbs from the Cape Province of South Africa with information about their care and cultivation. Easily grown, undemanding, they thrive in mild, rainy winters and dry summers - some of the attributes given by bulb enthusiasts. A MUST book for South African bulb collectors! 75 color photos, 52 b/w line drawings, 180 pages. 6" x 9", hardbound w/color dustjacketOUT OF PRINT. NO LONGER OFFERED
12562 CAPE BULBS (The Color Encyclopedia of) -J.Manning/P.Goldblatt/D.Snijman (2002). The Cape Region, at the southern tip of Africa, is easily among the richest centers in the world for bulbous plants and probably the most famous. Nearly 1,200 species of bulbous plants find their way home there and almost three-quarters of them occur nowhere else. This first complete account of all the bulbous plants of the Cape Floral Region is an essential aid to the identification of all species presently in cultivation as well as the many others that are potentially valuable horticultural subjects. The book is richly illustrated with 611 high quality color photographs covering more than half the species of Cape bulbs (many never before illustrated!). If you need to own only one South African bulbous plant book, this one should be it. 611 color photos, 2 color maps, 2 tables. 528 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, hardbound w/color dustjacket. The book is very reasonably priced (Reg. $59.95) at$54.95
12563 COMMIPHORA (Of Southern Africa)- M.Steyn (2003). Bi-lingual (both English & Afrikaans). The book begins with an introduction to the genus, origin of the name, historical significance, diagnostic features, diversity, flowers and fruit, and economic value of the genus. This book does an excellent job of illustrating both the reproductive and vegetative structures, as well as a photo of a full-sized plant in its natural habitat. Usually you will see the close-up photos of leaves and bark and flowers, and a map of where the plant is located in South Africa (or 4 other countries). Also, with each of the 38 species covered, there is a section giving you the derivation of the name, habitat, climate and uses. In short, there is an amazing amount of information loaded into this 92-page book with over 380 color photographs and 38 distribution maps. Not limited to just South Africa, the geographical area covered by this book also includes Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Each country is color-coded as are the main vegetative key characteristics; these color codes are presented by country (useful as they do not go to the species level, but to groupings of species with similar characteristics). The details presented are much greater than most tree field guides and is essential for distinguishing many similar species. The book concludes with 4 pages of comparative sketches of the leaves of all species at actual size---another useful feature! In summary, this is an excellent addition to the scant literature available on the genus Commiphora today. If you have an interest in pachycaul succulents, the Burseraceae, or the flora of southern Africa, this will be a welcome addition to your library. 380 color photos, 38 distribution maps, 92 pages, 5-3/4” x 8-1/4”, softbound, heavy color cover.$24.95
12564COPPER CANYON, MEXICO –R.Fisher (2003). This guidebook is for those wishing to experience the heart and soul of Copper Canyon and the Sierra Tarahumara. It's the 1st guidebook dealing exclusively with Copper Canyon, featuring all new photos of the famous railroad trip through the Sierra Madre. The coverage given in this book to the Copper Canyon train trip is very extensive. Definitely worth having. 140 pages, 108 color photos, 59 b/w photos. 8-1/2” x 11”, softbound$16.95
12565CUCURBITACEAE OF SOUTHERN AFRICA (Bothalia Vol. 8, #1) -A. Meeuse (1962). First (and only) all inclusive technical paper on the "cucurbs" of the world. No photos, no illustrations, not for the beginner, but everything you need to know. Introductory text, all genera listed and described (13 genera). Includes key to the species. 116 pages, 6½" x 9½", softbound$8.95
12566-ACYNANCHUM (A TAXONOMIC REVISION OF THE GENUS) IN SOUTHERN AFRICA - S. Leide (1993). Reprinted from Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 114 (pp. 503-550). (In English). A technical revision, complete with line drawings, maps and artificial key to the species throughout. 12 species fully described. 12 line drawings, 8 maps. 47 pages, 8½" x 11", spiralbound photo reprint. $7.95
12566-BCYRTANTHUS (A REVIEW OF THE SOUTHERN AFRICAN SPECIES OF) - C. Reid/R. Allen Dyer (1984). The first and only treatment on the subject. Includes key to the species, identification and synonymy, distributional maps, index to current species, and systematic treatment. Includes 21 distribution maps, 16 color photos, 31 black/white line drawings. 68 pages, 6" x 9", staplebound, heavy color cover$8.95
12566-C DESERT IN BLOOM - Anonymous (1994). Nice oversized color photo booklet featuring colorful desert flora and cacti. Includes a map of different deserts and where these cacti can be found. 40 wonderful color photos of cacti. 24 pages, 7" x 10", staplebound, heavy color cover$2.95
12567 DESERT GARDENS - G.Lyons (2000). The diverse beauty of desert gardens is exemplified in this truly outstanding new publication by a noted garden expert. Eight unique and rarely photographed public and private gardens between San Diego and San Francisco are presented, with some of the most beautiful and captivating photography by Melba Levick. Cacti and succulents are the main emphasis of the book in such famous places as the Huntington Botanical Gardens, Balboa Park in San Diego, Moorten Botanical Gardens, as well as private gardens of the noted aloe expert Phil Favell, and others. You should own this wonderful piece of art! 113 color photos, 176 pages, 9½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$49.95
12570 DESERT WILDFLOWERS---(ARIZONA HIGHWAYS) - (1997). A color guide to the many wonderful wildflowers of the Arizona desert, including cacti of all sorts, spiny shrubs and trees. 63 different species described. 172 beautiful color photos. Includes planting guides for food and beauty, recipes, much more. 112 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound. A great buy at only$12.95
12575DESERT WILDFLOWERS OF NORTH AMERICA - R. Taylor (1998). This colorful book will be invaluable in leading you through the flora of the blooming desert. Includes an overview of desert ecology, a simplified botanical key, and an illustrated glossary to help wildflower fans identify desert plants with confidence. With descriptions and 500 color photographs of more than 500 species of flowering plants, this field guide will almost be a necessity for you "certified desert rats". 349 pages, 5½" x 9", softbound, heavy plastic color cover$23.95
12577 DESERTS - M.Stoppago/A.Bini (2003). Brand new. This handbook is abundantly illustrated with over 400 color photographs and 15 color illustrations, examining the fascinating eco-systems of 49 major deserts (seven North American deserts are featured: Sonora, Anza-Borrego, Death Valley, Gran Desierto de Altar, Mojave, Great Salt Lake, and Great Basin). The book covers each with concise descriptions and quick-reference symbols and charts that display vital statistics such as average rainfall and temperatures, expanse, etc.. “A quick reference to the planet's driest regions”. 256 pages, 5-1/2” x 7-1/2”, flexi-bound paperback$24.95
12578DIERAMA - 'The Hairbells of Africa' - O. Hilliard/B.Burtt (1991). Expert treatment of this beautiful S. African wildflower, a part of the family Iridaceae. In addition to chapters on flower/plant form and structure, there is additional information on their botanical history, classification, distribution as well as plant cultivation and care of the 44 species described. 36 excellent full-page watercolor paintings by the famous Auriol Batten are presented. 152 pages, 10" x 13", hardbound..(Was $49.95)..Reduced to clear for only$29.95
12579DINTERIA 15 - "A BRAUN-BLANQUET SURVEY OF THE VEGETATION OF THE WELWITSCHIA PLAIN" (1981). German/English. 74 b/w photos, 3 maps (1 foldout map). 72 pages, 7" x 9½", staplebound$4.95
12589DIPCADI (The South African Species of)- A. Obermeyer (1964). Bothalia, Vol. 8, Pt. 2. This is but one of 7 other miscellaneous articles in the journal. Outlines their presence in South Africa, and describes 13 varieties in detail. This article is 22 pages long (entire journal 83 pages total). 7¼" x 9½", staplebound$5.95
12589-HECOLOGY OF SONORAN DESERT PLANTS AND COMMUNITIES. R.Robichaux (Ed.) (1999). An important overview of the practice of ecology at landscape, community, and organism levels. Coverage includes diversity and affinities of the flora, physical environments and vegetation of annual plants, form and function of cacti and other plants, and the relationship between plants and animals of the desert. A comprehensive book-a MUST-HAVE for the serious naturalist and field ecologists working in the Sonoran. 22 b/w photos, over 40 maps. 301 pages, 6" x 9", hardbound w/color dustjacket$44.95
12590ERICAS OF SOUTH AFRICA - D. Schumann & G. Kirsten (1995). Truly spectacular book. The most comprehensive work on the genus Erica (covering 450 species). The text, based on sound botanical knowledge, is intended for lay readership, highlighting memorable features on each Erica. 935 color photos, 49 color illustrations, maps, line drawings. 274 pages, 8½" x 12", hardbound w/color dustjacket. A magnificent book at an unheard of low price of only$59.95
12600FICUS (Moraceae) in Southern Africa - a synopsis of the genus - J. van Greuing (1990). Photo reprint from Journal of South African botany. A technical introduction to the genus, including key to the species, to all 25 known varieties. Includes drawings and maps of most species. 32 pages, 8½" x 11", spiralbound$5.95
12603 FIELD GUIDE TO THE PLANTS OF ARIZONA - A. Eppele (1995). Complete guide to the rich and varied flora of Arizona's deserts, mountains, grasslands and chaparral. Over 900 full-color photos and descriptive text enable both the amateur and the professional to quickly and accurately identify Arizona plants. 309 pages, 6" x 9", softbound$24.95
 12604FLORA OF THE GRAN DESIERTO AND RIO COLORADO Of Northwestern Mexico - R.Felger (2000). This new first comprehensive and thorough treatment of plant life focuses on the center of the Sonoran Desert. It adds to current knowledge of the 565 species of vascular plants endemic to the area with original descriptions. (The Cactaceae section is well represented with 85 pages of text and illustrations). Identification keys to the families, genera and species are particularly useful and well done. This easy to use publication will be especially useful for anyone interested in borderland studies and the Sonoran Desert. 35 b/w photos, 360 large format fine line drawings, 2 full pages of maps. 675 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$69.95
FLORA OF SOMALIA, VOLUME 4 - See Cactus & Succulents Section (See book #8041)
12628-FGENTRY'S RIO MAYO PLANTS - H. Gentry, et. al. (1998 Revised Ed.). Completely updated and expanded version of Mr. Gentry's first "Rio Mayo Plants" book written in 1942. This northwestern Mexico region boasts an abundance of flora. Begins with a review of geography and vegetation, and expanded information on over 2,800 taxa---more than twice the 1,200 species first described by Gentry. Also includes information on distribution, habitat, appearance, common names, and indigenous uses. This book will be useful not only for botanists but also for biogeographers, taxonomists, land managers, conservationists, and the average plant enthusiast! No illustrations. 17" x 22" removable color map. 570 pages, 7" x 10", hardbound w/color dustjacket$74.95
12629GROWING DESERT PLANTS - From Windowsill to Garden - T. Hoboda (1995). A fairly new, complete guide for all gardeners who need help in starting/expanding/maintaining a successful garden. Expert general cultural care is given by the author, a renowned nurseryman. Includes a "desert encyclopedia" of 100 wildflowers (heavy emphasis on cactus). 66 color photos, 60 botanical drawings. 212 pages, 8-1/2'" x 11", softbound. $24.95
12640 JEPSON DESERT MANUAL (Vascular Plants of Southeastern California) - B.Baldwin, et al, Eds. (2002). This is the very first thorough treatment with full coverage on the Mojave and Sonoran deserts and the southern Great Basin in California. The purpose of this manual is to provide amateurs and professional botanists with a single work focused exclusively on the i.d. of vascular plants in these California deserts. Over 300 full pages of b/w drawings (as many as 25 per page) are accompanied by 128 color photos and 2 b/w photos + 1 color map to assist the reader in identifying plants in the field. Full descriptions of each species are given as well as approximate locations and flowering times. The cactus section is 8 pages, along with 61 b/w drawings. 'An extremely useful manual for amateur and serious botanists'. 624 pages, 7” x 10”, softbound with heavy glossy color cover. Very reasonable in cost at only. $34.95

 JOSHSUA TREE: The Complete Guide---J. Kaiser (2002).  Now available outside Joshua Tree National Park, this unique and complete guide gives you an overview of the history of the park, information on desert plants and animals, topographical maps and trail information for over 20 of the best hikes, and even a wildflower field guide.  Popular areas within the park (i.e., Black Rock and Indian Cove) are dealt with in detail.  A very well thought-out book, and pretty darn complete!  138 color photos, 23 maps.  189 pages, 5-1/2” x  8-1/2”, softbound w/flaps.  A steal at only  $19.95

12651 LANDSCAPE PLANTS FOR DRY REGIONS - W.Jones/C.Sacamano (2000). Brand new! Everything necessary for selecting and growing dry climate plants for your area: where to find, planting; when and how to plant, etc. For each plant there are: scientific/common names; photos; cold hardiness, etc. Plants of interests depicted are many, but include the following: groundcovers, vines, cacti and other succulents; trees; shrubs---and more. An incredibly important and beautiful book with 1,200 color photos (each photo an average 3½" x 4" in size!), 306 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket. One of the better buys in our catalog this year at only$39.95
12653LIVING DESERTS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA (THE). - B. Lovegrove (1993). Spectacular coffee table publication of life in South Africa's four desert biomes: The desert, the arid Savanna, the Succulent Karroo, and the Nama Karroo. Stories of animal/plant/insect survival abound with amazing clarity and accuracy. Destined to become a classic! 350 wonderful color photos. 90 maps/line drawings, 240 pages 9" x 12", hardbound, w/color dustjacket. Only$54.95
12657-BMAGNIFICENT PENINSULA (BAJA, CALIF.)-J./P. Williams. (1998). This is the 6th edition, extensively field checked and revised. A comprehensive guidebook for this wonderful area-Baja! With a 2,000 mile coastline, this book will give you detailed information on hotels, fishing, deserts, beaches, camping, watersports, climate, more. Over 250 b/w photos and maps. 352 pages, 7" x 9", softbound, heavy plastic color cover$19.95
12658 MEXICO'S BAJA, CALIFORNIA - (AAA) American Automobile Assoc(2001). Covers the U.S. Border to the tip of Baja, California-Cabo San Lucas. When it comes to in-depth information for traveling Mexico's fabled Baja peninsula, this authoritative guide has it all---things to see and do, mile-by-mile driving logs, hotels, campgrounds, more. Over 40 exciting 'side route' adventures are detailed-from historic Spanish missions to a secluded Palm oasis. More than 60 detailed colored maps are included, as well as over 200 color photos. You will find this book quite invaluable in planning your next trip to Baja. A whopping 544 pages long, 5” x 9”, softbound, and reasonably priced at only.$18.95
12660 MOJAVE DESERT WILDFLOWERS - P.Mackay (2003). It's the ultimate field guide to the wildflowers, trees and shrubs of the ecoregion that extendsfrom California to Arizona, Nevada and Utah and includes Death Valley National Park, Mojave National Preserve, and Joshua Tree National Park. Packed with 327 vivid color photos & 3 color maps, the informative text and valuable references will help you identify and appreciate the unique and varied flora of this desert ecosystem. More than 300 of those color photos appear on their own respective pages, complete with descriptions, flowering season and habitat range. This is the ULTIMATE carry-along guidebook for the area. Don't miss out on this one. 300+ color photos, 338 pages, 6” x 9”, softbound.$24.95
12665MORAEAS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA - P. Goldblatt (1986). An excellent monograph of the elusive South African wildflower! 66 lavishly illustrated full-sized colour painting (by the famous Fay Anderson) accompany detailed information on taxonomic history, cultivation, distribution, keys to the species, much more! 28 b/w drawings, 105 b/w maps, 224 pages. 9" x 13¼", hardbound w/color dustjacket. Well worth having!$49.95
12680 NAMAQUALAND, GARDEN OF THE GODS - F.Patterson (1990). Beautiful natural photographs of the varied flora of this region of S.Africa. The author (and photographer) has been inspired by the Namaqualand spring to make some of his finest wildflower photographs. In this book, he presents the breathtaking spectacle for all to see and describes some of his experiences in an informative and sensitively written text. 87 large color photos. 128 pages. 10" x 12", hardbound w/color dustjacket$29.95
12682 NAMIBIA (Brandt Travel Guide)- C. McIntyre (2nd Ed., 2003).Just came out! Namibia's popularity as a safari and adventure-activity destination has increased exponentially in the past few years. A thorough update of accommodations and activities in game parks and towns alike is provided in this 2nd Edition. But the bulk of this guide is devoted to the Namib Desert, Skeleton Coast, and the lush Kavango and Caprivi Strip. If you like Namibia, this book should be a MUST on your list. 8 pages of color, 50 maps, 496 pages, 5-1/4” x 8-1/2”, softbound. A good buy at only.$20.95
12682-B NAMIBIA TRAVEL PACK– W.&S. Oliver (2004). A very handy little fold-over book and map encased in its own plastic envelope. It's a practical, informative and user-friendly guide to Namibia, highlighting the major places of interest, and describing their principal attractions. Also offers sound suggestions on where to tour, stay, eat, shop and relax. It's ideal for the first time visitor, or one who's visited many times before. Includes over 35 full-color area maps, town plans, and locator maps (including one huge pull-out 30” x 30” color map). 90 full-color photographs. 127 pages, 5” x 7”, softbound$14.95
12683 NATIONAL PARKS OF NORTHERN MEXICO -R.Fisher (2001). Here's all the information you will need to plan a rail, highway, or sea tour of Mexico's exciting National Parks in the northern border states. Copper Canyon, Baja, Sea of Cortez, and many others are featured, showing you spectacular sunsets, waterfalls, canyons. Maps and illustrations and graphs are found throughout, along with English/Spanish translations, weights and measure conversion guide, travel tips, hiking trail guide and a complete bibliography. If you're traveling to this part of the world (or wish to), don't miss out on this book. 200 color photos, 129 pages of text, 8-1/2” x 11”, softbound.$16.95
12687NATIVE GARDENS FOR DRY CLIMATES - S. & A. Wasowski (1995). Gorgeous new book using native plants in drier regions of USA-(Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, parts of California, Nevada, etc.). Excellent plans for different gardens, plus part 2 has an excellent illustrated plant glossary. Over 200 color photos, 176 pages, 9" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$34.95
12688 NATURAL HISTORY OF THE SONORAN DESERT - Ariz./Sonora Desert Museum (2000). Fasacinating new book, dealing with a general look at the regions' geology, climate, human ecology, biodiversity. Next comes an in-depth look at hundreds of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles that live in the Sonoran desert. Throughout the text is supplemental anecdotes, essays, maps, diagrams. Illustrations. Written for nonscientists, this book will become an invaluable companion for nature enthusiasts or anyone interested in the desert Southwest. 35 color photos, 25 b/w photos, 450 line illustrations. 628 pages, 6" x 9", softbound$27.95
12689 NATURALIST'S BIG BEND (TEXAS) R.Wauer/C.Fleming (2002). An introduction to the trees and shrubs, wildflowers, cacti, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, fish, and insects that inhabit the 708,221 acres of Big Bend National Park in s/w Texas. This comprehensive field guide describes the remarkable variety of plants and animals, and outlines walking and driving tours of the most likely spots for sighting these natural wonders. Impressive amounts of flora are described and photographed (includes an 18-page section on cacti, accompanied by 12 color photographs. If you are a Big Bend aficionado, you will treasure this book, referring to it time and time again. 185 pages, 7” x 9”, softbound.$15.95
12690NORTH AMERICAN DESERTS (THE) - E. Jaeger (1957). Covers all five deserts of the North American continent. Describes the individual definition, plant and animal life, climate, land formation and geologic history. Non-detailed maps abound, 350 line drawings of plant and animals, b/w photos and maps. Scientific, yet highly readable. 308 pages, 6½" x 9½", hardbound$19.95
12690-C NORTHERN CHIHUAHUAN DESERT WILDFLOWERS - S.West (2000). Described as THE ultimate field guide to the flora of the Chihuahuan Desert in southern New Mexico and West Texas. This valuable reference enables all desert enthusiasts to identify 100's of plants. More than 270 color photos, and precise descriptions of 261 species are impressive to say the least. Information on habitat/range/historical/cultural notes. “A great field guide for the layman as well as the botanist”. Northern Chihuahuan Desert Wildflowers is an invitation to discover this ecologically spectacular habitat. If Carlsbad Caverns, Big Bend, or Guadalupe Mountains are on your itinerary, be sure to take this indispensable guide along. 270 color photographs, 221 pages, 6” x 9”, softbound.$24.95
12691ON THE TRAIL OF THE DESERT WILDFLOWER - H. Crumpler (1994). A wonderful pictorial journey through five different and beautiful southwestern deserts: Saguaro forest of the Sonoran; Mojave, Chihuahua, Painted Desert, and the Great Basin. Includes folklore and historical fact surrounding the flowers and plants so beautifully photographed. Comes highly recommended! 85 large color photos, 122 pages, 10" x 11", softbound. (Reg. $24.95) -Limited time on sale$17.95
12692 ORGAN PIPE CACTUS NATIONAL MONUMENT - B. Broyles (1996). Located in south-central Arizona along the Mexican border, the monument is home to a wide variety of desert mammals, birds, plants----all working in environmental harmony for mutual survival. This book is filled with beautiful photos of plants (many cacti) and animals. Comes HIGHLY recommended! 76 large color photos, 17 b/w photos. 64 pages, 9" x 12", softbound, heavy color cover$9.95
12695PARASITIC FLOWERING PLANTS (SOUTH AFRICA) - J. Visser (1981). A wonderful, coffee table book describing 65 species of parasitic flowering plants, how they live, ten representative families. Chapters on vegetation, phenology of the different species, pollination, dissemination, germination, much more. 184 color photos, 36 b/w photos, 67 distribution maps/charts showing flowering times. 192 pages, 9" x 12" hardbound w/color dustjacket. Reg. $49.95 . . . ON SALE FOR ONLY$29.95
12697 PLECTRANTHUS HANDBOOK (THE) - E.van Jaarsveld (1988). There are 38 South African species of plectranthus - all attractive, unique ornamental shrub/groundcover group fit for hanging baskets. Most species are strong, and grown for their leaves and flowers. In Europe, they are commonly known as the "Swedish Ivy". 24 color photos, 21 pages, 7" x 9½", staplebound, heavy color cover$7.95
12699PRELIMINARY ACCOUNT OF THE FLORISTIC ZONES OF THE SPERRGEBIET (PROTECTED DIAMOND AREA) OF SOUTHWEST NAMIBIA (Dinteria 25) - G.Williamson, et al. (1997). Also includes 3 other major articles. Important information regarding the flora of this area in southwestern Namibia. 35 b/w photos, numerous maps/diagrams. 149 pages, 5 ¾" x 8 ¼", softbound$16.95
12700PRELIMINARY VEGETATION MAP OF NAMIBIA (Dinteria 4) (1998). German/English/Dutch. 70 b/w photos, 1 foldout color map. 112 pages, 6" x 8¼", softbound$9.95
12705 RICHTERSVELD---The Enchanted Wilderness - G.Williamson (2000). "A first ever complete natural history of the Richtersveld". Although the book does delve into the Richtersveld's fauna and history of the people and geological history, the bulk of the book is on plants---information on habitat, pollination, flowers and evolution to life. A checklist of more than 1,700 plants is also included. Over 730 color photos and 90 line illustrations accompany the very extensive text. To sum it up: In addition to the extensive illustrated, flora this book is a guide to tempt the traveler, a source book for the history of the people, and the geology of the area. 250 pages, 9" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$74.95
12706ROAD ATLAS OF NAMIBIA – W.& J. Oliver (2004). This user-friendly travel atlas has an excellent selection of comprehensive regional maps and town plans for all major cities, scenic routes, minor roads, 4X4 routes, and distance charts in Namibia. A selection of beautiful color photos evokes the character of the country and its people. Major attractions such as Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon, Sussusvlei, and the Welwitschia Plains are outlined and described. This is a 'must-have' travel atlas for anyone traveling to Namibia. 55 LARGE color maps, 45 color photos, 63 pages, 9" x 12", heavy color cover, softbound. Brand new$12.95
12707ROADSIDE GEOLOGY & BIOLOGY OF BAJA, CALIF. J.,E.&J.Minch (1998). A geology and biology field guide for the Baja traveler. Assists the trained and untrained naturalist visiting the area. There are 16 logs (trips with km and marks provided) that take you all the way to the tip of Baja, and back. Along the way this book will guide you through formations, sightings of plants and animals. An ingenious idea of a book that is long overdue. Complete with maps and drawings. Highly recommended to all Baja enthusiasts! 188 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound $19.95
12711 SASOL PROTEAS: A FIELD GUIDE TO THE PROTEAS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA - T. Rebelo (1995). All known species of the genus Proteaceae in the Cape Floral Kingdom are described, along with quick keys and clear, concise text. Aimed at the amateur botanists throughout the world. 480 color photos, 224 pages, 7" x 10", softbound. Great buy!$21.95
12713SCORPIONS AND VENOMOUS INSECTS OF THE SOUTHWEST -E.Stoops/J.Martin (1995). Excellent introduction to some of the venomous and poisonous anthropods that occur in the Southwest--in a portable, user-friendly format. Describes and illustrates the species which are likely to be encountered by hikers, campers and residents in this region. 65 color photos, 38 b/w line drawings, 108 pages, 6” x 9”, softbound$9.95
12715 SIERRA PINACATE (THE) -J.Hayden (1998) In English/Spanish. A beautifully photographed coffee-table story book on this unique desert just a few miles from the Sea of Cortez in northwestern Mexico. An officially protected biosphere reserve-it is a place of almost surreal beauty. First book written on the subject. 96 pages, 24 color photos, 17 b/w photos, 1 map. 8-½" x 11-¼", hardbound w/color dustjacket$25.95
12716SNAKES AND OTHER REPTILES OF THE SOUTHWEST -E.Stoops/A.Wright (1993). Covering the entire southwest, this book is a must for hikers, hunters, campers, and all outdoor enthusiasts! With full color inserts (62 large format color photos), 80 b/w photos and illustrations, and hundreds of listings, this book is the definitive, easy-to-use guide for Southwestern reptiles! 69 color photos total, 102 pages, 6” x 9”, softbound.$9.95
12717 SONORAN DESERT PLANTS - R. Turner/et al. (1995). An ecological atlas of the region's plants. Describes the taxonomy, geographic distribution and ecology of 339 plants - most of which are trees, shrubs and succulents. Also covers natural history, ethnobotanical, commercial and horticultural uses of the plants. Each descriptive entry includes a range and elevation map. 81 b/w photos, 332 maps/charts, 504 pages, 9" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$69.95
12717-C SONORAN DESERT WILDFLOWERS- - R.Spellenberg (2003). This is a field guide to common species of wildflowers of the Sonoran Desert, including Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Saguaro National Park, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Ironwood Forest National Monument and the Sonoran portion of Joshua Tree national Park. Packed with detailed descriptions, vivid color photos (over 300) and informative text, this valuable reference will help you identify and appreciate the varied flora of this vast region's six different climates. In summation---this book is perfect for the novice and expert wildflower enthusiast alike. 312 color photos, 6” x 9”, softbound with a tough, water-resistant cover.$24.95
12717-D SOUTH AFRICA TRAVEL PACK – W.&S. Oliver (2004). A very handy little fold-over book and map encased in its own plastic envelope. It's a practical, informative and user-friendly guide to South Africa, highlighting the major places of interest, and describing their principal attractions. Also offers sound suggestions on where to tour, stay, eat, shop and relax. It's ideal for the first time visitor, or one who's visited many times before. Includes over 35 full-color area maps, town plans, and locator maps (including one huge pull-out 30” x 30” color map). 90 full-color photographs. 128 pages, 5” x 7”, softbound$14.95
12718 SOUTH AFRICAN SPECIES OF KNIPHOFIA (Bothalia Vol. 9, Pts. 3 & 4)-L.E. Codd (1968). Nicknamed “Red Hot Poker”, and being in the Liliaceae family, this is the first (and only) monographic treatment on the subject. History, taxonomic treatment and keys to all 49 species/subspecies are described in minute detail. Accompanied by 27 full-size illustrations by the famous artist Cythna Letty. 150 pages, 7-1/2” x 9-1/2”, softbound. Now considered out of print, we found a few copies stashed away in S.Africa and are offering them at only$17.95
12775VEGETATION AND FLORA OF THE SONORAN DESERT - F. Shreve/ I. Wiggins (1964). Monumental work (30 years research!). Covers plant communities, distribution, habitat, environmental factors for both woody and herbaceous plants. Includes keys for the taxa, records of flowering periods. Complete synonymies where available. A major floristic work! A 2-volume set, 1,740 pages. Illustrated. Each volume 7" x 10", hardbound...The 2-volume set (not sold individually):$159.95
12780WATSONIA (THE GENUS) - P. Goldblatt (1989). First major work on the subject. Fully describes all 52 species in complete botanical detail! Includes distribution maps, keys to the wild species, line drawings for most species and life size watercolors for 24 species. A true work of art! 148 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$29.95

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