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15010ANTHURIUM STATIONERY ---12 beautiful color pictures of a truly outstanding Anthurium---in color. Complete with matching top grade envelopes $2.50
15018CACTACEAE STATIONERY (3/part foldover)---All color, Each card has the same 6 different cacti---all in color w/plastic box. Very beautiful $7.95
15020 CACTUS COUNTRY MAGNET ---Nice little rubber magnet (1-3/4" x 2") showing two Saguaros, the sun, and the words "Cactus Country", all in green with white background. Great for your refrigerator or dashboard! $1.00
15040 CACTUS SEED NOTECARDS --- Actual packet of cactus seeds inside a notecard. Comes w/envelopes for mailing and growing instructions. $1.50
15050 CACTUS THERMOMETER MAGNET ---An authentic green & white rubber/glass magnet thermometer (1½""x 3"). Reads in fahrenheit & centigrade. No Longer Available
15060CAMELLIA STATIONERY ---Identical to #15010 above, but with a Camellia in color(12 cards and envelopes)$2.50
15065COLOR NOTECARD (Aloe bovicornuta) ---Beautiful color drawing by Margaret Pope, 6" x 9", w/matching envelope $1.75
15070COLOR NOTECARD (Echinocereus horizonthalonius v. nicholii) ---A gorgeous Margaret Pope drawing, 6" x 9", w/matching envelope$1.75
15075COYOTE STATIONERY ---Another nice one! Nice coyote, surrounded by saguaros. A boxed set of 12 color notecards/envelopes$4.25
15090 DIAMOND CACTUS STATIONERY ---Boxed set of 12 notecards and envelopes showing 4 different drawings of cactus inside each diamond, all in color$4.25
15100 LITHOP STATIONERY ---A dozen gorgeous beige sketches of flowering rocks (Lithops) or "Living Stones", professionally drawn, with beige envelopes to match.  A packet of 12$2.50
15110PAINTED DESERT STATIONERY--- Boxed set of 12 notecards and envelopes. Nice color drawing of multiple Saguaros$4.25
15130PRICKLY PEAR STATIONERY Boxed set of 12 notecards & envelopes, showingþin COLORþthe colorful prickly pear (Opuntia) in flower and in fruit)$4.25
15140PRICKLY PEAR SEAL-A-LETTERS ---Nicely drawn prickly pear cactusþin COLORþon this fold-up stationery. 12 decorated sheets, 12 gold seals. A nice boxed set of 12 for only$3.25
15150SAGUARO IN FLOWER (PASTEL CACTUS) STATIONERY ---Identical to #15130 above, except these dozen boxed notecards are of Saguaros$4.25
15155 TRIPLE CACTUS STATIONERY ---Brand new. The 3 cactus on this all color stationery are: Saguaro, Barrel, and Prickly Pear. A boxed set of 12 notecards and envelopesþall in color$4.25
15160WATERLILY STATIONERY ---Same as #15010 above, but the flower on this station is yellow and gorgeous!$2.50

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