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14130ROCK & WATER GARDEN EXPERT - D . Hessayon. (1993). Easy-to-follow guide containing the most up-to-date sound, practical advice on how to build a rockery, make a screen or sink garden, choosing the night plants, etc. Includes a special A-Z feature of different rock garden plants. 128 pages of color (300+ color photos), 128 pages, 7" x 9½", softbound$9.95
14132ROCK GARDEN PLANTS (A Color Encyclopedia) - B.Mineo (1999). A truly monumental book covering alpines and other suitable plants for rock garden settings. International in scope, this reference book includes plants that may be found all over the world-not just Europe or America or Australia. 1,340 color photos, 2 color maps. 320 pages, 8 ½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$59.95
14132-F SANSEVIERIA IN CULTIVATION IN AUSTRALIA -R.F.G. Swinbourne (1979). Excellent, consise photo reprint of this informative, booklet on this genus---by a noted expert. 48 pages, with over 32 pages of excellent b/w fine line drawings. Outlines history, uses, culture and propagation as well as identification. 8-1/2" x 11", nice full color cover (photograph) of over six different sansevierias. Also a clear plastic cover on both front and back, and spiralbound. Excellent brand new condition$9.95
14132-L SANSEVIERIA TRIFASCIATA VARIETIES-B. Juan Chahinian (1986). An extensive detailed accounting of one species within the sansevieria family. Introduces the reader to the large, compact and dwarf varieties. Well written cultural descriptions. 79 beautiful color photos. Every plant collector should own this book. 9" x 10", 109 pages, hardbound, with color dustjacket. Now out of print. Only.....................................................................................................$29.95 No Longer Available, Out of print
14132-MSANSEVIERIA (REPRINT-INDIA) - Interesting easy-to-read booklet on sansevierias known and grown in India. Good, basic cultural information, applicable anywhere, is the bulk of the text. Includes 16 very well done b/w line drawings of different sansevierias. 28 page photo reprint, heavy duty paper. 8½" x 11", spiralbound, with clear plastic covers--both front and back. Only$5.95
14133 SAVAGE GARDEN (THE) - P.D'Amato (1998). Finally! A carnivorous plant book for beginners, intermediates, advanced hobbyists! Packed with tips on keeping these plants happy, healthy, and hungry! A wonderful, basic book on growing, cultivating, propagating all different types---species-by-species, with descriptions of hundreds of plants from the most popular to the most peculiar. Well written, easy to understand. 200 color photos, 22 color drawings. 314 pages, 6" x 9", softbound$21.95
14135 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL GREENHOUSE AND BUSINESS - T. Taylor (1997). For those of you out there who would like to get into the nursery business, this book is for you! A complete guide to starting and operating a high-profit business that benefits the environment. What to grow, who to sell to, comprehensive greenhouse plans, winter vegetables, tropical annuals, whole guides, more. Anyone can benefit from this book! Illustrated throughout. 154 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound$21.95
14170 STEARN'S DICTIONARY OF PLANT NAMES FOR GARDENERS -W.T..Stearn (2002 Repr.). “A Handbook on the Origin and Meaning of the Botanical Names of Some Cultivated Plants”. In this book, Stearn gives the meaning and origin of some 6,000 botanical names, selecting those most likely to be encountered by gardeners and horticulturists. No other single source provides so much etymological information for the gardener! Also listed are 3,000 of the most widely accepted vernacular names, cross-indexed to their correct scientific names-an invaluable reference for gardeners, writers, and historians. Plant classification and binomial nomenclature are explained, and there are notes on the structure and pronunciation of botanical Latin. 320 pages, 6” x 9”, softbound, with heavy glossy color cover$19.95
14177 SUBTROPICAL GARDEN (THE) - J. Walker (1996). For those who like exotic plants, check this book out! A marvelous new publication with essential information on selecting palms, bamboos, shrubs, perennials, foliage plants, epiphytes, orchids, ferns, water plants for your garden. 197 color photos, 176 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound$24.95
14178 SUBTROPICAL PLANTS - A Practical Gardening Guide. - J.Sparrow/G.Hanley (2002). Illustrated with 200 color photos, this book offers practical guidance to gardening with the increasingly popular subtropical and tropical plants. The authors describe and provide cultivation information for a wide selection of plants, including palms, orchids, cacti, and bromeliads. 200 color photos, 176 pages, 7” x 10, paperback.$19.95
14180 SUCCESS WITH BEGONIAS - H. Heitz (1994). You've asked for it---here it is. An inexpensive, yet thorough book on how to grow healthy, flourishing begonias with beautiful flowers. Includes clear instructions on propagation. 70 color photos. 48 pages, 6½" x 8", softbound . . .A real bargain at ONLY$5.95
14183-ASUCCESS WITH HERBS - C. Recht (1994). Splendid little beginner's book detailing where to grow herbs, culture and care, from seed, preserving and harvesting, cooking with herbs, etc. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions and practical advice. 65 color photos, 40 color drawings, 62 pages, 6½" x 8", softbound$5.95
14184SUCCESS WITH RHODODENDRONS AND AZALEAS - A.Kogel (1994). An inexpensive booklet on growing these lovely bushes and flowers! Includes clear, concise instructions on propagation and care. 77 color photos, 63 pages, 6½" x 8", softbound$5.95
14187 TREES AND SHRUBS FOR TEMPERATE CLIMATES - G. Courtright (1992, 3rd Rev. Ed). This is truly a practical, useful and beautiful guide to landscape plants for mild regions of North America. Over 770 color photos accompany descriptive alphabetical text. A wonderful book! 237 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound, w/heavy plastic color cover$29.95
14188 TREES OF HAWAII - A. Kepler (1990). Wonderful easy-to-use guide for i.d. of the common ornamental & native trees and shrubs of Hawaii with color-coded sections, common & scientific names, plant family, etc. Fantastic color photos---157 in all. If you like Hawaii and its plants, I guarantee you will love this book! 89 pages, 6½" x 9", softbound, heavy plastic cover. Only$12.95
14189TREES OF THE TROPICS - J. Cochrane (1990). A clear, informative guide to the fascinating world of trees of the tropics. Briefly touches on biology, ecology, and environmental and economic importance. Outlines the trees and tells you where they grow in the world, their flowers, fruits and seeds, and the animals that depend on them. 19 color photos, 66 color drawings, 3 color maps. 47 pages, 8" x 9½", hardbound$6.95
14190 Trees, Shrubs and Cacti of South Texas - James H. Everitt, D. Lynn Drawe and Robert I. Lonard. This revised edition of the popular field guide provides a color photograph, scientific name, common name and a general description of each of more than 180 species of trees, shrubs and more than twenty species of cactus common to the fourteen south most counties of Texas.  The book contains twelve species not included in the previous edition plus newly updated information. Truly a terrific guide to anyone interested in the plants of this interesting area.  264 pages, 6" x 9", 205 color photos, softbound $19.95
14202 TROPICAL EXOTICS -H.Clay/J.Hubbard (1987). This volume features over 125 striking plants, grown for their colorful and exotic flowers and foliage. 126 full sized 8" x 11" color photos of each plant/bloom are outstandingly displayed, along with 126 pages of descriptive text outlining history, plant care/cultivation, habitat, etc. 266 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound, with heavy plastic color cover$34.95
14202-F TROPICAL FLOWERING PLANTS: A Guide to Identification and Cultivation. - K.A.Llamas. (2003). Just released! At long last, a thoroughly documented book covering more than 1,400 species of flowering trees, shrubs, vines, and herbaceous and other tropical and sub-tropical plants commonly grown in gardens around the world. Plant descriptions are listed alphabetically by botanical family for ease and comparison. And, with a whopping 1,553 COLOR PHOTOS illustrating the beauty of tropical flowering plants, the author provides us with detailed information on cultivation requirements for each plant, including growth characteristics, light, exposure, cold hardiness, invasive tendencies, and unique horticultural features. This book is an accurate, practical guide for research, or just for browsing. It's also the first identification guide to reflect recent discoveries in the evolutionary relationships of flowering plants. Anyone drawn to the bold colors and forms of tropical plants will find it a useful and beautiful reference. This unique color encyclopedia is sure to appeal to gardeners, landscapers, nurseries, collectors, botany students, florists, and botanical gardens--and promises to be a staple reference for decades to come. It's a pleasure to recommend this book! 423 pages, 1,553 color photos, 1 map, 8-1/2" x 11", hardbound with color dustjacket$69.95

TROPICAL AND SUBTROPICAL TREES (An Encyclopedia)---M. Barwick (2004).  Just released late last year.  A lavishly illustrated A-Z encyclopedia guide to tropical and subtropical trees of the world.  All trees are described by their specific attributes and profiles---such as color, shape, texture, flowers, foliage, edible fruit, etc.  There are a whopping 1,981 color photographs of trees taken in the wild at the peak of their condition.  And also over 200 tree silhouettes depicting height and spread, and 80 pieces of artwork on the morphology of leaves, flowers and fruit.  A handy summary is given for every species, covering details such as growth habits, light and shade requirements, tolerances, soil types, propagation and problems.  There’s even information on the trees’ agricultural or medical applications and sacred or mystical associations.  This book should be an essential reference book for all---gardeners, professional landscapers, students of botany, horticulturists, as well as the curious traveler with an interest in and passion for the tropical and subtropical.  A marvelous book!  1,981 color photos, 324 line drawings, 512 pages, 8-1/2” x  11”, hardbound w/color dustjacket. 

14203TROPICAL GARDEN (THE) - W.Warren (1997). Lush, exciting gardens are featured here in beautiful full-color photography! Traditional and modern types are shown, including the origins, with individual features discussed in full. Beautiful gardens of Hawaii, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Bali are shown. This book will be a source of ideas and inspiration to gardeners both in the tropics and in temperate regions. 291 color photos, 224 pages, 9½" x 12", hardbound w/color dustjacket. $59.95
14203-L TROPICAL GARDEN STYLE WITH HARDY PLANTS A.Hemsley (2002). A beautifully photographed plant guide presenting all the varieties you could wish for----palms; bromeliads; aroids, succulents; gingers and bananas; herbaceous and biennials; tender perennials and annuals; grasses; water plants and more.. This book will help you turn your garden into an exotic jungle paradise. It will assist you in determining your growing environment and help you to work within its parameters, choosing those plants that can thrive whether there's deep shade or baking sunshine, horrible wet clay or dry, sandy soil. Items of special interest: Aroids (7 pages), Bromeliads (5 pages), Succulents (9 pages), Palms/Cycads (5 pages), Ferns (8 pages). 357 great color photos. 192 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, softbound w/heavy color cover $24.95
14203-P TROPICAL HIBISCUS HANDBOOK - American Hibiscus Soc.(2003).This is a brand new, updated, revised and enlarged publication, compiled by experts in all fields of hibiscus culture, and full of useful information such as: successful rooting of cuttings, flower arranging, photography, hybridizing, and more. Literally half the book is devoted to understanding how to care for your plants, soil, containers, fertilizing, watering, pests. The other half can be used as a 'photo-i.d.' book with 213 color photos, 17 b/w photos. 7” x 9”, softbound.$16.95
14204TROPICAL LOOK (THE) -R. Riffle (1998). A truly unique compendium of nearly 2,000 plants you can grow in the tropics and the not-so-tropics (called "stretching the zone"). Useful to gardeners in all areas, and wishing to grow "tropical looking" plants. From palms to gingers, bougainvilleas to acacias, this book is the first to offer practical guidance on using such ornamentals as landscape plants for various conditions. A massive undertaking-409 color photos, 524 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket. Wonderful buy$49.95
14204-ATROPICAL ORNAMENTALS (A Guide to) - W.Whistler (2000). With over 200,000 species of plants to choose from, the author has compiled more than 400 of the most commonly cultivated plants for your delight and education. "Many tropical plants can be grown in temperate areas (southern United States), but all in color colder climates-as many tropical plants thrive in greenhouses or as houseplants and are popular as annuals in the tropical-look landscapes. Includes cultural descriptions, geographical ranges, propagation methods. A stunning book with 458 color photos. 542 pages, 6" x 9", softbound$34.95
14204-B TROPICAL PLANTS OF ASIA (Field Guide To) - D.Engel & S.Phummai (2002). One of the most tropical places in the world (Asia) provides the background for this brand new book on tropical plants. What was needed in the book world on this subject was a 'Field Guide'. We now have one in this book, organized for ultimate ease with both close-up shots and habitat shots, providing a key piece of the identification process for over 390 beautiful color photos. This book will be an excellent companion for the traveler, backpacker, plant hobbyist, or botanist interested in learning about tropical plants-whether studying them in a Thai or an Indonesian rainforest, or in the glass houses of an American botanical garden. If you're a fan of tropical plants and tropical flowers, you should get this book. 390 color photos, 280 pages, 6” x 9”, softbound. Very reasonably priced.$19.95
14204-L TROPICAL MANGOES (How to Grow the World's Most Delicious Fruit) - R.Campbell, et al (2003) -English/Spanish. Brand new! This is the first book written on the exotic tropical fruit, the mango. These tropical treasures are most definitely not akin to the common apple, but are the true forbidden fruit of paradise, worthy of increased attention and systematic development. Chapters include the history of the mango tree; selecting a cultivar; tree establishment; tree care; pruning & shaping; diseases and pests of the mango; harvest, ripening and storage, and 36 pages of description/other vital information on the cultivars of mangoes around the world (India/Asia & the Pacific/Latin America; Western Hemisphere). There are 62 large-format color photos of the different kinds of mangoes available today, along with history & care of each of the different hybrids. If you're interested in growing/learning more about tropical fruit, then this book should be in your library. 7” x 10”, hardbound w/glossy self cover.$19.95
14205TROPICAL PLANTS FOR HOME AND GARDEN - W.Warren (1997). At long last-an absolutely gorgeous photographic presentation of flowers and plants native to the tropical areas of the world-plants also appreciated and cultivated in America. Included are sections on flowering shrubs and annuals, foliage plants, ornamental trees and vines, palms, water plants, ferns and orchids, much more. This book also serves as a guide and aid to identification and an historical survey. Many varieties suitable for cultivation in the U.S.A., Europe and other non-tropical areas are shown and discussed. 449 magnificent large color photos, 240 pages, 10" x 10", hardbound w/color dustjacket$59.95
14205-A TROPICAL PLANTS OF THE WORLD - J.Rohwer (2002). You will enjoy reading about the essential details on lush plants indigenous to the tropics as well as Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa…..everywhere the climate nurtures seductively fragrant blossoms and luxuriant foliage. The in-depth information on palms, shrubs, vines, herbs, ferns, water plants, and of course, magnificent vibrant blooms will prove invaluable to gardeners wanting something special. Covering more than 250 species, this full-color guide (over 350 color photos) provides a myriad of information that will aid you in your quest for knowledge of all kinds of tropical plants. You'll also find descriptions of their characteristics, occurrence, biology, ecology and history, as well as general and anecdotal information worth having. 355 luxuriant photos, 288 pages (all in color), 5” x 7-7/8”, hardbound w/color dustjacket….Brand new! $24.95
14206TROPICAL SHRUBS - H.Clay/J.Hubbard (1987). Same format as "TROPICAL EXOTICS" (see #14202 above), with 140 full-sized 8" x 11" color photos. 294 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound w/heavy plastic color cover$34.95
14209TROPICALS - G. Courtwright (1995 Ed.). Each plant is presented with a color photo (583 color photos in all), description, cultural information, and plant dimension. Gives both botanic and common names. Tells which USDA-zones they grow in (8, 9 or 10). A great information/color book! 155 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound$24.95
14210 TULIPS - S. Killingback (1990). A great illustrated identifier and guide to the cultivation of tulips. Includes early, mid and late season varieties. The emphasis is on color photos (over 150) and illustrations, and concise cultural care information on growing, feeding and identification. Highly recommended. 128 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket. Ref. $19.95. ON SALE FOR:$12.95
14210-C VARIEGATED PLANTS - S.Conder (1994). "The Encyclopedia of Patterned Foliage". This book describes nearly 700 variegated plants, including annuals, perennials, grasses, climbers, and trees and shrubs. Each entry includes botanical family, height, spread, flowering time, and minimum temperature. 246 color photos of beautiful plants with marbling, veining, and contrasting edges. 192 pages, 10" x 10", softbound$24.95

VARIEGATED TREES AND SHRUBS---The Illustrated Encyclopedia—R. Houtman  (2004).  This book describes in detail nearly 800 variegated trees, shrubs, and vines available internationally from nurseries.  Also included are a choice selection of woody groundcovers and vines.  The author describes the origins of variegated plants, and offers complete horticultural information, including cold hardiness and cultural needs.  A unique section in this most accurate nomenclatural book is an essay on how to design with variegated plants in any garden.  “Finally fills an important gap in the literature and offers valuable information on selections that provide long lasting specimens and accent plantings for years of garden pleasure”.  Definitely worth owning by every plant collector.  762 color photos, 338 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, hardbound w/color dustjacket. 

14211-AWILD AUSTRALIA -Reader's Digest, Eds. (1987). A recreational guide to all of Australia's national parks (540 in all). Explore and enjoy the beautiful and dramatic wonders of Australia in all its glory through their parks, showing many kinds of plant and animal habitat. 900 breathtaking color photos, 46 maps. 488 pages. 10" x 10", hardbound w/color dustjacket. (Reg. $69.95)..SALE:$39.95
14212WILD CHINA - J. Mackinnon (1996). An incredible look at one of the richest biologically diverse countries on our planet -- alpine meadows that are a botanist's wonderland of floral species--tropical rainforests-cold, dry deserts of the northwest grasslands--nature reserves, and more. 400 magnificent color photos of flora/fauna/people/countryside. 8 color maps, 9½" x 12½", hardbound, with color dustjacket$39.95
14215WILD INDIA - G. Mountfort. (1991). Surveys a great diversity of plant and animal life in the Himalayas, the Indo-Gangetic Plain, and the Deccan. From the rainforests, jungles and swamps to the deserts of the far west of Rajasthan, outstanding color photographs and captions are set forth to make this a truly beautiful book. Photographed by Gerald Cubitt, one of the world's leading natural history photographers. Over 400 full-color photographs, 208 pages, 9¼" x 13", hardbound, with color dustjacket. A great book!$39.95
14245WILD MALAYSIA - J. Payne (1990). Absolutely beautiful book showing the wildlife and scenery of Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah. Flora and fauna abound throughout the book. Includes state parks, coral reefs--an extensive introduction into the topography, history, climate and peoples of Malaysia. Over 400 superb full-color photos of plants, insects, fish, frogs, birds, mammals -- each in its own natural habitat. You will love this book! I guarantee it! 208 pages, 10" x 13", hardbound, with color dustjacket$39.95
14248WILD THAILAND - B. Stewart/J. Hoskin (1995). Richly illustrated with over 400 color photos, and an emphasis on environmental threads and conservation programs of flower species, bird species, other plant/animal species. Includes 6 color relief maps, 4 b/w locator maps. 208 pages, 9½" x 12½", hardbound w/color dustjacket. A wonderful book$39.95
14250 WORLD'S MOST SPECTACULAR REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS (The) - W.Lamar (2002). This award-winning book will win you over in one minute! All you have to do is open a few pages of this book and you'll be hooked. Over 400 of the most beautiful photos of these creatures that you will ever see! The text that accompanies each photo will teach you many, many things about reptiles and amphibians from around the world. I guarantee you will fall in love with this book! 400 color photos, 208 pages, 9” x 11-1/4”, softbound w/heavy color cover. Good quality publication at a very reasonable price of only.$22.95
14255 YOU CAN GROW TROPICAL FRUIT TREES - R. Mohlenbrock (1980). Although written primarily for Floridians, these trees are available and can be grown in many areas. Excellent culture/care information. A fascinating book with great accompanying illustrations: 49 color photos, 35 b/w photos, 26 large b/w drawings. 77 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound$6.95

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