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12805 HOYA BASICS - D.Kloppenburg (1999). A first in hoya literature! Mr. Kloppenburg has produced a basic beginner's "know how" booklet with all you need to know to grow and understand hoyas. Author takes you through the mechanics of hoyas, how you can keep them healthy + propagation tips shared by experts. And, most importantly: how you can get your hoyas to bloom! Sixteen nice large-sized color photos included. 3 b/w photos, 44 pages, 8½"x 11", spiralbound$9.95
12820 HOYA HANDBOOK (THE) - D. Kloppenburg/A. Wayman (1993). The first book of its kind ever written! Outlines the background of hoya history, collecting and first descriptions. The bulk of the book is devoted to photos and cultivation, care and pest control techniques of well over 100 different, most popular hoyas available today. 142 gorgeous color photos. 140 pages total. 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$49.95
 12840HOYA IN AUSTRALIA-AN ALTERNATIVE CLASSIFICATION - -P.Forster/D.Liddle (1990). This is an alternative classification to that of Mr. Hill, of the species of hoya in Australia excluding Hoya australis. Six species are described and illustrated: H. lauterbachii, H. macgillivrayi, H. nicholsoniae, H. psudolittoralis, and H. serpens, along with six full-page b/w drawings of hoyas, and one page of maps. Distribution and habitat of each variety is outlined in detail. 19 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, spiralbound photocopy reprint.$3.95
12915 HOYAS OF NORTHEASTERN NEW GUINEA - D. Kloppenburg. (Ed.) (1992). At long last, the English translation of Dr. Schlechter's 1910 " Die Asclepiadaceae von Deutsch-New Guinea". Describes 50 hoya species, his itinerary between 1900-1909, including approx. 38 herbarium sheets, and a brief biography of Dr. Friedrich Schlechter. 101 pages, 38 herbarium drawings, 4 figures. Mr. Kloppenburg did an excellent job compiling and translating this piece of reference material. 8-½" x 11", spiralbound$11.95
12950REVISION OF HOYAS IN AUSTRALIA - K.Hill (1986). Picks up and completes where "Hoya in Australia" left off. 15 pages, 1 full page drawing, 8½" x 11", spiralbound photo reprint. Only$2.95
12975 The World of Hoyas - A Pictorial Guide by Dale Kloppenburg   This spiral loose 3 hole punched book was written to provide a good basic understanding of the Genus Hoya.  The book covers the basics of Hoya growing as well as provides an excellent overview of the entire Genus.  However, its real value is the pictorial section that covers 100 Hoya species with color pictures of each along with an actual leaf photocopy and descriptions.  It has been newly revised in May of 2005 and new pictures have been added.  Some beautiful artwork taken from old photographs originally appearing in magazines in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s add a real elegance to the title.  Every Hoya collector should have this book in his or her library. Over 250 pages and over a 100 terrific photographs of Hoya flowers and leaves.   $75.00

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