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13400ALPINES: AN ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY C. Innes (1995). A great new book, in A-Z format, with over 1,000 color photos! Each photo is accompanied by a full description as well as the origin. Cultural and propagation information is also provided, along with a history of the plants. A wealth of information, never before accumulated! 224 pages. 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket. A fantastic price! Only$39.95
13401 AMAZING AGLAONEMA (The) - B.F.Brown (2003). First major book ever written on this subject from the aroid family. Roughly 6% of all houseplants are aglaonemas. Yet recently developed hybrids can easily be grown outside, even down to a temperature of 32ºF. These plants can be pampered, or treated with neglect and they will survive. New hybrids have produced highly unusual and gorgeous leaf variegations! This book will give youextensive advice on home care, pests/diseases, etc. Considered “Houseplants to the World”, their care and ease of growing can hardly be disputed. 217 color photos, 140 pages, 6” 9”, hardbound w/glossy self cover. Introductory price of only.$19.95
13402AMERICAN BAMBOOS - E. Judziewicz, et al. (1998). Half of the world's 1,200 species of bamboo are native to North & South America/Caribbean. This book brings together current knowledge of the structure, ecology, evolution, etc. of the 41 genera of American bamboos. Genus-by-genus descriptions of bamboos, habitat data, range maps also listed. This book is the first of its kind on American bamboos. 130 color photos, 203 line drawings, 400 pages, 7" x 10", hardbound w/color dustjacket$34.95
13402-A American Household Botany - A History of Useful Plants 1620-1900  (2004) By Judith Sumner  In this fascinating book, celebrated author Judith Sumner rescues from the pages of history the practical experience and botanical wisdom of generations of Americans. Crossing the disciplines of history, ethnobotany, and horticulture — and with a flair for the colorful anecdote — Sumner underlines a part of the American story often ignored or forgotten: how European settlers and their descendents made use of the "strange" new plants they found, as well as the select varieties of foods and medicines they brought with them from other continents. From "turkie wheat" (corn) to "tuckahoe" (a Native American source of starch), Sumner describes the transition from wonderment to daily use, as homesteads were built upon and prospered from the plants of the New World. It is a remarkable story of the interdependence of plants and the American home. Historians, herbalists, home gardeners, and ethnobotanists will find American Household Botany a treasure trove of original research and insight. Hardcover 6" x 9", 396 pages, 40 color photographs, 113 line drawings$27.95
13403 AROIDS - D.Brown (2000). Aroids are among the largest and most interesting of the plant family. This greatly expanded second edition includes 700 more species---3,200 species total! The latest taxonomic and nomenclatural revisions are noted in the checklist of genera-as well as a brand new guide to the cultivation of ornamental aroids, complete with a well-rounded introduction to this remarkable family. A 'must have' for any general plant enthusiast. 112 color photos, 50 line drawings, 464 pages, 6" x 9", hardbound w/color dustjacket$34.95
13405ATLAS OF NATURAL WONDERS - R. Matthews (1988). A spectacular guide to the world's most breathtaking places -- Mt. Everest, Krakatoa, Madagascar, Mt. Fuji, much, much more. This book takes you on a very descriptive, vivid journey to these fantastic worldly sites. Over 62 giant, full-page color photos, plus 130 b/w photos accompany the interesting text. 240 pages, 9" x 12", hardbound w/color dustjacket. Reg. $34.95. Reduced to only:$19.95
13408 AURICULAS FOR EVERYONE --How to Grow and Show Perfect Plants M.A. Robinson (2002). This guide shares the author's extensive expertise and abiding passion for Auriculas so that others can enjoy growing and exhibiting these members of the primula genus commonly known as primroses. Cultivation and propagation advice is followed by tips on how to show and breed plants. The better part of the book lists many named varieties. Over 200 color photographs illustrate the alluring, unusual blooms of different types of Auriculas . around today. And last, but not least, there are chapters on the flowers' history, suggestions for flower shows, specialist nurseries where plants can be purchased, etc. First book of its kind---don't miss out. 195 pages, 7-1/4” x 9-3/4”, softbound, heavy glossy color cover. Price:$19.95
13410 BAMBOO FOR GARDENS - T.Meredith (2001). Brand new! Excellent, multi-facted treatment of these ancient grasses, including insight into making your selections. The bulk of the book is an encyclopedia of bamboo genera, species, and cultivars. More han 300 bamboos from 40 different genera are described in detail, including info. on size, lighting and temperature requirements, native range, etc. 160 color photos, 5 line drawings, 408 pages, 7½" x 10½", hardbound w/color dustjacket$39.95
13418 BANANAS YOU CAN GROW - J.Waddick/G.Stokes (2000). This book will tell you how to grow the best species and cultivars of bananas in tropical climates. Those that do best in patio containers, best tasting, and those with ornamental flowers, foliage, or fruits. Authors walk you through the basics of where to buy, how to plant, year-round care and more. Even beginning gardeners can grow bananas with very little experience and expertise. 249 color photos, 128 pages, 7" x 9¼", softbound w/heavy color cover. Brand new!$19.95
 13430 BEGONIAS - M.Stevens (2002). One of the most sought after flowering plants, the begonia has as many as 1,000 known and identified species plus countless hundreds of hybrids available today. Featuring more than 95 beautiful full-color photographs, Begonias includes information on the genus' history and key discoveries; the culture of non-tuberous begonias; fertilizers, soils, watering and propagation; creating your own hybrids; and remedies for pests, diseases and disorders. Hardiness zones, a bibliography, sources for begonias and an index complete this inspiring guide that shows you how to grow begonias even in the extremes of heat and cold. 95 color photos, 96 pages, 7-3/4” x 10-1/4”, softbound, heavy glossy color cover. $16.95
13460 BOTANICAL LATIN - W. Stearn (1992). The most popular and comprehensive guide and handbook on the subject. Used by botanists, gardeners, scholars, everyone! An invaluable reference source. Descriptive terminology is in English and Latin plus an extensive vocabulary of terms taken from current botanical usage. 566 pages, 5½" x 8¾", 41 b/w line drawings, hardbound, with color dustjacket$44.95
13475 BOTANY FOR GARDENERS - B. Capon (1990). This book makes botany relevant, interesting, and above all accessible to amateur growers who want to understand the 'go' of plants, but have been put off by boring, jargon-filled texts. Not complex, not technical, but a "joy" to read! Simply put: an introductory botany course for non-scientists. 121 color photos, 53 b/w illustrations, 6" x 9", softbound, heavy color cover .................................................................................................. $17.95
13485 BRUGMANSIA AND DATURA - (Angel's Trumpets and Thorn Apples) - U. & H. Preissel (2002). Although the flowers of Brugmansia and Datura look remarkably similar, the plants themselves are actually very dissimilar. This comprehensive guide, written by two horticulturists, clarifies the distinguishing characteristics of the two genera. The book is extensively researched, drawing on the latest botanical knowledge, and covers classification-species-hybrids-varieties-and their care; how to over-winter in a temperate climate; and how to control common diseases and pests. Supporting the text are numerous illustrations and more than 110 full color photographs, as well as a bibliography, nursery sources and a detailed index. 144 pages, 8” x 10-1/2”, softbound with heavy glossy color cover. This is a new book on a subject not written about before, and at a really marvelous price. $19.95
 13490 BUTTERFLIES OF ARIZONA - A Photographic Guide - B.Stewart/P&H Brodkin (2001). Another remarkable color photo 'dictionary' on butterflies-this time it's on Arizona butterflies (including 80 more species that also occur in California). Excellent checklist of 333 species, with full descriptions and key field marks, ranges, etc. A beautiful full-color (9" x 6") book, with over 557 color photos shown in full page, 1/3 page or 1/4 page. 414 pages total, softbound. Introductory price of only$24.95
13505 CAMELLIAS -(Illustrated Encyclopedia of) - S.Macoboy (1998). A marvelous compendium encompassing 1,000 of the world's most popular camellias, with EVERY entry illustrated with a color photo. This is a definitive guide to these beautiful and varied plants. Chapter one is on the history of the genus Camellia. The major cultivated varieties are then presented in A-Z sections. Each entry describes the flowering season, parentage, date of registration, etc. The last chapter deals in cultivation. A wonderful coffee table book! 1,000 color photos, 304 pages, 9½" x 12½", hardbound, with color dustjacket$39.95
13506CARNIVOROUS PLANTS - A. Slack (2000). Recently revised with more illustrations. A magnificent look at the mysterious world of carnivorous plants. A good, general survey book for a popular audience. 16 color photos, 145 b/w photos, 240 pages. 8" x 10½", softbound$24.95
13509 CARNIVOROUS PLANTS OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA --- D. Schnell (2nd Ed., 2002). In this greatly expanded and revised edition of his earlier classic treatment, Mr. Schnell examines in detail the forty five species and numerous hybrids of carnivorous plants that grow in the United States and Canada. Information on each species includes an identifying description, the preferred habitat, the range in which they can be found, and the season for flowering and trapping, making this book a useful field guide as well as a fascinating source of leisure reading. Schnell gives detailed instructions for preparing proper environments in which to grow these curious plants. With proper care, carnivorous plants can be grown for study and enjoyment. With a full array of maps (27 maps total), drawings (7 line drawings) and color photos (200 color photos in all), this volume promises to enrich every enthusiast's library with a wealth of information. Whether you are in search of Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, sundews, bladderworts, or butterworts, you will find your quarry in these colorful pages. 468 pages, 6” x 9”, hardbound w/color dustjacket $39.95
13510CARNIVOROUS PLANTS OF THE WORLD - J.& P. Pietropaolo (1986/1996). Now in softbound, this classic is a comprehensive, yet practical survey of some of earth's most fascinating plants. Extensive details on the cultural requirements of each plant group are given, with a detailed guide to their culture and propagation. 57 color photos, 100+ b/w drawings. 206 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound$22.95
13519 CITRUS - L. Walheim (1996). Written for gardeners in the west and southwest. Great new book -- great information on growing citrus in warm and cold-winter climates; which citrus grow best, etc. 100 varieties are described. Includes complete planting and care instructions. 110 color photos, 50 line illustr., 112 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound$17.95
13520CLIMBING PLANTS - J. Taylor (Ed.)(1992). Excellent book describing (with the aid of many beautiful color illustrations), well over 400 climbing plants originating from all over the world. Also covers propagation, cultivation, pests/diseases. Ideal for beginning gardeners and climbing plant enthusiasts alike. 56 color photos, 36 line drawings, 124 pages, 7½" x 10", hardbound$19.95
13522 CLIVIAS - H. Koopowitz (2002). Clivias are classed among the most desirable of all connoisseur plants, offering not only spectacular flowers but also interesting variations in both leaf and variegation and plant form. Despite their reputation as specialist plants, however, clivias are surprisingly easy to grow and tolerant of abuse. Mr. Koopowitz has written the first book to delightfully detail the genus Clivia. Beginning with the story of their discovery, he moves on to issues of cultivation, hybridization, and propagation. The bulk of his book is a profusely illustrated examination of the diversity of clivia variation, from the familiar orange and red flowers to the famous yellow forms and the pastel colors that are creating so much excitement today. 113 color photos, 1 b/w photo, 2 keys, 1 map. 384 pages, 6” x 9”, hardbound w/stunning dustjacket $34.95
13523-A COMMON BUTTERFLIES OF CALIFORNIA - B.Stewart (1997).An excellent checklist of over 125 butterflies, with full descriptions and key field marks, ranges, notes on each one. 125 absolutely beautiful full-page color photos. 271 pages total, 6" x 10", wirebound. A marvelous and gorgeous book$24.95
13526 COMPLETE BOOK OF THE GREENHOUSE - I. Walls (1994/1996). Covers construction, siting, heating, ventilation, and also cultivation of hundred of plants/vegetables/fruits/potplants/shrubs/cacti/orchids, more! Every plant you'd probably grow is included. You should never need another book to make your greenhouse the dream house you've always wanted! 32 full pages of color, 150 b/w illustrations, 256 pages, 9" x 10", softbound $21.95
13527CORDYLINE (TI) PLANT - "King of Tropical Foliage" - B. Brown (1994). First book devoted to the popular 'Ti' plant. Includes brief history, cultural information general description of most of the popular varieties, and a PLETHORA of color photos -- 250 magnificent color photos. 105 pages, 8½" x 12", hardbound. In stock at only$24.95
13537CROTONS OF THE WORLD - B. Brown (1995). At long last! The first book devoted exclusively to crotons (i.e., Codiaeum). Written for the layman and scholar combined, this book is more like a handbook on crotons. History/culture & care/fertilizing/using in a landscape, etc. Over 400 color photos of different varieties. A great book! 136 pages, 8-1/2” x 12”, hardbound. $39.95
13539 CULTIVATED PLANTS OF THE WORLD - D. Ellison (1995). A pictorial dictionary of 4,200 color photos (brief descriptions) of trees, shrubs and climbers throughout the world. A simple, quick and accurate method of visual i.d. Other features are shown, such as leaves, fruit, bark or seed pods, flowers. Example of color photos: azalea (105), banksia (39), bougainvillea (84), euphorbia (46), ficus (56),hibiscus (85), hoya (48), ipomoea (19), passiflora (63), yucca (12), etc. 4,200 magnificent color photographs. 608 pages, 8 ½" x 11 ¾", hardbound w/color dustjacket. Normally $95.00. SPECIAL LIMITED TIME PRICE ONLY$69.95

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