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13145 GROWING SUCCESSFUL ORCHIDS (In the Greenhouse and Conservatory) – M.Isaac-Williams (2003). Brand new! Written in a clear, accessible style and presented in an easy-to-follow format, this book is illustrated with more than 300 color photos of some of the most photogenic orchid species and hybrids in the world today! Includes detailed illustrations on their care and cultivation in the domestic environment—including adavice on pests, diseases and common ailments. This is a beautiful new book with oversized color photos for orchid lovers in all states of this hobby. Highly recommended. 300 color photos, 50 detailed color drawings, 122 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, softbound.$19.95
13150 ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ORCHIDS - A. Pridgeon (1992). 1,100 species and hybrids commonly in cultivation are the bulk of the text, with each species in glorious color! --- 1,100 color photos! Non-specialists as well as experts will find this book authoritative, yet accessible to the distribution, notes on culture, etc. A wealth of information! 304 pages, 9-½" x 12-½", hardbound w/color dustjacket. Only$39.95
13169 ORCHID BASICS - I. LaCroix (2000). Wonderful new step-by-step guide to growing and general care. Expert tips on hybridization, propagation, feeding, and effective pest and disease control. Great chapters on orchids for the cool greenhouse, chapter on intermediate greenhouse, one on warm greenhouse, and one for the alpine house, and one for the orchid garden. 127 large format color photos, 128 pages, 6" x 10", softbound, heavy plastic color cover. Great information, great price$11.95
13170ORCHID GROWING -P. Black (1998). Over 94 recommended species fully illustrated, with info. on habitat, flowering season and helpful advice for successful cultivation. Appendices include a taxonomic chart of the orchid family, reference lists of intergeneric hybrids and a useful botanical glossary. 95 large color photos, numerous b/w line drawings. 160 pages, 7-½" x 9-½", softbound$19.95
13175 ORCHID GROWING BASICS - G. Schoser (1993). Enjoy the beauty and mystique of tropical orchids in your own home with this superb introductory guide to growing orchids! You too can be successful by following these tips on watering, repotting, propagation, fertilizing, etc. Comes highly recommended. 110 color photos, 124 pages, 7" x 9-½", softbound$12.95
13185 ORCHIDS ARE EASY - T.Gilland (2000). Written in an accessible style, and presented in a clear, easy-to-follow format, this book offers the beginner a comprehensive introduction to the cultivation of orchids in the domestic greenhouse environment, and dispels the grower's worries that orchids are troublesome plants. The first 60 pages outlines the culture, propagation, pests/diseases, essential materials needed, questions and answers. The next 53 pages contain an easy reference A-Z of popular orchid species. In this section, the bulk of the color photos (115 color photos total) are presented---and they are OUTSTANDING !! 115 pages, 7-1/2” x 10”, softbound, with heavy color cover.$14.95
13195 ORCHIDS: THEIR CARE AND CULTIVATION - G. Leroy-Terquem & J. Parisot. (1993). A valuable book on orchid growing - how to pot/feed them, where to place them, propagation, protection, detailed descriptions of specific orchids. Over 200 pages of full color photos (275+), 30 b/w illustrations, highlight this magnificent book! 8-¼" x 10-½", softbound. Only $24.95

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