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Links to information of interest


The links on this page are to sites or information that we feel are useful or informative to our customers.  Over time we hope to add a lot more sites and information,  and categorize them a bit more to help with specific interests.  In the mean time if you have a site you would like to nominate for inclusion on our list please email us at: info@RainbowGardensBookshop.com List of available Streaming Apps?

Last Updated on August  7, 2006

Category Description
Gymnocalycium AGG is an international organization dedicated to the care and research of the species of the Genus Gymnocalycium.  They produce a periodical called ...appropriately enough Gymnocalycium 4 times a year.  If you are interested in more information email Mr. Helmut Amerhauser at dha.gymno@aon.at (publication is in German)
Sansevieria "The Sansevieria book"... Back in the 80's Hermine Stover wrote a book on Sansevieria and self published it.  It is still one of the few books on the subject and is available used from time to time. Now you can get the book in PDF format and read it on your computer or print it out.  It's still a very entertaining and useful book even if some of the names are a bit outdated.


Hoya The International Hoya Association has a terrific little journal published 4 times a year.  You can join the group for just $18.00 a year ($25 if out of the U.S.)  Click here to visit the site.
Hoya An interesting site with lots of photographs of Hoya's.  The point of the site is to help you identify Hoya's correctly. http://members.tripod.com/khedlund/hoyapdl/index.html 
Hoya A great electronic newsletter/Question and Answer forum P.S. The Hoyan
Hoya The Hoya Page (need we say more?) by Christine Burton
Seeds A great seed source for a wide variety of cactus and succulent seeds.  Mesa Garden in Belen, New Mexico.
Seeds The CSSA (Cactus and Succulent Society of America).  If you join this organization you have access to in expensive seeds of Cactus and Succulents.  To learn more about the organization and it's seed program click here.
Palms The International Palm society has a terrific site on palms.
Yucca Benny's Yucca page contains a very nice overview of the Yucca's with information on cultivation and a run down on the various species.
Greenhouses A great organization of greenhouse enthusiasts with their own journal.  You can find out more or join this organization at: www.hobbygreenhouse.org
General Gardening/Plants   Quality World Garden - Gardening Tips
Plumeria A site with all sorts of interesting information about Plumeria
Plumeria Another interesting site with Plumeria information and pictures
Epiphyllum It is a site dedicated to the care and culture of Epiphyllums.  Weekly chat meetings, large photo gallery database and file downloads. Covers other epi-cacti areas (rhipsalis, schlumbergera, etc.).  www.epiforums.com
Cultivars Cultivar E-Magazine - The magazine is devoted to crested, monstrose, colored, hybrid, poly- and dichotomic forms of cacti and other succulents.  http://www.cultivar.ru/index-e.htm

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