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Used Bromeliad Books

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Although most of the items shown in this used book list are in stock and available for immediate shipment, some may have been sold prior to your placing your order.

Flora de Venezuela by Tobias Lasser, Vol. 12, 1971, soft bound $44.95

Air Plants and Other Bromeliads by Bill Wall revised by Clive Innes, 1995, soft bound $ 5.95

Canistrum Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest by Elton Leme, 1997,  Hard bound $79.95  

Bromeliads – Guide to the Beautiful Neoregelia by Shane Zaghini, 1995, Soft bound $16.95

An Alphabetical List of Bromeliaceae Bionomials, by Harry Luther and Edna Sieff, 5th. Edition, 1996, loose-leaf notebook style $ 5.95

Notes on Bromeliaceae, I-XXXIII, by Lyman Smith, 1971, soft bound $12.95

Bromeliads – the Colorful Houseplants by Jack Kramer, 1976, soft bound $16.95

Flora Neotropica, Part 2, No. 14, Tillandioideae by Smith and Downs, 1977, hard bound $79.95

Flora Neotropica, Part 3, No. 14, Bromeliaceae by Smith and Downs, 1979, hard bound $89.95

A Bromeliad Glossary by Victoria Padilla, 1977, soft bound $ 4.95

Bromeliads in Cultivation by Bob and Catherine Wilson, Vol. 1, 1963, hard bound $79.95

Bromeliads by Walter Richter, 1977, soft bound $ 3.00

Bromeliads for Home, Garden and Greenhouse by Werner Rauh, 1979, hard bound $89.95

Hybridist’s Handbook and Checklist of Australian Bromeliad Hybrids And Cultivars, 3rd Edition, by Dereck Butcher, 1991, soft bound $ 6.95

International Checklist of Bromeliad Hybrids, by The Bromeliad Society (USA), 1979, soft bound $ 4.95

Bromeliads and Orchids by Consumer Guide, 1976, soft bound $6.95
Bromeliads by Victoria Padilla, 1973, hard bound $34.95

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