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14275FORCEPS (Tweezers) ---A set of four for cleaning debris and weeds in your potted plants. A MUST for all cactus and succulent collectors. The four sizes are: 6", 8", 10", 12" in length. Price for all four stainless steel tweezers, in a clear plastic snap case$7.95
14278HEMOSTAT - 5-1/4" long - Great little stainless steel hemostat for weeding and moving small pots. If you wish a longer one, see item below. $3.50
14280HEMOSTAT - 10" long ---Good for more delicate weeding, moving small pots, pushing labels into pots. Stainless steel clamp, with long jaws, and lock-in handle. Every cactus collector should have a couple of these on hand$4.95
14285MAGNIFYING TWEEZERS ---Sharp pointed stainless steel tweezers attached to a magnifying glass for removing hard to see spines. This one has a lot of uses besides the obvious. Again, cactus collectors can't afford to be without this item$4.95
14288MAGNIFYING TWEEZERS (Large)---These sharp pointed stainless steel magnifying glass tweezers are HUGE-(5-1/4” long). Cactus plant enthusiasts really need magnifying tweezers. Surgical quality. Highly recommended. $6.95
14289PRECISION TWEEZERS (5-PIECE SET) - Five stainless steel tweezers, each 4-1/2” long with different heads for different uses. All have very sharp pointed ends for many, many uses. Comes in a clear plastic case.$6.95
 14290ULTRA PRECISION TWEEZERS W/CLIP -This obscure pair of tweezers can dis-lodge the smallest piece of foreign material out from under your fingernail or under your skin. The clip will allow you to attach it to your car key chain. Stainless Steel. These are highly prized with nursery owners and comes highly recommended.$5.95

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