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11900 BETROCK'S GUIDE TO LANDSCAPE PALMS - A. Meerow (1992). Easy to read, yet scientific information for the average palm grower on: transplanting and care of palms, salt/drought tolerant varieties, insect pests, disease problems, plus scientific and common names cross referenced. An excellent reference book for your library for years to come. 102 color photos, 8 b/w line drawings. 153 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound, color cover. A great bargain! $29.95
  11905BIOLOGY AND CONSERVATION OF CYCADS - Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Cycad Biology 1996 - C.Jia-Rui (1999). English. First time offered. Papers and written articles specifically for this book are presented here in one single hardbound volume. Sections dealth with: Cycad diversity (92pp.); Systematics and Phylogeny (148pp.); Ecology (36pp.); Reproductive Biology (47pp.); Physiology, Biochemistry and Toxicology (31pp.); Conservation and Cultivation (59pp.). Numerous b/w illustrations, photos, maps, charts throughout. Very well done, important work. 415 pages, 7½" x 10½", beautifully hardbound$69.95
11910BIOLOGY OF THE CYCADS - K.Norstog & T.Nicholls (1997). Technical volume discussing all aspects of cycadology including cycad anatomy, reproduction, physiology, growth and population biology. Descriptions of the genera and species from both the Old World and the New World are also outlined in detailed fashion. This book is a FIRST of its kind in the world of cycads. Illustrated with numerous maps, diagrams and drawings, including 144 color photographs, 207 b/w photos. 363 pages, 7¼" x 10 ¼", hardbound w/color dustjacket$149.95
11915BIOLOGY, STRUCTURE AND SYSTEMATICS OF THE CYCADALES - D. Stevenson, Ed. (1990). A technical series of papers given at CYCAD '87-among which includes: Morphology & Systematics of the Cycadales; Studies of Cycad Reproduction; Cytotaxonomy of Cycads; Cycad Flavonoids; Zamiaceae in Zambia; West Indian & S. American Cycads; A World List of Cycads. 50 b/w photos, numerous line drawings, maps. 210 pages. 7" x 10", softbound $64.95
11930BRAZILIAN PALMS - C. Pinheiro/M. Balick (1987). Little known publication from the New York Botanic Gardens. Comprehensive information outlining notes on the uses and vernacular names of Brazilian palms, with updated nomenclature. 38 b/w photos accompany the text. All palm lovers should have this book. 63 pages, 7" x 10", softbound$11.95
11945 CHAMAEDOREA PALMS - D. Hodel (1992). A comprehensive treatment of all species of Chamaedorea, with proper descriptions/keys/taxonomy/culture. Also includes subgeneric outlines, and terrific glossary. This handbook will not doubt be THE book on the subject for years to come. 550 color photos (many species never before illustrated). 350 pages, 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket. A magnificent book!$69.95
11960 CULTIVATED PALMS OF THE WORLD- D.& E.Ellison (2001). Provides the most comprehensive color photographic reference ever published for over 840 common species and cultivars of palms in cultivation from around the world. Each palm described shows a photo (over 1,300 color photos!) of a specimen, with inset photos of fruit when possible, trunks or other distinguishing features. Also includes info. on region/county of origin, size, growth habits, growing conditions and fruits and seeds. An exhaustive photo dictionary for all palm enthusiasts or everyday palm gardeners worldwide. 1,300 color photos, 257 pages, 8½" x 12", hardbound w/color dustjacket. Excellent publication!!$61.95
11970CULTIVATED PALMS OF VENEZUELA - A. Braun (1968). A detailed accounting, including full descriptions of 28 species of palms of Venezuela. Well written, easy to read, surprisingly complete. Over 78 b/w photos (most in habitat). A must for palm lovers. 92 pages, 6" x 9", softbound$16.95
11990CYCAD '90 (Proceedings of 2nd Int'l Conference on Cycad Biology)-- D.Stevenson, K. Norstog, Eds. (1993). Technical papers from talks given. 68 talks in all. Important info. on toxicity, population ecology, cycad physiology, cycad diversity, conservation, etc. Hundreds of b/w photos, line drawings. 384 pages, 7¼" x 9¼", softbound$42.95
12020 CYCADS: THEIR CULTIVATION AND PROPAGATION- G. Wrinkle (1995). At last! A booklet about how to raise cycads - by an expert nurseryman. The absolute basics are emphasized here, beginning with the principles of growing, to the growing medium, watering, fertilizers, pests and diseases, much more. A worthy investment for any cycad grower. 18 b/w photos, 24 pages, 5" x 8", staplebound$6.95
12021 CYCADS OF AUSTRALIA- K.Hill/R.Osborne (2002). This exciting, brand new cycad book highlights a diversity of more than 69 endemic species, featuring four different genera showing a great range in form and habitat. The book is semi-technical in its extensive information on morphology and anatomy, reproduction and dispersal. Yet the amateur gardner and collector will also appreciate the full treatment on economic botany, conservation and cultivation. Over 170 color photographs, botanical illustrations and distribution maps - all clear and crisp - will be treasured by all who acquire Cycads of Australia . 116 pages, 8-1/2” x 11-1/2”, hardbound w/color dustjacket $44.95
12035 CYCADS OF THAILAND - W. Tang (1997). Cycads are found in the tropical rainforests and coastlines in the south, and bordered by mountain ranges which extend to the Himalayas. There are 10 species and two subspecies of Cycas recognized in Thailand. All are discussed here in detail, along with 53 color photos and 11 distribution maps. This is a marvelous publication with information found nowhere else. 33 pages, 5½" x 8½", staplebound, heavy color cover$5.95
12045 CYCADS OF THE WORLD - D. Jones (1993/Reprint 1998-1st. Ed.). Hailed as quite possibly, the 'most important book to appear on cycads in many years.' A complete handbook with history, distribution, biology, propagation, conservation, cultivation and economic importance of all cycads worldwide. 250 magnificent color photos provide an invaluable identification guide that will appeal to professional botanists as well as amateur horticulturists. 50 line illustrations, 6 maps, 312 pages, 8" x 10", hardbound w/color dustjacket.$54.95
12055CYCADS OF VERA CRUZ, MEXICO - P. Resslar (1992). Describes all known cycads in Vera Cruz. Nicely detailed with numerous drawings, maps, etc. 40 pages, 6½" x 8½", staplebound$5.95
12058 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CULTIVATED PALMS (AN) - R.Riffle & P.Craft (2003). At long last, a brand new encyclopedia of cultivated palms! 890 species are described in detail, including information on cold hardiness, water needs, height, and any special requirements. One could then call this book a definitive accounting of palms that may be grown in the garden and landscape. Generously illustrated with over 900 color photos, this volume can also be considered as a very useful identification guide, as it is a practical handbook. It even contains photos of several palm species that have never before appeared in a general encyclopedia. Additional information on history, ethnobotany, and biology are also included. The authors have exhaustively documented EVERY genus in the palm family. All in all, a valuable, useful piece of palm literature that every palm enthusiast should own. 528 pages, 929 color photos, 1 b/w photo, 2 line drawings. 8-3/4" x 11-1/4", hardbound w/color dustjacket…Remarkably priced at only $49.95

EVOLUTION AND ECOLOGY OF PALMS—A. Henderson (2002).  Palms are not trees, yet they have woody stems and are not considered herbaceous plants.  Classified as basically tropical or subtropical in habitat, their aesthetic appearance and distinctive and apparently simple architecture have an intrinsic appeal for tropical botanists and non-botanists alike.  Despite this appeal and considering their importance, there is limited knowledge of many aspects of the family.  In this work, the author brings together and analyzes the relevant literature and data in an attempt to understand something of the evolution and ecology of the palm family, and integrates this disparate knowledge into a cohesive whole.  If  you interest in palms is serious, you will learn from this book.  80 b/w photos, 259 pages, 8” x 10”, softbound w/heavy color cover.

12070 FERN GROWER'S MANUAL - B.Hoshizaki/R.Moran (2001). This brand new, revised and expanded book offers useful advice on ferns and fern allies for any region, with details on cultivation, identification, landscaping, and more. The bulk of the book consists of an encyclopedic treatment of all the ferns in cultivation in the United States. Some 700 species from 124 genera are described in detail. Each species is accompanied by a b/w line drawing to allow for easy identification and to provide a useful means of comparing species. "The most comprehensive book available on fern cultivation in the United States". 50 color photos, 165 b/w photos, 826 line drawings, 604 pages. 8½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket$59.95
12110FERNS TO KNOW AND GROW - F. Foster (1984/1993). Fern lovers call this 'The Fern Bible'. Full of practical information on culture and propagation, including a nomenclature update. "A guide for the gardener - a reference for the nature lover." The heart of the book is an encyclopedic treatment of 132 species. 150+ illustrations (b/w photos and drawings). 229 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound$22.95
12148 GERANIUMS AND PELARGONIUMS - J.Feltwell (2001). Books on this subject come and go. However, this book is a step above those old publications. Highlights of this book are: 8 pages on control of pests and diseases-5 pages on different and unusual leaf markings-all the different variations of scented/unscented varieties of Geraniums and Pelargoniums-single/double/dwarf varieties (including rosebud & tulip varieties)-all sections accompanied by a total of 229 outstanding color photos. I highly recommend this value-priced book. 128 pages, 8" x 11", hardbound. Regularly priced at $35.00, we're overstocked and are dropping the price a whopping 43% to only$19.95
12183 HANDBOOK OF LANDSCAPE PALMS - J.Allyn (Rev. 2003). This guide will help you learn about 36 of the most common palms, including all species native to the United States. Each description is accompanied by color photographs (44 in all), and gives common and scientific names, places of origin, as well as info. on blooming, fruiting, cultivation. A great book for identifying the many different kinds of palms you see today. 44 color photos, 88 pages, 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”, softbound.$8.95
12185 HARDY PALMS AND PALM-LIKE PLANTS - M.Graham (2003). Brand new! A great new photo-packed introductory book showing how palms are such versatile plants for every climate and landscape. This extensive directory covers more than 100 palms, yuccas, agaves, cordylines, phormiums, and astelias. Includes simple instructions for planting, maintenance, and propagation---with close-up photos for each step. Hardiness ratings and notes on individual growing requirements are given on these unique plants with brilliant foliage color, shape, and texture of diverse flowers, fruits, trunks and leaves. 194 color photos. 144 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, softbound.$24.95
12195INDIAN CYCADS - Special Cycad Newsletter Vol. XVI, No. 2, 1993).Various authors. Special articles: “The Indian Cycas in the Field”; “Cycads of the Indian Subcontinent Through the Ages”; “Nectar-like Secretions in Female Cones of Cycads”; “Cycas Beddomei Dyer”. B/w illustrations. 20 pages. 8-1/2” x 11”, spiralbound photo reprint$4.95
12200MANUAL TO THE PALMS OF ECUADOR - F.Borchesnius, et al. (1998). Brand new publication. In three parts. Part 1 is the introduction, part 2 is identification of genera and species; and part 3 is the dictionary, with information on all native species. 16 color plates, plus figures and map. 217 pages, 5-½" x 8", softbound$19.95
12205PALM COLLECTION OF THE DURBAN BOTANIC GARDENS - A. Lambert (1994). Another beautiful book with good color photos on the extensive palm collection of the Durban Botanic Gardens in South Africa. Over 80 color photos, 7 b/w photos, 6 b/w drawings. 129 pages, 6" x 8¼", softbound, heavy color cover. ONLY$15.95
12210PALMAE FOR NEW GUINEA--A CHECKLIST ---M.Ferrero (1997). This 38-page main article is part of the 60-page magazine from the Palm/Cycad Soc. Australia (double issue 55&56, Apr/Sept. 1997). Fully documented with color photos, many descriptions are given. 88 color photos total, 6" x 8½", staplebound, with heavy color cover. This entire magazine$9.95
12225 PALMS AND CYCADS AROUND THE WORLD - J. Krempin (1995 Rev. Ed). Nearly all known varieties around the world are recorded here with facts and color photographs - a comprehensive listing of nearly all palms and cycads in existence with descriptions to match up to 1990. Lots of reference/propagation/pest control/landscaping information. 695 fantastic color photos (500 on palms alone!). If you have only a passing interest in palms and cycads, you will benefit from this book; if you number among the growing population of enthusiasts, then this book is a must! 276 pages, 9" x 11½", hardbound w/color dustjacket$49.95
12240 PALMS AND CYCADS OF THAILAND (THE) - D.Hodel/P.Vatcharakorn/K.Hill (1998). Brand new! Authors guide you through the amazing diversity and beauty of Old World palms and cycads. Thailand is host to a unique blend of palm genera and species from palm regions to the south and north-and also home to several unusal endemic species. Over 160 species of palms and 10 species of cycads are described. Nearly all are illustrated in the form of 400 marvelous COLOR PHOTOS in all. This book is the most comprehensive and thoroughly illustrated account of Old World palms ever! 200 pages, 8¾" x 11¼", hardbound with color dustjacket. Reasonable price$69.95
12243PALMS AND CYCADS BEYOND THE TROPICS - K.Boyer (1992/1999 reprint). Grow palms and cycads beyond the tropics? Absolutely! This book introduces you to some 160 species, with chapters on cultivation, landscaping, propagation, temperature/general climatic limitations, more. 143 color photos, 13 b/w photos of plants in either their natural environments or in cultivation. Photos of nearly all the species discussed are included. 142 pages, 7" x 9½", softbound$24.95
12244 PALMS FOR SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GARDENS - A Quick Reference Guide - B.Osborne/T.Reynoso/G.Stein (3rd edition 2003). 360 palms are recommended, with data accompanying each of the palms: botanical name, pronunciation, trunk/leaf type, cultural requirements, wild status, availability and more. Easy to read and understand. 360+ b/w fine line drawings. 43 pages, 8½" x 11", staplebound$9.95
12244-A PALMS IN AUSTRALIA -D.Jones (1984/2002). Third edition, revised. Describes all 57 species native to Australia, plus 300 more! Well written, straightforward approach for all to understand. This latest revised edition includes many additional species, especially those that have become entrenched in general cultivation over the past decade. Names used in this publication are as up-to-date as possible. Common synonyms are included in the text and additionally as a separate entry in the appendix. A detailed glossary is included, as is a comprehensive bibliography for those who wish to learn more about these fascinating plants. Includes practical information on cultivation, propagation, pests and diseases, plus identification and control. There are 214 color photos, 278 pages, 7-1/2" x 10-1/2", softbound, heavy glossy color cover. An important book, concentrating on palms in one central area of the world. $29.95
12245PALMS OF AFRICA - P.Tuley (1995). A full account of the current state of knowledge of this economically important group of plants, with emphasis on the lesser known species. "User friendly" keys and descriptions are provided for the genera and species and their utilization is covered in a separate section. Includes a complete listing of the species, with their synonyms as well as supporting and additional data. 49 large format color photos, 53 b/w photos. 189 pages, 8½" x 12", hardbound$64.95
12250 The Palms of Madagascar - John Dransfield and Henk Beentje  For the first time all the palms of Madagascar are described in English.  171 species (166 occur only in Madagascar), including 70 previously unknown to science.  The book is profusely illustrated with 209 color photographs 185 line drawings and 172 maps.  There are full descriptions of each species along with information on cultivation, uses, collecting and habitats.  A monumental work this book will be the authoritative treatment of the subject  for years to come.  It will be of great value to palm growers, botanists, conservationists and everyone interested in the flora of Madagascar.  520 pages, 209 color photos, 8.5" x 12", Hardcover with dust jacket. No Longer Available
12260 PALMS OF NEW CALEDONIA - D.Hodel/J. Pintaud (1998). Excellent large full-color photos abound in this new book capturing the beauty and mystique of the New Caledonian palms. 37 different species of palms are documented and beautifully described. New Caledonia has one of the most unusual floras in the world, including its extraordinary assemblage of palms found nowhere else in the world, many of which can adapt to outdoor growing in sub-tropical areas such as Southern California, southern Australia, and the Mediterranean regions--as well as other areas. 180 excellent color photos. 130 pages, 8¾" x 11¼", hardbound with color dustjacket$59.95
12265PALMS OF NEW CALEDONIA (THE INDIGENOUS) - H. Moore/N. Uhl (1984). An introductory base of writings for studies of anatomy, chemistry, ecology, and cladistics of New Caledonian palms. Includes keys to 17 species which are fully described. For the serious collector. 88 pages, 30 b/w photos, 13 maps, 18 drawings. 7" x 10", softbound$19.95
12277 PALMS OF SOUTH FLORIDA - G. Stevenson (1996). "A great introduction to the identification of S. Florida palms" and more. Even covers the most common varieties planted throughout the tropics; including diagnostic keys. Over 100 full-page b/w line drawings of beautiful palms! All palm enthusiasts should consider this invaluable reference! 251 pages, 6" x 9", softbound $19.95
12280PALMS OF SUBEQUATORIAL QUEENSLAND - R. Tucker (1988). A detailed study of palms in this Northern and Eastern part of Australia. The writing is of a semi-technical nature, appealing to a wider audience from lovers of palms to growers of Australian plants in general--as well as researchers. 22 nice color photos, 56 b/w photos, 25 maps. 94 pages, 7½" x 10½", softbound$19.95
12285PALMS OF THE AMERICAS (A Field Guide To The)- A. Henderson, et al. (1995). A guide to 550 species of palms in the field (not a taxonomic revision). Also this book is a field guide with numerous illustrations, range maps, checklists by country, list of synonyms. "The first of its kind for palms of ALL the Americas". 256 color photos, 550 map/line drawings, 352 pages, 6" x 9", softbound. A very good buy!$39.95
12289 PALMS OF THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC -J. Hoppe 91998). At last! A singular study of the palm trees of this island of Hispaniola. A reference source for experts, horticulturists, landscape artists and palm tree devotees. This book describes 26 Dominican palm trees, some of them little known to both experts and the public in general. 181 color photos, 106 pages, 6" x 9", softbound, heavy color cover. First time offered$16.95
12390PALMS OF THE SOLOMON ISLANDS - J. Dowe, et al. (1989). Four excellent chapters, written by travelers of the Solomon Islands. Easy to read and understand. 31 b/w photos are very good, including 8 color photos. 56 pages, 5¾" x 8¼", softbound$9.95
12395PALMS OF THE SOUTHWEST PACIFIC - J. Dowe (1989). The first major publication on palms in this area of the world. Gives detailed taxonomic information, as well as historical relationships, local uses of the palms and the cultivation of many of them. An absorbing work - written for the botanist as well as the average palm enthusiast. 84 very nice color photos, 60 b/w photos, 38 b/w drawings, 9 b/w maps. 198 pages. 7½" x 10¾", softbound$24.95
12405 PALMS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD - D. Jones (1995). Best book on the market! Describes 800 species in 123 genera. Discusses distribution, biology, propagation, cultivation, pest control and diseases. One of the most thorough books on palms ever published! 445 color photos, 60 b/w line drawings, 410 pages. 7" x 10", hardbound, w/color dustjacket$59.95

1001 PELARGONIUMS – H. Key (2000). Hailed as ‘THE ultimate reference source for pelargoniums’.  “1001 Pelargoniums” are described and photographed in color, showing the vast range of commercially available cultivars.  For the first time, an extensive range of pictures and descriptions of scented-leaved pelargonium cultivars are gathered together in one place—arranged in alphabetical order and by group.  Each caption includes a description of the plant’s flowering characteristics, with cultivation and propagation requirements.  This is the perfect guide for all those wishing to start or to expand a collection of pelargoniums—or to identify the plants they are already growing.  1,001 color photos. 184 pages, 8-1/2” x  11-1/2”, hardbound w/glossy self-cover.

12408 PELARGONIUMS -D. Miller (1997). A gardener's guide to the species and their hybrids and cultivars. Over 200 species are covered in this book. Gives descriptions, detailed information on methods of cultivation, propagation, solutions to problems, etc. 100 leaf-silhouette drawings included. This book deals with cultivated plants, but also assists in i.d. of species found in their native habitat. A must for any pelargonium lover. 60 color photos, 133 b/w illustrations, 208 pages, 6½" x 9½", hardbound, w/color dustjacket$29.95
12450 PLATYCERIUM FERN FACTS - Wendy Franks (1969). General discussion of the genus, 57 b/w photos, and 7 illustrations. Names and descriptions of the 18 known species and their cultivars, advice on culture, where to grow, mounting & mix materials, etc. An excellent book, written exclusively on platyceriums and Stag Horn ferns! 120 pages, 5½" x 8½", softbound. No Longer Available
12453 POCKET GUIDE TO PALMS - – M.Gibbons (2003). Packed with useful tips on how to grow and cultivate your own palm trees, each page shows a different species of palm tree and contains detailed information on the tree featured. This book looks at over 200 species of palm trees and shows you how to grow and cultivate some of these special trees. Details of their evolution, biology and uses are given, as well as common and scientific names—even a section on cycads. 282 color photos (225 different palm trees), including photos of fruit and leaves of the tree. 256 pages, 6" x 7", hardbound w/color dustjacket. All for the unbelievable price of only.$9.95
12457POPULAR PALMS -J. Krempin (1995). A much-needed book that features 120 palms and 37 cycads possibly deemed the most popular and in demand at nurseries or seen in landscape areas, botanical gardens and public parks. All are fully described, with growing details and cultural hints. 196 color photos, 96 pages, 8½" x 11", softbound$21.95

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